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Women carry sacks of food in Nimini village, Unity State, northern South Sudan. The government has declared a famine in parts of Unity State and there are concerns the crisis could spread further without humanitarian support. According to the World Food Programme (WFP) and the United Nations, some 100,000 people are facing starvation, with a million more on the brink of famine. Picture taken...
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The Sahara’s rock art is astonishing—and endangered. The Economist’s 1843 magazine went to Chad to document attempts at preserving humanity’s ancient history

How technology is saving the Sahara’s ancient art
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The message at a rally in Boston on February 19th was not so much for the assembled crowd of believers, as for Trump supporters: let science protect your blue skies

Scientists pitch themselves as preservers of the natural world in the Trump era
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The navy chafed at Barack Obama’s cautious “freedom of navigation” operations. Now it has submitted a list of tougher actions for President Donald Trump’s approval. This could backfire

Is America becoming more assertive about China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea?
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Sisyphus was condemned to push a boulder uphill only to watch it roll down again. Yet an eternity of boulder-shoving seems purposeful next to the unending labour of the Greek crisis

The saga of the Greek crisis rolls on
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Iraqi forces are advancing on western Mosul, one of Islamic State's last strongholds in Iraq. The group's demise will be one of the most significant events of 2017. From our World In 2017 series
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Kurt Cobain was born on February 20th 1967. He became known as “the voice of a generation”—which he hated—for his powerful and personal lyrics
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Following Napoleon's invasion of Egypt in 1798, prominent figures in Cairo, Istanbul and Tehran embraced aspects of Western thought and technology with discernment and gusto while remaining good Muslims

A look at the “Islamic Enlightenment”
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That is remarkable. After all, Taiwan’s ruling party says the island is already independent

America’s affirmation of the one-China policy pleased Taiwan, too
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Our quote of the day is from American abolitionist and statesman Frederick Douglass
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Throw a glitzy party for all of Europe and controversy will arrive with bells on

Why Ukraine’s Eurovision song contest is in crisis
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Many Chinese products unrelated to the American president use the word Trump

Trump toilets are used 100m times a year in China
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The investigations embroiled Spain's financial regulators, including a former governor of the central bank of Spain

Inquiries into what went wrong at one of Spain's biggest lenders continue—and widen
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At times it can feel like we are living in an episode of “Travel Futurama”. This week: flying drone taxis

Dubai is to test passenger-carrying drones
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Robert Mugabe has invented new funny money. But the reality for Zimbabweans is less amusing
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Among the now-frozen American assets linked to Tareck El Aissami are three lavish apartments in the Four Seasons complex in Miami and a Gulfstream jet

The American government accuses Venezuela's vice-president of being a drug trafficker
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When asked if he fears that Trumpian brinkmanship may imperil his job, one engine-maker shrugs. “Trade deals come and go. There probably is a price to pay,” he says

Workers in Seymour, Indiana owe their jobs to free trade. Yet they swung for Trump
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The press should call out politicians when they lie. But “lying” isn't the same as talking nonsense

A taxonomy of dishonesty
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Even Trump can't change the cold, hard truth about Twitter: that it can never be Facebook

Twitter's $167m loss could provoke calls that it should become a co-operative