Monarch butterfly populations are in decline, down 80% since the 1990s. Loss of habitat and the increased use of pesticides, including Roundup, have taken an enormous toll. Organic farmers do not use Roundup and the spirit of organic agriculture encourages care of wildlife. You can help by buying food from organic farmers and by planting organic milkweed and other plants the butterflies depend...
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Monarch Butterfly at Risk of Extinction - Cornucopia Institute
Food and feed quality are crucial to human and animal health. Quality can be defined as sufficiency of appropriate minerals, vitamins and fats, etc. but it also includes the absence of toxins, whether man-made or from other sources. Surprisingly, almost no data exist in the scientific literature on herbicide residues in herbicide tolerant genetically modified, GMO plants, even after nearly 20...
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Truth bomb! You heard it here: [ Link ]
Conventional “yogurt” masquerades as health food while organic keeps It real. Conventional yogurt is produced with milk from cows that are nearly always confined and unable to graze on pasture, and given a feed containing GMO grains. More here: [ Link ]
A small province on the south Pacific island of Vanuatu is banning junk foods, in favor of their rich farming heritage. A local leader says, “there is no need to eat imported food when we have so much local food grown organically on our islands.” He has also witnessed health effects in other provinces from eating the generally low-nutrition imports. [ Link ]

Island Province Going Organic - Cornucopia Institute
Food for thought! Do you know your local organic farmer?
Wheat, rice, and corn now make up 43% of the food eaten in the world. Setting aside the political-financial issue of food distribution, this report discusses the homogenization of food eaten, and attendant loss of biodiversity. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), we will need to produce 70% more food by 2050 in order to feed a third more mouths. [...
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Surviving on Wheat, Rice, and Corn - Cornucopia Institute
Nearly 100 studies by researchers from University of Oxford, Sweden and Switzerland has found Organic farms are home to more wildlife than conventional. More here: [ Link ]
A report commissioned by the European Parliament states that people eating an organic diet are subjected to fewer, and lower levels of, harmful pesticides. The report recommended organic food for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Antibiotics, which are a growing concern in the age of super-bugs, are restricted in organic livestock, and organic crops contain less of the heavy metal cadmium....
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EU Report Says Organic Diet Reduces Harmful Pesticide Exposure - Cornucopia Institute
Big Conventional Chicken contracts with farmers to raise their birds. The farmers provide the barns, feed, and other infrastructure, and raise the birds according to company specifications. In return, the company buys all of their birds. It’s an arrangement that is failing farmers big time, with many going thousands of dollars into debt and leaving them with little control over their lives. [...
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Cheap Chicken Carries a Steep Cost - Cornucopia Institute
Organic farming is what farmers did for thousands of years prior to the industrial agriculture takeover of U.S. farmland. Do you agree or disagree with this quote? If you agree please share this post!
Non Hodgkin lymphoma sufferers have sued Monsanto for covering up evidence concerning Roundup’s relationship to cancer. The plaintiff’s attorneys have submitted a 2013 letter from an EPA scientist to a top-ranking EPA official, accusing the official of favoring the industry and intimidating staff. All too often, the regulated control what the regulators do. [ Link ]

Attorneys Allege EPA Colluded with Monsanto - Cornucopia Institute
Research in India suggests that contact with organophosphate pesticides, like malathion and chlorpyrifos, upsets the gut micro-flora, leading to diabetes. Readers may recall that chlorpyrifos has been deemed a health risk to children by U.S. government scientists, but, for political reasons, has not yet been banned from use in farming. These pesticides are not allowed in organic agriculture. [...
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Pesticides Linked to Diabetes - Cornucopia Institute
In light of the recent discovery of pentobarbital (a drug used for euthanasia ) in select lots of Evanger’s Hunk of Beef dog food, Cornucopia has temporarily suspended the Evanger’s rating on our Pet Food Guide, pending further investigation. [ Link ]

Important Pet Food News - Cornucopia Institute
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In case you missed it: The GMO farming system has made exposure to Roundup herbicide a daily fact of our existence, and according to the latest US Geological Survey study its probably in the air you are breathing. [ Link ]
The proposed remarriage of two agrochemical giants with dark histories promises more bad things. [ Link ]
Bees have been dying in unprecedented numbers. A new study has found that fungi-destroying chemicals may make it harder for bees to metabolize their food. And if they can't get energy, they can't fly.

Crop-Protecting Fungicides May Be Hurting The Honey Bees
Author Michael Pollan thinks Wall Street has way too much influence over what we eat. Do you agree? Read more: [ Link ]
Save the bees! Study Strengthens Link between Neonicotinoids and Collapse of Honey Bee Colonies. More here: [ Link ]. And bees Are More Crucial to Modern Agriculture Than Fertilizer. Learn more: [ Link ]