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Male cougar Odin received a fun enrichment from Keeper Brandy Lasalle the other day. Say what you will about cats and boxes, there's extra interest when there's a snack inside!

Visit our cougars Freya and Odin in Canadian Wilds this weekend: [ Link ]
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Overfishing is the biggest threat our oceans face today.
The Calgary Zoo is proud to now serve 100% sustainable seafood, partnering with the Vancouver Aquarium's Ocean Wise program to help educate consumers about sustainable seafood options and the issues that surround our oceans today. This means that all of the fish and seafood we purchase is sustainable based on strict criteria recommended...
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They're back! The first Member Morning of 2017 is here offering a free tour of our spectacular animals in the Canadian Wilds on March 18! Join our interpreters on a tour to learn more about the grey wolf, grizzly bear, whooping crane, bison, great grey owl, and rocky mountain goat. No registration required and the first five people to show up receive a prize! [ Link ]
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#didyouknow? A wolf bite can produce a force of 1,200 pounds per square inch, and along with their sharp carnassial teeth, they can make short work of any meal.

Catch them in action at today's 2 p.m Animal Feed: [ Link ]
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Road trip! Members of the zoo’s Horticulture team source sage for the birds out at the Devonian Wildlife Conservation Centre (DWCC), and have an adventure along the way- in Kamloops!

How many bundles did the collect for our birds? Read on... #conservationconversation

Searching for sage | Calgary Zoo - Blog
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Double the birthday fun—our female king penguin Grace, turns nine years old today, while our male, Soloman, turns 14!

Go cheer on the birthday girl and boy today at the Penguin Walk starting at 11 a.m. at Penguin Plunge: [ Link ]
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#didyouknow that the Calgary Zoo has increased the height of its conservation goals? We're moving up, up, up into the trees!

The zoo is leaping forward to protect lemurs in Madagascar: [ Link ] #conservationconversation
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Treats for a sweet cause!

@Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut by Cococo Chocolatiers are partnering with the zoo to help protect lemurs. Next time you crave chocolate, help save species by purchasing a custom made 'lemur' chocolate bar.

The three-pack of bars can be found at 11 Cococo Calgary stores, and their Banff location, as well as at the Calgary Zoo in three-packs and single bars!...
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#didyouknow? Animal enrichment is an important part of the zoo, to add diversity and challenges to an animals’ day, whether it be adding toys or new smells to a habitat, or fun puzzles for the species to solve.

Our Horticulture department creates great enrichment opportunities, growing tasty treats like bamboo, sugar cane (a favourite of the gorillas) or smelly plants like cinnamon basil,...
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We hope that the long weekend has been a splash so far, and that everyone is diving into fun activities!
Speaking of diving, our first king penguin chick Nero has taken to the water in the last few months- look at his adult feathers!
Can you help us #captionthisphoto of him?
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You're looking for a unique event space- so follow the call of the wild! Talk to our Sales team: [ Link ] #yyc
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Our red panda cubs like to stick together- especially when climbing and conquering new heights. We just <3 these twins.

Have you spotted them in Eurasia? [ Link ]
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It's #brunchtime!
Bring the whole group for Sunday Safari Brunch this long weekend and enjoy both gourmet and comfort breakfast foods, including a free-flowing chocolate fountain with fresh fruit, a Belgium waffle bar, cooked to order omelettes, and much much more...

Safari Sunday Brunch
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Ready, set, waddle!!

Stop by the #penguinwalkyyc at 11 a.m. and see Edward, the fluffiest member of Penguin Plunge, explore the zoo: [ Link ]
This week, our Western lowland gorilla troop received a fragrant enrichment- some roses for #ValentinesDay! One of our zookeepers gave Kimani a sneak peek before throwing them down to the girls.
She took a look close up, and later had a chance to see if they tasted as pretty as they look.

Visit our gorilla family in the TransAlta Rainforest building this long weekend and catch more sweet...
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Calling all zoo members- did you know that you have a Sunday Safari Brunch Special on right now?

Adult members pay only $18.00 for brunch on February 19 and 26. The perfect excuse to add a little yummmmm to your visit!
Check the link for details.

Member Discounts & Special Offers
Such good news!! Two of our juvenile whooping cranes have arrived in Louisiana with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries - Whooping Cranes and have been released at the White Lake Wetlands Conservation Area, where they will encounter other cranes in a natural setting.

Big thanks to all involved- another step for whooping crane conservation!
Did you hear the news?? Our king penguin chick has a name!

Our livestream this morning was a little hard to see, but our volunteers chose the name Edward- after King Edward VII.
He ruled from 1901-1910, and “King Edward Point” is named after him. KEP is the capital of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, which has the world’s largest colony of king penguins!

Welcome Edward! He...
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Please note, due to warm temperatures, the Penguin Walk has been cancelled today,Thursday, February 16, 2017. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Any further cancellation notices will be posted to the zoo's website and social media channels.
What's the name of our new king chick!?