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Did you know? Cape Town has nine twin and sister cities located across the world; among these are Antwerp, Nice, Saint Petersburg and Maputo. #FunfactFridays #CapeTown #Twinning
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The sale you have been waiting for! Our Crazy Sale officially kicks off today, so duck in for tons of savings until 28 February.
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This Foil Love Balloon is perfect for surprising that special person on date night. Visit your nearest Crazy Store and get yours now!
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Quagga (kwa-gh-uh). An extinct species of zebra (Equus quagga) that once habituated in the Cape but was hunted out in the 1800's. Pronounce the Afrikaans “g” as you would “ch” in loch. “Bafana-Bafana? Win the Soccer World Cup? You’re seeing quaggas, mate.” #AwehWednesday #quagga
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These Acrylic Paints are sure to help you create a master piece - worthy of a spot on the wall. *Promotion valid until 19 January.
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School just wouldn't be school without a legendary space case!
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“(Durban) – Armed with seven distinctions, determination and an open attitude to learn from the world, Sasasa Dlamini from Westville Boys’ High School booked a place at Harvard University in the US in August.”

Get inspired and read more about the Good News here: [ Link ].
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It's no mess, no fuss with this Artists' Apron.
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Did you know? The oldest, continuing tradition in Cape Town is the firing of the Noon Day Gun to mark mid-day; the canon is located at the Lion Battery on Signal Hill, and has been fired daily since 1806. #FunFactFriday #NoondayGun #CapeTown
For the artist in the making, this Sketch Pad set is a must-have!
Keep all your writing supplies together with this nifty Canvas Pencil Bag.
Whether you're at the beach or at home, enjoy some summer sport with this Beach Bat Set. *Promotion only available in Coastal Stores until 15 January 2017.
Padkos: Snacks for a road trip. E.g. It’s going to be a long trip back home after the holidays. Have you packed enough padkos? #AwehWednesday #padkos #Roadtripping
Whether you love to sketch, do calculus equations or just doodle, this Marlin A4 Exam pad is good value and priced right!
Build your own sandy empire with this Beach Bucket Play Set. *Promotion only available in Coastal Stores until 15 January 2017.
"Sharpen" up on Back to School essentials and ensure that this product is in your pencil case.
South Africans, Gabriel Jonker and Ryno van Zyl hold the Guinness record for the most juice extracted from treading grapes – 21.17 litres in 2 minutes. This record was set at the WHOOSH festival, Worcester, Western Cape, South Africa on 6 March 2004. #FunFactFriday #Grapetreading #GuinnessRecord
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