The Conjuring
The Conjuring
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Evil has its beginnings.

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She’s back. Here is your exclusive look at the official WonderCon poster for #AnnabelleCreation!
The Conjuring 03/31/2017
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Join ITMovie director Andrés Muschietti and Annabelle 2 director David F Sandberg
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Turn up the volume, put your headphones on and turn the #LightsOut. Are you up for it?
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Demons are all around you. Put your headphones on to hear the demonic in this new 360 Audio experience. Only the truly fearless will face them in the dark. #TheConjuring2
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Your favorite haunted tracks from #TheConjuring and #TheConjuring2 are available now on picture disc vinyl:
Your favorite haunted tracks from TheConjuring and TheConjuring2 are available now on
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There’s no escape. #TheConjuring2
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It happened to her, it could happen to you #TheConjuring2
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If you find yourself in the middle of a haunting: Stay alert. #TheConjuring2
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It’s coming for you. #TheConjuring2
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The Enfield haunting never really ended. The Hodgsons continued to experience strange disturbances until 2003, when Peggy Hodgson died in the same chair as Bill Wilkins. The next family who moved in reported ghostly voices that woke them at night and terrified the children. They moved out after only two months. #ConjureTheTruth #TheConjuring2
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Some paranormal experts and skeptics, including Anita Gregory, believe the Enfield haunting was a complete hoax, dreamed up by the Hodgson children. But Janet herself has always claimed she and her siblings actually did fake a few incidents in an effort to get help for the very real haunting that was terrorizing their family. #ConjureTheTruth #TheConjuring2
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Ed and Lorraine Warren were brought in to investigate the Enfield haunting, and were quickly convinced that the events happening to the Hodgson family were real. #ConjureTheTruth #TheConjuring2
Ed and Lorraine Warren were brought in to investigate the Enfield haunting
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To prove it wasn't a hoax, paranormal investigator Maurice Grosse taped Janet's mouth shut while filled with water, but was still able to record her speaking as Bill Wilkins. #ConjureTheTruth #TheConjuring2
To prove it wasnt a hoax paranormal investigator Maurice Grosse taped Janets
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From Director David F. Sandberg and Producer James Wan comes #Annabelle2 - In theaters May 19. She’s saving you a seat.
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The real Bill Wilkins died from a hemorrhage while sitting in his chair in the Enfield home. His son heard the recordings of Janet possessed by Bill on the radio, recognized the voice, and called in to confirm that his father died as Janet described, but nobody could explain how she knew. #ConjureTheTruth #TheConjuring2
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The real Janet Hodgson states her life was made a living hell because of the haunting. Possessed by the ghost of Bill Wilkins, tormented by the press, and teased by her friends and classmates. And to this day, she insists that it was all real. #ConjureTheTruth #TheConjuring
The real Janet Hodgson states her life was made a living hell
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Numerous third-party witnesses saw evidence of the haunting, confirming the details with statements and press interviews. #ConjureTheTruth #TheConjuring2
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