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The China Cetacean Alliance (CCA), a coalition of international animal protection and conservation organisations, is working on a movie which they hope will have the same effect in China that #Blackfish had in the west.
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BREAKING: 9 orcas go on display for the first time ever in China at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Zhuhai.
Although it was known that these orca were being held in captivity in China, until now, none have appeared at any marine park in the country. They were all initally wild caught from Russia. #Blackfish #EmptyTheTanks

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The U.S. Air Force plans to drop 100 bombs, as large as 300 pounds each, on the waters north of Kauai, Hawaii, each year for the next five years. The Air Force has requested permission to harm 637 whales and dolphins in executing this endeavor.

petition: Don't Bomb Hawaii's Whales and Dolphins
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#FreedomFriday Paul Hilton Photographer
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Taiji: First boat in, three more followed. Five more in sight. Thank you wind! 2017-2-24 8:26am #dolphinproject
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A US judge has ruled that a class-action lawsuit filed against SeaWorld for false advertising can proceed! #EmptyTheTanks

Class Action Lawsuit vs SeaWorld Promises Drama & Discovery
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Interested in becoming a Dolphin Project Youth Ambassador?
Our program is full of passionate, dedicated, unique young people who are fighting for animal rights.

Learn more: [ Link ] #KidsGetIt
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Write to Vancouver Park Board to stop Vancouver Aquarium's import of SeaWorld belugas and end cetacean captivity in Stanley Park. It takes less than a minute!

ACTION ALERT: No new belugas at Vancouver Aquarium
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URGENT! Sign & share this petition against keeping dolphins in captivity at Pigeon Island in St. Lucia: [ Link ]

New dolphin facility planned for St Lucia
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BREAKING: 8 aquariums in Korea to be inspected after the death of a dolphin imported from Japan. The Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries will look into water conditions, noise levels, quality of animal feed and health checkup systems.

8 aquariums under scrutiny after dolphin death
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Sinking ship! #EmptyTheTanks #Blackfish

Seaworld reports attendance decline in 2016
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Is this really "phasing out" when they plan on bringing 5 more belugas in?

"The news follows the sudden deaths of two whales last fall. Aurora and her daughter Qila died within days of each other in November, leaving the non-profit facility without any belugas. Up to five belugas are expected to be on display in time for spring break of 2019..."

Vancouver Aquarium phasing out its captive beluga program
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Wild & free - the ONLY way they should ever be! #EmptyTheTanks

Photo credit: Shawn Heinrichs
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This is the second part in a series of articles about SeaWorld, the death of Dawn Brancheau, OSHA and Tilikum. Dawn Brancheau was not the first human who Tilikum killed. Almost to the day of Dawn's…

The Trio of Deaths – Keltie Byrne
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BREAKING: Virgin Holidays will no longer sell new hotels or attractions that include captive whales and dolphins for entertainment purposes! #EmptyTheTanks

THIS holiday company just stopped selling attractions with CAPTIVE whales and dolphins
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Nothing but love and respect for Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project. Please follow their work, spread the word and consider supporting their relentless efforts to save cetaceans HERE: