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The Dudesons
04/24/2017 at 00:59. Facebook
Duct Tape Slip'N'Slide off my roof... Tag a friend who should try this :-) And check the video from #dudesonsvlog link in the first comment -@jukkadudeson
Duct Tape SlipNSlide off my roof Tag a friend who should try
The Dudesons
Jacqueline Place
Brittany Irvine
Sierra Ainsley
Connor Lauchlin Kennedy
Shane Chase
Duct Tape Vert Ramp LIVE w/ Rocco Piazza!!
David Collins
Sierra Ainsley
Sterling J Park Green
We did Hill Climb Racing in real life AND in 360! Watch the full video here: [ Link ]
Matti Antikainen
We them DUCT TAPE BOYZ' now.

Posting inspiring and slightly crazy videos to #dudesonsvlog almost everyday ! Stay tuned and check the link from the first comment if you want to see if this duct tape bridge worked out! -@jukkadudeson
We them DUCT TAPE BOYZ now Posting inspiring and slightly crazy videos
The Dudesons
Rebekah Joanna Kilian
Joshua Buscay
Back at it with a brand new 360 video! Race with Jarppi and try to spot all the easter eggs!
The Dudesons
John Aidanpää
Nick Kus
Pool Full of Something LIVE!!
Ryan Hall
Arthur Hewes
Angel Elizabeth Manley
Trampoline to a Duct Tape Wall LIVE!! with Rocco Piazza!!!
Mishelle Martin
Michelle Shada Holliday
Paj Moulton
We only had one shot at this! Did Jarppi nail it or...?
Jay LLmao
Tiago Canelas
Jacob Franke
Video game physics applied to real life! Tag a friend who would wanna play this in real life
Gibran Ali
Katy Norman
Øystein Blom
Bringing game physics into real life with a huge car double flip! Jarppi is the MAN!
Matthew Ryan
Adrian Guerra
Calum Mcgee
Cactus Bath Roulette LIVE!!
Avery-Thomas Sidaway
Mishelle Martin
Jaycob Baker
We're going LIVE at 5:15PM! CACTUS BATH ROULETTE LIVE!! Sorry for the delay ... "Not enough cacti!" - Jukka Dudeson :)
Were going LIVE at 515PM CACTUS BATH ROULETTE LIVE Sorry for the
Brian Hogan
Trevor Kelly
Luis Leon
Jarppi makes history with a never before seen car stunt! This is a real neck breaker!!
The Dudesons
Jamie Sweeney
Jan Kramberger
Po Soe
Andreas Jønsson
Fernando Albarrán Rojas
Nat Pua
Marius Dan
VR goggles + Drone = Video game perspective in real life! :O
Gabriel X Miševski
Marius Dan
Jessica Bogue
This is a racing video game in real life! Share this if you want to try this with us!
The Dudesons
Nico Lyytikäinen
Mikołaj Czaja Czajkowski
Cactus Trampoline LIVE!!
The Dudesons
Jesse La Flair
Hakuna Matata
Cactus Trampoline Live at 3pm PST!
Cactus Trampoline Live at 3pm PST
Ashley Laura Melka
Lorena Rinaldi
Amie Lythgoe