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BUMPY RIDE: United Airlines sparked a backlash on Twitter Sunday after a gate agent turned away two teens who were wearing leggings.

Teens wearing leggings barred from United flight
The Chicago Sun-Times
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Political candidates and committees may now accept money from medical marijuana organizations.

Marijuana organizations given green light on political donations
The Chicago Sun-Times
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DOUBLE TIME: Most of the 18 city employees who made more than $100,000 in overtime in 2016 more than doubled their salaries.

THE WATCHDOGS: 18 Chicago city workers topped $100K in OT in 2016
The Chicago Sun-Times
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Andrew Shelton and seven other thieves were hunting for designer shoes or leather clothes in a parked freight train. Instead, they found guns, the feds say. Lots of them.

Man pleads guilty in theft of 100 guns from Chicago rail yard
The Chicago Sun-Times
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Q. I'll miss my big sister when she graduates. Should I still be happy for her?
A. Yes, and take the opportunity to help your younger sisters, too.

Dear Abby: She's close to big sister, anxious over her graduation
The Chicago Sun-Times
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Sneed is told Dean Angelo was the only president of a local municipal FOP to be personally invited by the Trump administration.

Sneed: Trump calls on Chicago FOP chief to talk gun violence
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State Rep. Jaime Andrade started driving for Uber while his state paycheck was held up because of the ongoing Illinois budget stalemate.

Lean times for lawmakers come to an end with paycheck ruling
The Chicago Sun-Times
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EPA chief Scott Pruitt on Sunday called the Paris climate accord a “bad deal” because he said it went too easy on China and India.

EPA chief: Trump to undo Obama plan to curb global warming
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The first report from Donald Trump's VOICE office is another instance of how facts undermine the president's deceptive rhetoric, columnist Neil Steinberg writes.

Steinberg: Trump twists crime numbers to demonize immigrants
The Chicago Sun-Times
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Merle Phillips has written 11 books — all self-published and mostly autobiographical — since she took up writing as a serious pursuit in her 70s.

Carol Stream author still has the write stuff at nearly 110
The Chicago Sun-Times
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They’re not the twelve apostles, but rather 11 Catholic nuns who are spreading the word of Jesus through music.

Peruvian nuns are rockin’ a message of faith, hope and love
The Chicago Sun-Times
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A survey identified nearly 390 jobs that could be relocated to Springfield, including many positions now in Chicago and Cook County.

Vacant Illinois agency jobs could move to Springfield area
The Chicago Sun-Times
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People who say the Affordable Care Act saved their lives or helped them start a business want lawmakers to fix the problems, not encourage them.

New anxieties as Trump says Obamacare will 'explode'
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There’s a big difference between doing business in a city and enjoying the rare opportunity to do business at some of the nation’s busiest airports, Dan Mihalopoulos writes.

Mihalopoulos: Airport concessionaires' gifts to Rahm not peanuts
The Chicago Sun-Times
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Cincinnati's police chief says shots were fired by multiple people inside a crowded nightclub, killing a 27-year-old man and leaving more than a dozen other people wounded.

15 shot, 1 killed in Cincinnati nightclub
The Chicago Sun-Times
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President Donald Trump is attacking conservative lawmakers after the failure of the Republican bill to replace Obamacare.

Trump attacks conservative lawmakers over health bill
The Chicago Sun-Times
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Phil Kadner: Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart backed legislation in Springfield that would give the Illinois comptroller the responsibility of not just storing these reports, but analyzing them.

Bill to name municipalities in financial distress goes nowhere
The Chicago Sun-Times
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Linda Chavez: If this keeps up, we can look to four years of stalemate or, perhaps worse, legislation so out of step with a mostly centrist country that it will be rebuked by whoever succeeds Trump in office.

Partisan games make America the biggest loser
The Chicago Sun-Times
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If Ryan and Trump refuse to improve Obamacare even now, people will still get sick. What is their defense?

Trump failed horribly, but America killed GOP health care plan
The Chicago Sun-Times
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Quintana’s sharp focus has served him well this spring. He has been the subject of ongoing trade rumors since the team moved Chris Sale and Adam Eaton.

Jose Quintana focused despite trade rumors