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Steve Sprinkel is a certified organic farmer from Ojai, California, where he also operates the Farmer and the Cook, a restaurant and market serving organic fare. He has held numerous leadership positions in the organic movement, including having acted as the board chair of The Cornucopia Institute. He currently sits on Cornucopia’s formal policy advisory panel. [ Cornucopia.org Link ]

Veteran Organic Grower Questions What Technologies are Appropriate in Organics - Cornucopia Institute

Find your favorite organic soy food brands and see how they rate: [ Cornucopia.org Link ] #scorecard #organic #soy #food #ag
Author Michael Pollan thinks Wall Street has way too much influence over what we eat. Do you agree? Read more: [ Cornucopia.org Link ] #food #humanhealth #quote
Join us in sharing Dr Martin Luther King Junior's words today.
NEW REPORT: The Cornucopia Institute releases a new report shedding light on serious problems in pet food industry regulations and how specific loopholes allow for the use of questionable ingredients that could negatively impact companion animal health. [ Cornucopia.org Link ] #petfood #food #catlovers #doglovers #report #newreport #petlovers #pets #catfood #dogfood
According to this article, since its first field tests in Oregon in 2003, Scotts’ GMO bentgrass has contaminated fields and wilderness, threatening endangered plants in a 30-mile range. Suspiciously, Scotts has told the USDA it will not commercialize the grass, while still seeking deregulation. The USDA appears prepared to give up oversight, to the dismay of many farmers, regulators, and...
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Escaped GMO Grass Threatens Oregon - Cornucopia Institute

Nearly 100 studies by researchers from University of Oxford, Sweden and Switzerland have found Organic farms are home to more wildlife than conventional. More here: [ Cornucopia.org Link ] #SaveOurPollinators #Bees #SaveTheBees #OrganicFood
As access to organic food has increased, as mainstream retailers respond to consumer demand, specialty retailers like Whole Foods, which have historically been the go-to outlets for accessing better food are losing out. This has also been true for the nation’s approximately 300 member-owned co-op grocers (the gold standard in organic retail).

It would be a mistake for the higher-quality...
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Food & Power: The Walmart of Organics? Whole Foods Moves to Centralized Purchasing - Cornucopia Institute

ICYMI: Keep up the pressure! The FDA, under public pressure to start testing samples of U.S. food for the presence of a pesticide that has been linked to cancer, has some early findings that are not so sweet. [ Gmoinside.org Link ] #FDA #honey #stopmonsanto #GMOs #glyphosate
REPORT: The Cornucopia Institute released a new report shedding light on serious problems in pet food industry regulations and how specific loopholes allow for the use of questionable ingredients that could negatively impact companion animal health. [ Cornucopia.org Link ] #petfood #food #catlovers #doglovers #report #newreport #petlovers #pets #catfood #dogfood
Reminder about our meet up tomorrow! Join us if you can.
The Cornucopia Institute promotes economic justice for the family-scale farming community backing ecologically produced local, organic and authentic food. Join us: #food #farming #agriculture #organic #sustainable #verlynklinkenborg
This report explores the vast differences between organic cereal and granola products and so-called natural products, which contain ingredients grown on conventional farms where the use of toxic pesticides and genetically engineered organisms is widespread. Our analysis reveals that “natural” products—using conventional ingredients—often are priced higher than equivalent organic products. This...
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Apples genetically modified not to brown will hit grocery coolers soon. Cornucopia recommends avoiding them, and the synthetic pesticides they harbor, by buying organic. The GMO added anti-browning gene adds nothing nutritionally. Rather it is a marketer’s dream, allowing them to sell apples that one wouldn’t eat if you saw the browning. [ Cornucopia.org Link ]

Sliced GMO Apples Coming to Midwest Stores Next Month - Cornucopia Institute

We love farmers. Share if you agree!. Learn more about farmer Wendell Berry: [ Cornucopia.org Link ] #food #farmers #truth #gratitude #wendellberry
One of our colleagues and the founder of Real Food Media, Anna LappĂŠ, addresses the challenges in the food system for the year ahead.

Anna LappĂŠ on the Food System in 2017 - Cornucopia Institute

Conventional “yogurt” masquerades as health food while organic keeps It real. Conventional yogurt is produced with milk from cows that are nearly always confined and unable to graze on pasture, and given a feed containing GMO grains. More here: [ Cornucopia.org Link ] #yogurt #dairy #GMO #organic #food
More schools are adding gardens to be worked and enjoyed by staff and students. A D.C. study shows higher scores in reading, math, and science in schools with gardens. [ Cornucopia.org Link ]

School Gardens Growing Test Scores Alongside Greens - Cornucopia Institute

In quantum mechanics, the ‘observer effect’ refers to changes in a phenomenon due to being observed. This article describes the effects of industry gaze on research and the public eye on industry funding.

Pesticide Research is Like Physics - Cornucopia Institute