The Color Run
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This year we made the party even bigger with a FOAM ZONE! Sign up now to get your dreams on in 2017! [ Link ] #DreamInColors #Happiest5k
The Color Run
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Raise your hand if you’re proud to be Canadian! Happy Flag Day!
The Color Run
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We love LOVE! Check out these Color Runners who found love at the #Happiest5k! [ Link ]
Relax. You’ve officially made it to the weekend :) #DreamInColors #Happiest5k
“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” - Eleanor Roosevelt #Happiest5k #DreamInColors
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The Color Run 5k Surrey

Raise your hands if you LOVE the #Happiest5k on the Planet! #DreamInColors
Dreams get stronger when you share them! Tag a friend who’s helping you keep it real with your goals. #DreamInColors #Happiest5k
February is National Heart Month so we’ll be makin it rain on the blog with recipes, fun content and everything HEART! [ Link ] #DreamInColors #Happiest5k
Because if you’re going to run the #Happiest5k, we’re going to give you the happiest gear to go with it! #DreamInColors [ Link ]

P.S. That unicorn medal, am I right? ;)
Who has two thumbs and loves the weekend?? THIS GIRL! #DreamInColors #Happiest5k
Need a lil’ bit of motivation for your New Year’s resolution? Check us out in this article as a way to keep up your goal! [ Link ] #DreamInColor #Happiest5k
It’s #FoodFriday and our mouths are watering for these Almond Protein Truffles! [ Link ] #DreamInColor #Happiest5k
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The Color Run 5k Windsor

Those mid-week feels…. #DreamInColor #Happiest5k
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The Color Run 5k Ottawa

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The Color Run 5k Sherbrooke

This is the year we dream together. Find your city here: [ Link ] #DreamInColor #Happiest5k
From the #Happiest5k office, we're bringing you TONS of colorful prizes, competitions that YOU get to vote on, and the 2017 WORLD TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT!

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