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Today is the day to celebrate anything you want! Gran is celebrating Annoy Grug Day! What will your custom holiday be called? #MakeUpYourOwnHolidayDay
The Croods - UK
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Tag someone who puts the “GOOF” in #NationalGoofOffDay!
The Croods - UK
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The colors of spring are always welcome! #FirstDayofSpring
Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Eep and her friends just found a four leaf clover!
Which is the fiercest Aaahh! Valley predator?
“LIKE” for the Big Chikuna
“SHARE” for the Tyrannaconda!
Warm up those howlin’ chops for tonight’s Full Moon!
IT’S WHAT TIME?! #DaylightSavingTime
Panicking in Aaahh! Valley is truly a way of life… Here are the best panic moments from seasons 1 & 2! Happy #PanicDay everyone!
Celebrate International Women's Day with some of the dynamic women who bring your favorite animated T.V. series to life! Margie Cohn, head of DreamWorks Animation Television, leads a conversation with executives, producers, and voice talent from DreamWorks' hit animated series, streaming on Netflix around the globe! This group of talented women inspires us all to #BeBoldForChange! #IWD2017
Tell everyone you know! In one month an all-new season of Dawn of the Croods will begin streaming on Netflix! #Croods
Gran doesn’t care if it’s #DentistsDay. Let her worry about her own teeth! #NoneOfYourBusiness
The first cave drawings are even older than the #Croods! #OldStuffDay
The way people look at you when they have no clue what you’re talking about… #What
The Croods had one of the first #MardiGras parties. And it was epic!
When your fave actor is on stage! #DontTalkToMe
It’s nearly impossible to be humble when you look like this… #BeHumbleDay
Get in on #LoveYourPetDay! Pugott’s need love too...
Seeing all the happy couples on Valentine’s Day like... #SAD
When all you can say is awwwwwwwww!!! Happy #ValentinesDay!