Well, Sharyn sure looks different
Anyone that has Netflix you've gotta read this!

There's a new Netflix scam going around that's brutal AF

ALWAYS check your txt before you send it
Who's a better Elsa - Jono or Ben? โ„
All new in 2017...The Ben, the bald and the beautiful - Jono, Ben and Sharyn, Weekdays 3-7pm
Since you were so good last time - Caption this
Classic Ed getting us excited for 1 new song and he goes and releases 2!!!
What was your fave?? Also if you missed it ....
Ed Sheeran has new music out today, which hopefully means he'll come back to NZ & play more weird games with us
This is going to be our new summer jam

Ed Sheeran is back!

Some New Years fitspo for ya
Ben didn't quite get what Bruno Mars meant by "24K Magic"
Caption this ....
Someone in LA had quite the NYE & changed the Hollywood sign to this ...
Classic Ben, had FOMO missing RnV so he's rocking RnME! Anyone seen Jono's bald head?
If you think Sharyn 'slut dropping' in the Mad Butcher was bad, just you wait and see what we've got in store for you

WATCH: Sharyn is made to casually slut drop in the middle of the Mad Butcher

Introducing the new Edge Drive show! 2017 is going to be