The Color Run
yesterday at 19:30. Facebook
We love creativity from our Color Runners!!

How will you make The Color Run extra special?!

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#Happiest5K #DreamInColors
The Color Run
03/20/2017 at 19:30. Facebook
Today is the International Day of Happiness!
In what ways can you spread happiness TODAY?
#Happiest5K #DreamInColors

Mar. 20, 2017
Find your happiness at the end of the rainbow! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! #DreamInColors #Happiest5K
Unicorn medal for the win! #DreamInColors #Happiest5K
Dance like nobody’s watching! #DreamInColors #Happiest5K
Turn up the happy meter with our HAPPY! Spotify Playlist! [ Link ]

#Happiest5K #DreaminColors
IN ☁
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Your dreams are about to get more colorful, London. Step into a world where anything is possible, unicorns are real, and foam clouds make everything better. More details to come. Check back often!

The Color Run 5k London

Shoutout to the LADIES!! Happy International Women’s Day! #DreamInColors #Happiest5K
Is it the beginning of the week already?! You got this, Color Runners!! #Happiest5k #DreamInColors
The weekend is ALWAYS a good idea
#Happiest5k #DreamInColors
What will this month bring?! Comment below with the first 3 words you see, and that’s what March has in store for you! #DreamInColors #Happiest5k
Take us back to the #Happiest5k! We had SO MUCH FUN in Las Vegas this weekend! Where will you be dreaming with us in 2017?! #DreamInColors
The Color Run 2017 Dream World Tour is on Facebook LIVE! In Part 1, we'll be taking you through the Start Line, Runner Interviews, and the Pink Zone. #DreamInColors #Happiest5k
The Color Run 2017 Dream World Tour is on Facebook LIVE! In Part 2, we'll be taking you through the Lay's Poppables Foam Zone, Finish Line, and Finish Festival. #DreamInColors #Happiest5k
Here’s a playlist to keep the beat going! [ Link ] #Happiest5k #DreamInColors
Let today be the start of something new! #Happiest5k #DreamInColors
This year we made the party even bigger with a FOAM ZONE! Sign up now to get your dreams on in 2017! [ Link ] #DreamInColors #Happiest5k
Raise your hand if you’re proud to be Canadian! Happy Flag Day!
We love LOVE! Check out these Color Runners who found love at the #Happiest5k! [ Link ]