The Charlatans
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The Charlatans
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We started playing in 2016 and finished in 2017. Happy New Year x
December 28th 1994 Crashin' In

The Charlatans - Crashin In
Tim here. Merry Christmas. Got you a present
It's a free download so tuck in. Chris and Cosey remixed Begin from the album I recorded with Peter Gordon

Get yours here
[ Link ]

Tim Burgess & Peter Gordon Begin - Carter Tutti Remix OGen 093 R
Final 12 signed copies of Tim Book Two. This is not a drill (or a black & decker workmate). Order in time for Xmas
[ Link ]

Tim Burgess - Tim Book Two - signed copy
Fancy a few books to read over the festive period? You could do worse than try these..

Their Library: Christmas Reading List
Please share and download Saturn 5. After losing our friend Craig Gill, we are supporting the efforts to get Saturn 5 to Number 1. It's currently at Number 3, so it's more than possible [ Link ]

£1 AV credit | Saturn 5
Some (Signed) Tim Book Two available
will arrive before xmas if ordered before 20th

Tim Burgess - Tim Book Two - signed copy
Soundchecking with james at Echo Arena Liverpool 10.12.2016
Big thanks to everyone who came to the gig last night, all the james crew and the staff at Echo Arena Liverpool. What a night. We'll have to do it again some time...
Check out our Twitter feed for some videos
Quick cover to start rehearsal. Name that tune.
Tickets on sale now for our Scarborough Open Air Theatre show from: [ Link ]