Answers won't always come neatly wrapped in a Sunday school lesson. But, with love and trust, they will come.

Navigating Family Differences with Love and Trust | Blog
No calling or sustaining vote required. Simply be a friend.

Why “Good Samaritans” Are Needed at Church and Always | Blog
You can help others along the Priesthood path. You can lift them to their potential. You can prepare them for the Lord's service.

That He May Become Strong Also - By President Henry B. Eyring
"As a young Primary girl, I worked diligently to cross-stitch a simple saying which read, 'I will bring the light of the gospel into my home.' . . . Whether we are 8 or 108, we can bring the light of the gospel into our own environment, be it a high-rise apartment in Manhattan, a stilt house in Malaysia, or a yurt in Mongolia. We can determine to look for the good in others and in the...
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I Will Bring the Light of the Gospel into My Home - By Jean B. Bingham
Is your family less than perfect? Join the club. Thankfully, there is hope for us all.

Hope for When Your Family Feels Broken | Blog
Our differences need not divide us. Be one.
There are those who need you and your kindness on #HisDay and every day.

Why “Good Samaritans” Are Needed at Church and Always | Blog
Sometimes the right answer is easier said than done. But if we follow the Savior's example, we'll never go wrong.

We Don’t Have to Be the Same to Be Together | Blog
"The identity of child of God can NEVER, EVER be threatened or taken away from me. In fact, it is the only identity I've found that can't."

What It REALLY Means to Be a Child of God | Blog
Joseph asked. You can too. Join President Henry B Eyring and Elder Jeffrey R Holland today at 11 a.m. MST for #LDSface2face.

Face to Face with President Eyring and Elder Holland
Together we can make this world a kinder, better place. Here's how.

To Love Is to Lift: 5 Simple Things You Can Do Today | Blog
Six steps to spiritual strength. A message from Henry B Eyring. [ Link ]
On December 1, 2016, I obtained a new set of scriptures and proceeded to begin the same assignment that I would later extend to young adults in January.

I Studied More Than 2,200 Scriptures about the Savior in Six Weeks
When Sunday isn't a day of rest: balancing work and worship.

Can I Honor God While Working on the Sabbath? | Blog
We all make mistakes. We all can change. Elder Dale G. Renlund on choosing joy through repentance.

Repentance: A Joyful Choice - By Elder Dale G. Renlund
Worried about making the "correct" choice?

You’re Not Messing Up God’s Plan for You
Remember who you are. Remember why you're here.

Lest Thou Forget - By Elder Ronald A. Rasband
Someone needs you today. Lift with love. [ Link ]