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yesterday at 08:05. Facebook
Bringing game physics into real life with a huge car double flip! Jarppi is the MAN!
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yesterday at 00:30. Facebook
Cactus Bath Roulette LIVE!!
The Dudesons
03/23/2017 at 23:29. Facebook
We're going LIVE at 5:15PM! CACTUS BATH ROULETTE LIVE!! Sorry for the delay ... "Not enough cacti!" - Jukka Dudeson :)
The Dudesons
03/19/2017 at 18:08. Facebook
Jarppi makes history with a never before seen car stunt! This is a real neck breaker!!
The Dudesons
03/18/2017 at 01:54. Facebook
VR goggles + Drone = Video game perspective in real life! :O
This is a racing video game in real life! Share this if you want to try this with us!
Cactus Trampoline LIVE!!
Cactus Trampoline Live at 3pm PST!
Which one of these could save your life in freezing cold? Can you guess?
Who chickens?! This was massive! Full ep with more challenges on our Youtube channel!
Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself! TAG 2 FRIENDS crazy enough to try this!
The place where anybody can be a Dudeson! Duudsonit Activity Park Tornio-Haparanda is one of our proudest achievements yet! Share this to a friend you want to visit here with! -@jarnodudeson
Getting run over by an icebreaker? Sounds like a great idea!
Playing chicken against an icebreaker ship! Tag a friend you wanna to do this with! ⛴
Bubble Wrap Trampoline LIVE!! with Rocco Piazza!!! ????????
Sorry for the delay, we're having too much fun over here!! BUBBLE WRAP TRAMPOLINE GOING LIVE IN 10 MINUTES!! 4:15 PM PST!!!
Regular triathlon is nothing for us! That's why we decided to up the difficulty a notch