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First of all, no one tells you that you'll even feel guilty.

What No One Tells You About C-Section Guilt
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Not all sleep positions are created equal.

The Best Position For Baby To Sleep In
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The benefits of skin-to-skin aren't just for moms.

This Hormone Can Help Dad Bond With Baby
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Sometimes baby's instincts are better than yours.

Breastfeeding Baby Detects Mom's Cancer
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Reading this but wishing you were sleeping?

Q&A: Trouble Sleeping During Pregnancy?
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Would you consider letting baby roam around diaper-free?

5 Surprising Parenting Methods: Do They Work?
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If you're going to blame your short temper and wild cravings on hormones, you better cut your guy some slack, too.

Expectant Fathers Experience Hormone Changes Too: Study
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When it comes to parenting, everyone has an opinion.
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Alone time will be scare during the first few months (or years), so cherish it now.

3 Ideas for Your Last Date Night Before Baby
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Feel like you've spent too much of your life breastfeeding? Here's why that's a good thing.

Longer Breastfeeding Means Better Health For Mom
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Maybe you don't need to live and die by the wetness indicator.

How Often Do You Change Diapers? Chrissy Teigen Weighs In
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The good news is, you don't need a perfect pitch to make it work.

Singing To Baby Has Benefits For Mom: Study
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There's helicopter parenting and then there's making sure baby's safe and sound.

10 Best Baby Monitors
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"Honest parenting means admitting just how hard motherhood can be."

Why Motherhood is Harder Than Anyone Tells You
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“Hanging out with friends” has been replaced by “playdates.”

7 Unexpected (and Unglamourous) Ways Motherhood Has Changed Me