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WTF did Clint get up to last night??
Hmmmm, she's a tough one...
Introducing John Key's replacement, the new Prime Minister of NZ

BREAKING: Meet the new Prime Minister of New Zealand

We ain't lying when we said things get weird at 3 o'clock
Hamilton. She lives half way across the world and the one thing she knows about freakin' New Zealand is Hamilton.

WATCH: Jade from Little Mix tries to convince us she actually knows anything about NZ

Yep. This is happening. Let's just take a sec for that headline to sink in. Meeeeeeow

Guy explains to Jade from Little Mix why he thinks 'Black Magic' is about vagina juice

BREAKING NEWS: John Key has resigned as PM, to become a DJ.
CHRISTCHURCH! Join Clint Roberts tonight to start farewelling this Trump-electing, Harambe-killing, Suicide Squad movie-creating year in style.
Just $5 on the door. Topkapi from 10
We really do live in the best country in the world
Sort your sh*t Sharyn. The whole point of 'Secret Santa' is that it's A SECRET
#ICYMI: With the exciting news of Jono and Ben joining The Edge fam, we are also stoked for Clint who will be joining the George FM Breakfast show for 2017

WATCH: We take a look back at Guy, Sharyn and Clint's best bits over the years

Introducing the new Edge Drive show! 2017 is going to be

Jono and Ben are coming to The Edge!

"It adds a little sass, and a lot of saus" #Dickliner #Equality Clint Roberts

WATCH: Clint gives 'dickliner' a go, because #Equality

Call the fire service cause shits gettin' roasted
Hats (and pants) off to Oscar. Today he raised over $1100 for Movember and men's heath! Legend
There's still time to donate: mobro.co/theoscarj