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Dogs are the ultimate true love of our lives.
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This post will primarily be of interest to people who work in the dog day care industry. But, pet parents can learn a lot, too! As a dog owner, it’s so worthwhile to educate yourself about the benefits of an enrichment-based doggy “day care.”

How an Enrichment Model Makes for Better Dog Daycare Businesses – The Dogington Post
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This one is for all of our doggy day care owners and staff:

If you'd like to enhance your daycare experience to make it more meaningful for pet parents and their companion dogs, all while solving some of the most common stresses you have as a dog daycare facility owner or operator, Beyond Doggy Day Care is for you.

You can register and learn more from our friends at the University of...
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What's even more shocking than seeing a dog ON TOP of a crate, traveling 70mph down the highway... learning that it's not entirely illegal.

Outrage After Dog Spotted Chained to Top of Crate Traveling 70MPH on Highway – The Dogington Post
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Does your dog destroy things when you're not at home? You're not alone!
Trainer Steve Reid of S.R. Dog Training, LLC addresses the most commonly asked question (by a landslide!) by our readers:

Ask the Trainer: My Dog Destroys Everything He Can Get His Paws On! – The Dogington Post
Although harmless in and of itself, reverse sneezing can be rather alarming for dog owners to see and can be indicative of a more serious problem. (The first time I saw my dog do this, I freaked!)

Why Is My Dog Gasping & Honking? It Could Be a Reverse Sneeze! – The Dogington Post
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As shocking as the video is, traveling with a dog in this manner isn’t entirely illegal. And THAT'S what's most disturbing here.

Outrage After Dog Spotted Chained to Top of Crate Traveling 70MPH on Highway – The Dogington Post
If you‘ve been considering a water fountain for your dog, it’s time to take the plunge! Adequate water consumption can help increase your pet’s overall health and longevity. And, providing your dog with a fountain is one of the most effective ways to both encourage healthy drinking habits and to monitor water consumption.

Because it can be daunting to choose the right fountain, here’s a look...
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Choosing the Right Water Fountain for Your Dog
When you hear the term “bloated”, you may not give it much credence. It sounds quite benign, probably just a little gas or full feeling from eating. However when it comes to dogs, that is the farthest thing from the truth. Bloat is the second largest killer of dogs, second only to cancer.

Beware of Bloat: The 2nd Largest Killer of Dogs – The Dogington Post
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