Sadie Robertson joins the 700 Club to talk about the WinterJam Tour, her new devotional, and how she motivates young people to live up to their potential. And she has an encouraging word for you!

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God tells us, "You have not because you ask not." What is it that you need today? Let it be known to Him!
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God Provides
Personal testimonies can be quite powerful, especially when they show a life change so profound and shocking that the story […]

GRACE: The Cool Way God Showed Up When This Heroin Addict Was Desperately Searching for a Hit
Are you having marriage conflict? Learn how you can experience peace and blessing in yours!
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The Truth about Anger
Kathy Carlton Willis Communications encourages us to worship God with a reckless abandon! How will you worship Him this week?
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Adore Him
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“God today is still performing miracles I was stuck in addiction and if God can save me, he can save anyone. Know that he will get you through..."

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How often do we become angry when others don't recognize our hard work? If you can relate, this devotion is for you.
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When God Slapped My Face
Find it difficult to love those who have hurt you? Find out how you can walk in peace and forgiveness by downloading the myCBN app today!
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Got 5 Minutes?
Whether you are going through a season of blessing, trial, or a season of the unknown, these verses are for you. Reflect on God's promises for your life today!
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Encouraging Bible Verses
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After Casey took her newborn Hunter to the doctors after experiencing a problem with eating, they found a life-threatening tumor. Watch what happened as Casey turned to the power of prayer in Jesus name!
#Healing #TestimonyTuesday

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Are you waiting on an answer to prayer? While we are waiting, God is preparing our heart and preparing the way.
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God Prepares the Heart to Answer His Call
Looking for a community of believers to build meaningful relations with? Download this free app featuring challenges, quizzes, studies, groups & more, with insights and videos from your favorite Christian speakers and artists.
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The myCBN Christian Social App : Grow, Connect, Have Fun!
Are you a grandparent? Check out these insightful and fun tips on how to connect with your grandchildren!
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Connecting with Your Grandkids
The 2nd season of CNN’s original hit series Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery will continue to explore the truths and influences of Jesus Christ. Will the second season live up to its first?
Find out now!
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CNN's "Finding Jesus" Returns for Season 2
You have the potential to change someone's life! Be joyful in the Lord and let His love show through your actions. :)
"God has a plan for all of us and we don't know what it is. You have to be patient and wait on him and he will guide you..." says Morris Robinson.
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