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Take a look at the world through baby’s eyes during the first year of life.

This GIF Helps You See What Baby Sees
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If baby's sleeping 20 hours a day, why do you feel like a zombie?

How Much Sleep Baby Needs
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Dad duties go beyond dirty diapers and middle-of-the-night feedings.

7 Ways For a New Dad to Bond With Baby
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Just because you knew baby was going to cry doesn't make it easier to hear.

7 Common Reasons Babies Cry—and How to Soothe Them
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Don't freak out if baby doesn't follow this guide to a tee.

Baby Milestones: What Baby Will Do When
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You bought the bottles and formula—now what?

How To Bottle Feed Baby
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As if you needed another reason to breastfeed.

Will Breastfeeding Make My Belly Smaller?
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See the baby feeding gear that won the 2017 #BestOfBaby Award.

Best of Baby 2017: Baby Eats
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There’s snow such thing as a wrong place to breastfeed. ❄

Mom Breastfeeds In Snow 'Like A Boss'
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Yes, acupuncture is safe for babies.

A New Way To Treat Colic: Baby Acupuncture
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Rule #2: "Don’t touch the belly without asking."

4 Lauren Conrad Pregnancy Etiquette Tips (In GIFs!)
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One of these is bound to do the trick.

10 Ways to Get Better Sleep During Pregnancy
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Let's face it: Pregnancy can be a real pain in the neck, back, shoulders...

8 Ways to Deal with Pregnancy's Aches and Pains
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If you could turn back time, what would you do?

10 Things Moms Wish They’d Done Before They Had Kids