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The Trump budget plan is an improvement over the budget policies of the last Republican president....

Trump’s Budget Cuts Are Fair and Necessary
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What exactly did the public, much less the Senate, get out of the nomination hearings of Neil Gorsuch?

Why Have Supreme Court Nomination Hearings?
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We should separate art and state for many of the same reasons that we demand a separation of church and state...

Separate Art and State
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What will happen if the Democrats decide to filibuster Gorsuch's nomination and Republicans can’t get the 60 votes needed to break the filibuster?

The Filibuster: A Primer
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The Laquan McDonald case marks the first time a Chicago police officer has been charged with first-degree murder for an on-duty fatality in nearly 35 years.

Protests in Chicago: The Laquan McDonald Shooting
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Over the next two years, the AHCA would cause average premiums to rise 15-20% above Obamacare’s already high premium levels.

CBO: Full Repeal Would Cover More People than House GOP's ObamaCare-Lite Bill
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This week in the Cato Weekly Dispatch.... We elaborate on this week's confirmation hearings for SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch; remember the important contributions of F.A. Hayek; celebrate 40 years of Regulation magazine; and more...

Cato Weekly Dispatch - Gorsuch, Hayek, Regulation, and More...
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Happy 40th to Regulation magazine! The last four decades have seen landmark liberalization of U.S. regulatory policy...

Regulation: Spring 2017 40th Anniversary Issue
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Hayek died 25 years ago today. After fascism & communism, Hayekian liberalism faces new challenges....

25 Years Later, Is It Still the Hayek Century?
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President Donald Trump promised the American people that he would appoint a Justice in the mold of the late Justice Antonin Scalia. Does Judge Gorsuch fit the bill?

What Kind of a Judge Is Neil Gorsuch?
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Who loses when regulations have unexpected consequences: the companies or the consumers the regulations are meant to protect?

Regulations Gone Wrong
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The biggest challenge facing free societies today is our lack of belief in them. The notion of individual liberty as a kind of personal self-fulfillment is robust, but liberty as an inspiring political project seems to be on the wane.

Between Authoritarianism and Human Capital
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Despite recent progress toward legalizing marijuana, the U.S. drug war is far from over.

No-Knock Warrants and the War on Drugs
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Tax-funded broadcasting is a giant income transfer upward: the middle class is taxed to pay for news and entertainment for the upper middle class. It’s no accident that you hear ads for Remy Martin and “private banking services” on NPR, not for Budweiser and free checking accounts.

Ending Taxpayer Funding for Public Broadcasting
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In short, Donald Trump has managed to pick a nominee who should please social conservatives, libertarians, legal elites, and the populists who trust him to pick “the best judges” — everyone other than progressives.

Neil Gorsuch Will Make a Fine Justice
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Even though there are thousands of air marshals, there are too few to be on much more than 5% of all flights—though the service still wouldn’t be cost-effective even if that number rose to 20%. The TSA insists marshals are placed on high-risk flights, but since no terrorist has boarded an airliner in the US with hostile intent since 2001, it is difficult to see how that “risk” is determined.

Trump's TSA Budget Fails to Cut the Obvious: Air Marshals
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One of the biggest and most pernicious myths about economic development is that capitalism — or economic freedom — benefits the few, while impoverishing the many. But history shows that freedom benefits everyone — even people who don’t have it.

Don’t demonize capitalism – it’s making the world a better place
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Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court, has much to recommend him to libertarians...

What Should Libertarians Like about Neil Gorsuch?
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The proposed cuts to the Department of Housing and Urban Development amount to a tiny fraction of total federal welfare spending.

A Proposed Cut to HUD
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Judge Gorsuch is such an interesting choice because he’s an intellectual who writes like a novelist and a “conservative” judge who defies expectations of what conservatives are like.

Gorsuch Is a Jurisprudential Rock Star