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Dom is always hassling show producer "Crossfit Chris" about having arms like Kermit the frog so Chris called for a bicep measuring contest. Unfortunately, it backfired because even Dom's skinny little arms were bigger than Crossfit Chris! Here is Chris's punishment for losing (which he totally nailed we might add!)....
Look how little Kanye used to be!! It's #InternationalPuppyDay today and also the start of this years Red Puppy Appeal for the Blind Foundation. If you see volunteers collecting this weekend be sure to give them a couple of dollars #RedPuppy

Share your puppy pics and vids below
Who knew Calum Scott used to work in HR before becoming a song writer?

WATCH: Calum Scott resolves HR disputes for Edge listeners
Fun fact: Jay-Jay Harvey proposed to Dom (not the other way around)

WATCH: Jay-Jay tells the story of how she awkwardly proposed to Dom
Old mate John Key was on the phone ahead of his last day in parliament

WATCH: John Key reveals what he misses most about being Prime Minister
When you accidentally give your 2-year-old a golden shower...
Justin Bieber dancing with a Bieleber in Arrowrown last night!

Watch the video: [ Link ]
Before The Edge Fan Fave, Jess entered The Bachelor house in an attempt to win Zac's heart... There were two other men fighting for her attention. How do you think Jess is going to go on the show?!
Dom told the worst dad joke during our interview with Martin Garrix... see the full interview: [ Link ]
Dom asks Zac the hard questions...

WATCH: Dom candidly asks Zac Franich how many girls he's slept with
Is it too late now to say sorry? We played a pretty ruthless stitch up on some Justin Bieber fans this morning... #shreddingforbieber

If you are someone who loves a happy ending, watch the full vid here: [ Link ]
Yeaaaaah girls! Who else is participating in Bra Free Friday today? #BFF
It's Bra Free Fridaaaaaaaaay (well not for these boys) #BFF
We've got four tickets to Justin Bieber to GIVEAWAY on the show tomorrow, but there's a catch... your mum has to win them for you!

In order to win the tickets, both you and your mum need to be in-studio at 7am tomorrow. Tell us below if you're up for it!
Who's keen to join us for Bra Free Friday tomorrow? #BFF
Remember that time Randell cried during a game of in-your-ear? #TBT