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Randell decided to get a new haircut after watching "The Magnificent Seven" over the weekend #nailedit
Bloody windy today so pulled the Manta Ray out! Unfortunately no broken bones so will be back at work 6am tomorrow! - Randell
#heights #dontletgo
Its official. ❀ We are a little disappointed he chose to use the word Awesome instead of McCawesome though.
They literaaaaally couldn't keep their hands to themselves

PHOTOS: Selena Gomez and The Weeknd caught making out

Jamaica. Where the people are so friendly they will even offer you gangja when you are stuck in traffic!

PS: Jay-Jay Harvey would like you to know that "we got some yesterday" was a line she used to stop these salesmen from hassling her #Hugsnotdrugs #Drugsarebackmmkay
Literally everyone this week
Randell here. While Jay-Jay & Dom are living the life in Jamaica... I'm building a house. At least you know who does all the work around here now
So ummm... Jay-Jay Harvey got braids
A message for our friends called Wayne! Great news- your name is popular enough in Jamaica to make the local Coke bottle name series. We couldn't even find a Usain!
We are super excited for this!
Do the teasers sound like the same song though...?

Ed Sheeran is back!

Spotted outside KFC on the Cayman Islands today by Jay-Jay Harvey and Dom Harvey The worlds bravest chicken taking #YOLO to a whole new level
Happy new year! Hope everybody is staying safe and having fun.
We are in Cuba where Dom is is sticking to his New Years resolution to START smoking cigars
Lots of love, Jay-Jay Harvey and Dom Harvey
Happy New Years Eve from us! Stay safe team, we'll be back on-air on the 23rd Jan
And that's a wrap from us

We've done some craaaaaazy shit in 2016, but we've loved every single second of it (okay, Jay-Jay may not have enjoyed jumping off the Sky Tower but hey, almost everything)

Merry Xmas and Happy NYs! Love us xx
Randell really put his foot in it this time! Good one mate

Watch the full video here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Congrats to our #EdgeFanFave winner, Jess Nutley.
You're gonna kill it!

Jess is New Zealand's first Bachelor contestant for 2017

A big Merry Christmas from us!! Wherever you are and and whoever you are spending Christmas Day with, we hope you have a bloody blast Have the best summer and bring on an amazing 2017!
A while back, we were lucky enough to help out an amazing woman Jan with our "Do-Gooders" segment.
After her 2-year-old son's passing, Jan handmade three grave markers for her boy. Unfortunately, they weren't holding up against the Taranaki weather conditions and needed something more permanent.
We were able to get this incredible (and permanent) memorial made for her son.
This is how the...
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Well it's safe to say 2016 has been one MAAAASIVE year for us

See all the crazy sh*t we've done this year in this epic montage vid - we love you guys!

WATCH: Jay-Jay, Dom and Randell's best bits from 2016

Now that date one is done and dusted, it's Jess' turn to win the boys' hearts! ❀

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