#FitnessWeek continues this awesome Tuesday with the @TheColorRunSA - Day 2. Don't be moody, shake that booty!

One day down, crack this one and we can all move on to hump day.

We're running a whole week together getting fit and fab for 2017. Whether it's for Stellies on 18 Feb, Jozi, Pretoria or Cape Town at the end of the year it's never too soon (or to late) to start. Pass it on and get...
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Get ready Stellies because 'PayDay-YayDay' is back in 2017 and we're sharing the love with an awesome flash sale for 3 days!

What's the deal? Well. we've got the return of the our '2 for R350' tickets starting Wednesday 25 January @ 8am and going on until Friday 27 @ 23:00.

What: 2 x Tix for R350 for Stellenbosch on 18 February
How: see below!
Whoah: only 100 specials...
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Want to win some tix? Check here.
#FitnessWeek with the @TheColorRunSA - Day 1. Arms n' Abs.

Get to it cos we've got a whole week together getting fit and fab for 2017. Whether it's for Stellies on 18 Feb or Cape town at the end of the year it's never too soon (or to late) to start.

Pass it on and get it going on #MotivationMonday.

Tomorrow... Thighs and booty! :)
It's a new year, it's the weekend and that's all the excuse we need to have some fun and give some tickets away to The Color Run Stellenbosch (18 Feb).

So how do you win an awesome 4 person team entry to Stellies? Easy! Just let us know which famous person (now or in the past) you like to run with then tag your 3 other potential FB team mates and we'll pick the winners 4pm Tuesday.

Let us...
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Are you ready? Ready for the Boom?

Are you ready for some Friday fun tomorrow? Ready for a week long fitness drive starting next week? Ready for 2017? Ready for your best 5k? Ready to kick start something? Ready to do more of what you love? Ready to wrestle rainbows? Ready to live, love, laugh and be your best you?

Great, so are we! Let's do this crazy thing together. :)
We made it! #GroupHug. #HappyTuesday everyone.

Get ready people as we're kicking off another 5 days of fitness on Monday to get you peeps ready and sorted for 2017.
You know all kiddies under 10 run for free at The Color Run, right? That's 100% correct - free, nada, nothing, mahala!

So grab your mini runners, borrow some one else mini runner, book them in online when you book your big people tickets and bring them along for all the fun of the #Happiest5k!

There are limited numbers of free tickets per event and free runners don't get the Runners Packs...
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The Color Run South Africa will be pulling into Stellenbosch, to conclude its magnificent Rainbow Tour.


#JustDoIt in 2017 - Sign up as a VIP for free from and we'll email you all the event info first.

You'll also score access to a 24hr pre-sale for each location with the cheapest tickets of the whole event! #TooEasy
The sun is up, the sky is blue, the day is beautiful, and so are you! #Happiest5k Let's get 2017 rocking!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone out there celebrating!
Some people call us crazy... we prefer #Happy with a twist! ;)
If you're buying someone tickets to the #Happiest5K this Xmas why not get creative and leave a box of color under the tree for them unwrap on the 25th.

DIY your own powder, wrap it up and put it under the tree. Then watch as they try to work out why you've given them a rainbow!

Thanks goes to one of our awesome runners for this very creative, festive pressie idea!

[ Youtube.com Link ]


HEYYYY WONDERFUL PEOPLE OF THE INTERNET!!! Right now its lashing rain here in Ireland...... its been lashing all day...:( MICHAELS VIDEO!!---- https://youtu....

Tired of handing out socks n jocks at Christmas? Well give the gift of rainbows this year with 2 x tickets for our Stellenbosch run (18 Feb') at a Santa delighting price of R350.

That's right, only R175 per ticket so you can keep one, give one away, give both away! It's up to you... are you feeling you're feeling naughty or nice?

We've made the ticket look nice and festive so you can put...
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#Thanks for a great year of awesome. Thanks for the memories, the fun, the laughter, the colour, the smiles, the kms ran (or walked).

Thanks for the happiest 5k... so many of them. Thanks for being with us the whole way. For the love, the cheers, the days when it was amazing and the days when mother nature made it 'interesting'. Thanks for being the heart and soul of what we do. Thanks for...
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Blue skies and high fives. It's always summer with the #Happiest5k
Stellenbosch - Manual Entry points now open!

Want to enter our awesome event on 18 February? Well we've made it that bit easier. Manual Entry points are now open for ticket sales at 3 selected Sportsmans Warehouse locations across CT.

Scoot down to one of the stores below if you want to enter with cold hard cash (or even if you want to enter with a debit or credit card)!

We'll be taking...
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What the Elf Stellenbosch? Don't get your tinsel in a tangle this year when looking for the perfect pressie. Let us help out with this awesome solution...

From 16 December to Kris Kringle day we're giving you 2 x tickets for Stellenbosch (18 February) for only R350. That's R175 per person leaving you more money to spend on socks, soap-on-a-rope, crissy crackers and more.

Not only that but...
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