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MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE DUDESONS! Find some hot christmas tree decorating this from our tutorial and PEACE LOVE AND HAPPINESS! - The Dudesons
Can these men build an Igloo in Hollywood Logan Paul ? Check it out on Dudesonsvlog in youtube -@jukkadudeson
Who are these young gentlemen? @jukkadudeson
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CRASHING THROUGH 6 EXPLODING CARS! The biggest stunt we've done in years! ONLINE NOW WATCH IT GOGOGO [ Youtube.com Link ] -@jukkadudeson
All 4 together! We are doing a big live car stunt in 45 minutes. 1 pm PST and 23:00 Finland time. You can see it through live.me app. You can download the app here [ Smarturl.it Link ] thanks @jukkadudeson
Gang back together! We are doing a big live stunt tomorrow and you can see it through live.me app. You can download the app here [ Smarturl.it Link ] thanks @jukkadudeson
Important message! HELP US MAKE AN EPIC LIVE STUNT! [ Dudesons.com Link ]
BEAR MACE BALLOON DROP CHALLENGE LIVE in 15minutes on live.me - Download free app through this link and tune in to this crazy game of who's gonna get the bear mace [ Smarturl.it Link ]
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Hey folks! Today's LIVE BROADCAST will be on the Live.Me app! Get it for free through this link! [ Smarturl.it Link ] We're playing PRESSURE CANNON ROULETTE @ 1PM LA TIME!!
Experience the Killer Rubber Band in First Person 360 video!
Glass Bottle Head Smash Roulette LIVE w/ VITALY!!