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PRESS TIME! Fancy some reading material? Get the latest rock philosophy from Frankie, Dan and Rufus in these recent interviews ahead of our NZ and Aussie tour!

Interview with Dan: [ Link ]

Interview with Frankie: [ Link ]

Interview with Rufus: [ Link ]

INTERVIEW: Dan Hawkins – The Darkness
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Evening Aussies !!! the Australia VIP Experience Ticket upgrades will go on sale UK 10pm tonight / Australia tomorrow 9am

[ Link ]

Australia VIP Experience ticket upgrades on sale tonight UK 10pm/Aus 9am
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More from Century Pigeon! #albumV

Studio Update 21-03-2017
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New Zealand Tour - VIP Experience ticket upgrades - on sale tomorrow

[ Link ]

New Zealand VIP Experience Ticket upgrades
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Wishing a happy happy birthday to Justin David Hawkins - currently kicking seven shades of serious butt in the music studio. 'Kind of Magic' T shirt courtesy of manager Chris Taplin.
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More festival news!! We're pleased to announce that we're headlining Grillstock this summer.

Head over to [ Link ] to get tickets and find out more !!!
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"The Darkness; Brooding, magnificent. Like the mighty mother condor sitting upon a rock egg in a nest of curly hair on the side of a powerful mountain. If you wish to keep abreast of our activities, this is the website for you.
Fancy getting your hands on a Ru pair? Well, head over to our website and join our "Messengers" street team! Have a gander at all of the outstanding collectible rewards you can earn by spending your days breaking the internets with all things The Darkness!

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More from Century Pigeon Studios!

Studio Update 10-03-2017
Studio time!
Rehearsalizing before the recording of album V!!
The third err um FIRST night of our crazy Melbourne run!

The Darkness at Max Watt's

It's "Threesome" time in Melbourne! Get yer dirty minds out of the gutter! Gig 3 is announced! Our two 170 Russell gigs 3 and 5 May are SOLD OUT! So we've added a third gig in Melbourne! This one is TUESDAY 2nd May at MAX WATT'S! Tickets on sale this FRI 24 Feb at [ Link ]
Hail, people of the Darkness interweb! In between preparing exquisite songs for our next album, we have noticed that a man is selling Darkness lookee-likee merchandise from his website. Some of you have asked us if this is official merchandise, and we must sadly shake our heads and reply that it is not. As I write this, our pencil-wielding Design Guru (she who is called Yumiko) is working on a...
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Festival calendar is filling up! We're at #onelivefest 8 July! Tickets-[ Link ]
VIP ticket upgrade news: we're still waiting on information from the NZ and Australia promoters before we can announce any more info on these so please be patient. As soon as we have all the info we'll be in touch with more info !!!