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In the 2016 campaign, Donald J. Trump said that he would stop Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan, “cancel” the 2015 Paris Accord on greenhouse gases, and end what he called “the war on coal.”

Now, the President says, is the time for action. What will he do regarding energy? How can he do it? What will be the consequences?
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If individuals fear as much from law enforcement as they do criminals, they will not come forward to report crimes or cooperate with criminal investigations.

How Enforcing Trump's Immigration Actions Could Hurt Public Safety
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In honor of President Washington's actual birthday (today!), let's compare our first president and our 45th...

Donald Trump's "Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior"
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States with nukes don’t have more leverage in settling territorial disputes, they’re not more likely to initiate military challenges or escalate ongoing disputes, and they are not more successful in blackmailing rivals. This has significant implications for U.S. foreign policy....

Do States With Nukes Have More Coercive Leverage?
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The timeless principles of the American Revolution — individual liberty, limited government, and free markets — are even more powerful and more important in the world of instant communication, global markets, and unprecedented access to information.

Remembering America's Heritage of Freedom
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The only way to reduce the size of government is to cut back on its functions.

The Crisis of Big Government
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For decades, U.S. foreign policy has been shaped by the necessity of securing scarce oil supplies, particularly a commitment to safeguard the flow of oil from the Persian Gulf. Is it time that changed?

U.S. Military Posture and Persian Gulf Oil
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Racking up policy “wins” that don’t have majority support is a sure way to lose political capital and a terrible strategy for getting reelected...

Early Returns on President Trump
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It’s nice to combine a long weekend with a chance to pick up some bargain kitchenware; but outside of that, what’s the point of Presidents’ Day?

Time for a War on Presidents' Day
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Manufacturing GDP and the trade deficit rise and fall together — not separately. But why? [ Link ]
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Since the Iron Lady’s campaign to give ownership of Britain’s economy back to the people, more than $3.3 trillion of government businesses have been privatized around the world.

Margaret Thatcher’s $3 Trillion Revolution
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Housing prices have grown steadily in recent decades and are nearly twice as high today as they were 25 years ago, on average—a pace that far exceeds gains in income for the average household.

Housing's Drag on the Economy
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Here's a special reading list for the government workers – and the third of private-sector office workers – who get today off for Presidents’ Day...

A Reading List for Presidents' Day
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Donald Trump’s comments about U.S. foreign policy during the 2016 election campaign offered some promise of a policy bright spot in what was otherwise likely to be a dismal, if not alarming administration. Unfortunately, hopes for a more focused and enlightened U.S. foreign policy are fading fast...

Washington Should Reassess, not Reassure, U.S. Allies
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The so-called “fiduciary duty rule” is slated to affect retirement accounts in the coming months. Its impact will be felt almost exclusively by moderate income Americans precisely because they have only moderate incomes...

If You've Got $650 Million, the Fiduciary Duty Rule Is Not Your Problem
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Immigrants have been crucial to the development of the technology industry in the past 50 years. Indeed, more than half of the country’s $1 billion startup companies had at least one immigrant founder...

Why Tech Companies Are Getting Political
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Here are 14 ways Trump-administration officials can restore the Constitution’s limits on executive power, provide relief to Americans suffering under Obamacare, and hasten repeal...

How Trump Can Keep His Pledge to Undo Obamacare Shenanigans