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Oxfam claims a penniless, starving man in rural Asia or Sub-Saharan Africa is far richer than an American university graduate with student debt but a high-paying office job, a $2,000 laptop and a penchant for drinking $8 designer coffees. Let that sink in.

Oxfam Thinks $8-Coffee-Drinking Hipsters with Student Debt are the World’s Neediest
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During his campaign, Trump’s style was noteworthy for how seldom he mentioned the Constitution, the legal limits of government power, or the rights of the individual. Let us hope that these themes emerge in future speeches by the new President...

Trump's Inaugural Address, and the Words That Were Missing
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The 7,500 mile journey from China to London along the “new Silk Road” signals a new era of trade between those countries.

The New Silk Road
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Trump won’t be the first president to simultaneously dumb down the content and ramp up the hubris, but it appears likely that, as president, he’ll take the prevailing rhetorical trends to a new level...

The Rhetorical Stylings of Donald J. Trump
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We should judge U.S. president’s foreign policies by whether they improved American security and prosperity, or whether they made Americans less safe and less prosperous. By that standard, Barack Obama could have done far worse.

Assessing Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy
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A policy that gave Cubans help escaping Cuba came to an end in President Obama’s final days in office....

Obama Closes Sanctuary for Cuban Refugees
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Can you imagine the outcry if Trump were to threaten to arrest protesters at his inauguration? It would be deafening—and fully justified. And yet, there have been previous attempts in American history to do just that....

Protesting Trump's Inauguration
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The Obama administration has been the most lawless in U.S. history.

Here are just a few examples to prove it....

Top 10 Ways Obama Violated the Constitution during His Presidency
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This week in the Cato Weekly Dispatch.... We envision what an Obamacare replacement plan might look like; explore the impact of our first four decades fighting for the timeless principles of individual liberty, limited government, free markets and peace; analyze the Trump administration’s prospective trade policies; and more....

Cato Weekly Dispatch - Obamacare Replacement, Cato Turns 40, Trump on Trade, and More...
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Poking holes in badly-researched immigration economics...

Further Thoughts on Mariel Boatlift
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The government has deprived American Indians of their lands, resources, and freedom in many ways....

Education for American Indians
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In President Obama’s final year in office, the United States ranked lower than Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, China, and even Vietnam. What a legacy.

The World’s Most – And Least – Miserable Countries in 2016
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A New York law allows merchants to advertise “discounts” for paying cash, but makes it illegal to tell customers that they’re charging an economically equivalent “surcharge” for using a credit card....

Should Judges Defer to Legislatures on the First Amendment?
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Whether or not Tom Price is chosen to head the Department of Health and Human Services, will heavily impact plans to replace and repeal Obamacare...

Where President Trump May Face Congressional Resistance
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Autism is a serious condition, which deserves serious investigation. No harm need come from this new Trump-inspired investigation as long as it is not in itself used to damage the credibility of existing vaccination protocols.

Vetting Vaccines
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As South Carolina's governor, Nikki Haley has championed tax cuts — but spending has still risen quickly during her tenure.

(source: [ Link ]
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Pharmaceutical prices are too damn high, but having government “negotiate” lower prices distracts from reforms that would actually fix the problem...

Let Consumers Control Drug Money
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Wilbur Ross's misguided views on trade agreements and the trade deficit — in conjunction with his affinity for protectionism and backroom deal-making — will necessitate our vigilance to protect the economy and free markets from the follies of crony capitalism...

Wilbur Ross Has Made Billions of Dollars, but on Trade He Doesn't Make Sense
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Never underestimate the importance of being able to choose who represents you in court.

Let Indigent Defendants Choose Their Own Lawyers
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With the threat of war crimes and trade wars abroad combined with border walls, religious registries, and crony capitalism at home, liberals and libertarians have plenty of reasons to work together...

Liberals and Libertarians Should Unite to Block Trump's Extremism