When Sunday isn't a day of rest: balancing work and worship.

Can I Honor God While Working on the Sabbath? | LDS.org Blog

We all make mistakes. We all can change. Elder Dale G. Renlund on choosing joy through repentance.

Repentance: A Joyful Choice - By Elder Dale G. Renlund

Worried about making the "correct" choice?

You’re Not Messing Up God’s Plan for You

Remember who you are. Remember why you're here.

Lest Thou Forget - By Elder Ronald A. Rasband

Someone needs you today. Lift with love. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Sunday school and sacrament meeting, worship and rest—these are all important parts of the Sabbath. But they're not the whole Sabbath. Leave room, too, for serving others—because #HisDay is for love.

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Find hope. Find joy. Find answers.
"As you look to the book, you look to the Lord." —Gary E. Stevenson
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"Though we've heard the call to 'love one another' a million times already, we still need that reminder every day. Because life isn't easy for anyone. There are countless ways it can knock a person down. But if we follow Jesus's example and lift one another up, we can make this world a kinder, better place."

To Love Others Is to Lift Others | LDS.org Blog

"I invite you to prayerfully consider what kind of sacrifice—and preferably a sacrifice of time—you can make to do more family history and temple work this year."—Russell M Nelson

Family Discovery Day at RootsTech 2017

He did it out of love. Follow the Savior's example. Let love be at the heart of all you do.
Last September, I turned 92 years old. At my 90th birthday celebration, this photo was taken. You can see how large our family has become, with even more children and in-laws joining since then. Witnessing our family grow from just two people into a large posterity has brought me great joy.

As the patriarch of this ever-growing family, I am so grateful that we have wonderful fathers and...
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When I received a call to be a mission president, my wife and I gathered our children to tell them where the First Presidency had informed us we would go. I was looking forward to it, as it was to the same place I served when I was a missionary. When I told my family, all five of my children’s heads went down. My son Chris began to really cry.

I said, “Chris, aren’t you excited to go back to...
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“God’s love is infinite and it will endure forever, but what it means for each of us depends on how we respond to His love.” —D Todd Christofferson

“Abide in My Love” - By Elder D. Todd Christofferson

“If ‘love is the essence of the gospel’ of Jesus Christ, it has to be the essence of the Sabbath.”

#HisDay Is for Love

Sharing the gospel with all the world may seem a nearly impossible task. But when we work as a team—and pray for the Lord’s help—it all comes together.

For help getting started, read Neil L. Andersen’s “A Witness of God." [ Bit.ly Link ]
In this increasingly divided world in which we live, differences will persist. But as followers of Jesus Christ, we need to love, be kind, reserve judgment, and forgive—over and over again.

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Now is your opportunity to ask President Henry B Eyring and Elder Jeffrey R Holland a question for the next #LDSFace2Face event on March 4.

Because the focus for the event will be to “Ask of God” (James 1:5), consider what questions you have about things like the First Vision, receiving personal revelation, or gaining a testimony.

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Face to Face with President Eyring and Elder Holland

Love is the remedy that can lift lives, heal families, and unite nations. A message from Thomas S Monson. [ Bit.ly Link ]
In our efforts to improve, we could hope for no better ally and friend than the Savior. He wants us to grow and is here to help. How has the Savior helped you to grow? How will you rely on Him to meet your goals in 2017? Consider writing about it in your Sunday journal today. #HisDay

Sunday Journaling: A New Tradition for the New Year | LDS.org Blog