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#didyouknow that members get 10% off PD day camps?

What better way to spend a day off school than coming to the zoo? Kids grades 1-6 will travel the zoo alongside our talented education staff and experience it like never before. Dates available here: [ Link ]
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Besides recycling your Christmas tree once the holidays are over, #didyouknow they are also great enrichment for our animals? This year, our Horticulture Team was able to source about 75 balsam fir and pine trees!

The trees were then used to line the sage grouse habitats so that the birds do not harm themselves on the mesh, as scratching posts for our camels and giraffe, and in the musk deer...
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#didyouknow that our water conservation efforts in the Dorothy Harvie Gardens extend both above and below ground?

We have cisterns located under both greenhouses that collect rainwater (and snow!) runoff from the roofs of those structures. This water is then used for watering plants within the conservatory. We also have rain barrels in the prop house which collects rainwater from that...
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A great improvement- and we're not 'lion'!

We wanted to make it easier to see your favourites at the African Savannah. Over the last few months we widened the entrance pathway to lions, gave them two new viewing windows, new benches, and a new nature play area!

These new changes make it much easier to get close to the big cats and to take photos. Check it out: [ Link ] #ourzooyyc
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Valentine's Day can be oh so sweet.
Join us for a treat - a romance themed Sunday Safari Brunch on February 12, 2017: [ Link ] #valentinesday #yyc
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It's winter time, and these cold weather cats are on the prowl. Once you munch your lunch, check out the Amur tiger Animal Feeding at 1 p.m.

Are your table manners better than theirs? [ Link ]
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#fbf One of our zookeepers caught a meerkat family snuggle on camera, and it's the cutest. This is what we call a serious group hug!
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#didyouknow? Lemurs have valuable poop!

Madagascar is losing over 90% of its forest cover, so we're launching a conservation program with partners to help rebuild the forest and save lemur habitat.

How do we ensure the forest will re-grow? Here’s the secret.
Seeds that are needed for new trees to emerge are best germinated once passed through the digestive track of the lemur. These seeds...
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Have you spotted these new green drums at the zoo?

Found east of the ENMAX Conservatory, they are Jora compost drums, used to collect pure organics such as coffee grounds, fruits and vegetables from our zoo kitchens, and leaves and grass clippings from the grounds!

The end result will be a gold standard in composting soil which will eventually be added into our gardens! Small actions can...
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We have completed an exhaustive investigation into the tragic loss of seven penguins during the night of December 7, 2016. It has been determined that there is no conclusive evidence as to what led to this incident; it appears that something, perhaps unusual behaviour within the colony, frightened the penguins during the night which caused them to suddenly jump into one of the two pools in the...
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2016 was an incredible year – together we marked many conservation successes.

As we set our sights on 2017, here is a look back at some of the highlights: [ Link ]

Looking back at our 2016 conservation success | Calgary Zoo - Blog
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In 2016, Nero the chick was a huge hit at the Penguin Walk- everyone loved seeing the fuzzy penguin strut his stuff. This year Nero has adult feathers, but a new king has stepped into the spotlight.
The young chick is certainly catching the eyes of our visitors!

Catch the walk daily at 11 a.m: [ Link ]
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The results are in!

We were so flattered by the recognition at this year's Parents' Choice Awards! Readers were invited to vote online at Calgary's Child Magazine for their family favorites in over 40 categories.

We were proud of these great accomplishments- in four categories! [ Link ]

-Best Tourist/Family Attraction – Winner
-Best Christmas Event – Winner for ZOOLIGHTS
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Due to warm temperatures, the Penguin Walk has been cancelled for Tuesday, January 17, 2017. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Any further cancellation notices will be posted to the zoo's website and social media channels. The current weather policy for the Penguin Walk can be found here: [ Link ]
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The daily #penguinwalkyyc is always an option for our kings- but they rarely turn it down! These big penguins often line up at the door to their yard just before it begins, ready for a stroll. It doesn't hurt that they can enjoy a fishy snack if they wish at the end.

Catch the walk daily at 11 a.m, free with admission: [ Link ]
It's time for their close-up!
Watch our king penguins waddle everyday at the 11 a.m #penguinwalkyyc, and see these brilliant birds in action: [ Link ]
It’s #bluemonday, which is a notoriously tough day…don’t worry, we’ll make it through together. Better yet, come for a visit to cheer up. You might see this beautiful face: [ Link ]
Our very own Dr. Axel Moehrenschlager, was recently in Kenya building relationships for future conservation projects. While there, he had the privilege of laying his hands on a male northern white rhino.

This rhino is one of three left on the entire planet and because of this is protected round-the-clock by armed guards. There has been no breeding success with these remaining 3 rhinos and...
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Come make a new friend--a little furry, scaled or shelled friend to be exact at our Creature Feature program. You can get hands-on learning with one of our many featured animals daily. Check it out in the Karsten Discovery Centre at 10:00 a.m. & 1:00 p.m: [ Link ]
#DYK Lions have padded paws to help them sneak up on prey? Our lions like to warm theirs on special rocks in their habitat that are heated.