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bouquet de fleurs #feliz
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"How do I interpret love? It starts with love at a very personal level, and only then it can be transmited genuinely to your partner, and to the people that you surround yourself with" Read and see more of this love story at ❤ #DareToDeclare #lovebracelet
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After the rain there is always a good surprise #rainbow
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Close your eyes, fall in love

@Cartier #DareToDeclare #lovebracelet
Thank you @parsonsschoolofdesign @thenewschool for a great day a with our @newschoolalumni community in Los Angeles
du soleil #happy
Checking in with Medor for tonight's dinner #dioraddict
Choose your own love story ✨@Cartier #DareToDeclare #LoveBracelet
???? #2017
New trails
Hollywood hikes
Partly cloudy ✨
Good morning Los Angeles! Happy to be here working in new and exciting projects #LA
Romance is the fire that keeps me warm
Discovering a new LOVE with @Cartier ✨ #LoveBracelet #DaretoDeclare
RISE UP! Indeed we did today here in LA and everywhere around the world! ✊✊✊ This is just the beginning and we will keep marching together! #freedom #womesmarch #standingtogether #intersectionality