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In 1967, Salvador Dali created lithographs of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Here is "Pisces."

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The Dali Museum
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While exploring the tumultuous relationship between humans and the natural world, artist Dave Kinsey's series is what Creators calls "Dali-esque."

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Dalí-esque Paintings Explore Man's Tumultuous Relationship with Nature - Creators
The Dali Museum
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Where will your Saturday take you? We hope it's #TheDali.

Image of The Dali's Rainy Rolls, by Instagrammer @s.callen.
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"I came out looking like such a little girl and she so strong and so saturated with providence, that it made me long to sleep." #FridaKahlo #FridaFriday #FridaDali

Image: Collection Museo Dolores Olmedo, Mexico City © 2016 Banco de Mexico Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo Museums Trust, Mexico, D.F./Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
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Lorenzo Castellini superimposes classical painting details on passerby's to create "air collages." Frida and Dali are but two of his chosen subjects. #FridaFriday #FridaDali

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Sonny Bono was born on this day in 1935. Here, Dali and Bono are sporting matching turtlenecks and chains for a Vogue 1968 article featuring mustaches.

Photo: Alexis Waldeck, ca. 1968. Copyright: Conde Nast Archive/Corbis.
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Round and round we go. Is it Friday yet?

Image of #TheDali's helical staircase by Instagrammer @teddy.zhang
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At #TheDali, dreams take flight like the streamers on our Wish Tree.

Image captured by Instagrammer @sarasnowwhite
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"The garden was a place of both comfort and inspiration for Kahlo; an immersive world where she could think about her work or entertain friends."

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How Frida Kahlo's bright, beautiful garden inspired her
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Ten years after he was commissioned to design holiday cards for Hallmark, Salvador Dali created this valentine. To Dali, the butterfly was a "symbol of the soul."

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Image: Salvador Dali. "Butterfly Valentine," (1959). Ink, watercolor and collage on paper. 9 5/8 x 7 1/4 inches. Hallmark Art Collection
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"You deserve a lover who takes away the lies and brings you hope, coffee, and poetry.” #FridaKahlo #FridaDali

Image: Frida Kahlo with cropped hair, 1940. Unidentified photographer
Vicente Wolf Photography Collection.
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Salvador Dali Museum of St. Petersburg, Florida - lovingly known as "The Dali" - is perhaps the most important collection of a single artist's work ...

Salvador Dali Museum: an Inside Look at the Art and Architecture of The Dali - Architecture Lab
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Dress to express at #TheDali. Museum visitor Michael Hiscano dazzled in his hand-painted melting clock blazer.
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A tribute to the pyramid at #FridaKahlo's Casa Azul at #TheDali for "Frida Kahlo at #TheDali." #FridaDali

Captured by Instagrammer @vittorio_imagery.
Be part of the art. See, snap, and share your trip to #TheDali by tagging us on social media. Let's see your best self portrait.

Image by Instagrammer @gettogether78
"Frida could have been a victim in the story of her life, but, she ended up being her own hero..." -Catalina Cuervo #FridaFriday#FridaKahlo

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Iconic Frida Kahlo before she was an icon
In this day and age, slowing down often requires a conscious effort. Nevertheless this question remains subjective, so we pass it on. How do you observe art?

How Long Do You Need to Look at a Work of Art to Get It?
"Chaos and Order." Can you guess which plate belongs to Salvador Dali, and which to Gala?

Image: Photo Robert Descharnes / © Descharnes & Descharnes Sarl. [ Link ]
“The true painter must be able, before an infinite panorama to limit himself to reproducing a single ant.” #SalvadorDali

Image: Salvador Dali. "Les Fourmis (The Ants)," (1936-37). [ Link ]
Last week #TheDali went red in support of #AmericanHeartMonth and the American Heart Association-Tampa Bay. #TBGoRed