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The prolific use of antibiotics in agriculture has been under fire for years now. This study indicates that antibiotics given to bees preemptively may be responsible for weakening the bees and making them more vulnerable to common bacteria. Some scientists believe the same is true of overuse of antibiotics in humans. Antibiotics are not allowed in organic agriculture unless an animal’s life is...
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Antibiotics Weaken Bees - Cornucopia Institute
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The newsreel spins so fast, it seems even reporters skim the news sometimes. Cornucopia encourages readers to examine studies of interest personally, and not just rely on media coverage. [ Link ]

Organic Soundbites May Not Be Organic Facts - Cornucopia Institute
America’s dairy farmers are crying over spilled milk — the 43 million gallons of it they have dumped in fields and elsewhere over the first eight months of the year as the US deals with a massive milk glut.
It’s the most discarded milk in at least 16 years, according to a report. [ Link ]
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Keep Organics Rooted in Nutritious Soil - Cornucopia Institute
Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, is the active ingredient in many herbicides since its debut in agribusiness. Scientists have yet to determine exactly how glyphosate is causing health problems, but studies show that specific ailments arise in animals even with exposure to low doses of the chemical. Glyphosate is not allowed in organic agriculture. [ Link ]

Glyphosate Linked to Health Issues, Disorders, and Disease - Cornucopia Institute
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Cornucopia staff mourns the loss of organic farming pioneer Dave Engel. Dave helped found CROPP/Organic Valley and the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES). Please consider making a donation to MOSES in memory of this long-time organic dairy leader: [ Link ]

In Memoriam: Dave Engel — Organic Farming Pioneer - Cornucopia Institute
REPORT: The Cornucopia Institute released a new report shedding light on serious problems in pet food industry regulations and how specific loopholes allow for the use of questionable ingredients that could negatively impact companion animal health.
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The Cultivator – Spring 2017 - Cornucopia Institute
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Accusations deepen against EPA official Jess Rowland. It seems Rowland colluded with Monsanto to provide a less-than-rigorous safety analysis of glyphosate, and that Monsanto officials may have even ghost-written part of a toxicological report on glyphosate used by the EPA. Science and health must stand independent of corporate influence and bottom-line self-interest. [ Link ]

Monsanto Accused of Ghost-Writing Research on Glyphosate’s Cancer Risk - Cornucopia Institute
Selecting seafood from the grocery store is complicated if you want to support sustainable fishing. And seafood guides offer varying advice, although all of them are based on the same research. This article explains what is going on here. [ Link ]

Which Fish is the Best Fish? - Cornucopia Institute
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Monsanto’s glyphosate may be at the center of a controversy on par with tobacco and asbestos. With people lining up to sue the company, the judge is refusing to allow key documents to remain sealed, including some which may suggest a top EPA official was working in the interest of Monsanto rather than the American people. [ Link ]

Judge Forcing Monsanto’s Transparency in Court - Cornucopia Institute
The Spring 2017 Cultivator, Cornucopia’s quarterly newsletter, is now available online. Download the PDF here: [ Link ]
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In 2015 the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer found some “evidence of carcinogenicity,” linking glyphosate with lymphoma and opening the door for lawsuits. Some have drawn a parallel with asbestos and tobacco. [ Link ]

Lawsuits Against Monsanto Abound - Cornucopia Institute