This is actually waaaay too cute...
We went through Shaun's Instagram and made him read out all the PDA posts he has written about his girlfriend, Kayla Cullen.

WATCH: Shaun Johnson can't stop talking how much he loves his girlfriend
Dom couldn't help himself from asking the question (naturally)

WATCH: Nick from MAFS confirms he and Sharon had sex on their wedding night
We asked Aaron Chalmers from Geordie Shore the hard question... and his answer was not what we expected! Nawwww

WATCH: Aaron reveals how many girls he slept with after the #EdgeVIP Yacht Party
We heard Nick from Married At First Sight Australia has a thing for strippers

WATCH: Chang surprises Nick from MAFS with a private strip show
So much chat about Aussie TV show "Married at first sight."
Now the Australian media have picked up on our strangers weddings. Four weddings...all couples STILL together!

Kiwi couple prove naysayers wrong with love match made in media heaven
We've got Nick and Sharon from Married At First Sight Australia in-studio with us! Got any questions for them? #MAFSAU
Who's the real Dom? #DOMmeister #EdgeVIP
Let's get this yacht party staaaaaaaarted! #EdgeVIP
"New Zealand, you can't even capture it in pictures" - Reese Witherspoon

WATCH: Reese Witherspoon says NZ is 'the most beautiful country' in the world
Then followed it up with a call to us for her ONLY New Zealand interview!!! Watch the full interview here: [ Link ] #TheidgelovesReese
The look on his face says it all...
Our new producer "Crossfit Chris" put one of those topless gym mirror selfies on Insta. This called for a team intervention...

Disclaimer: No cross-fitters had their feelings hurt during this segment.

WATCH: Producer Chris gets the biggest roasting of his life from Dom
Last week we found out that a listener friend of ours Waverney Bachelr from Palmerston North had been diagnosed with an inoperable cancer. Since Waverney is a Kardashains fan she wanted to have her own "Keeping Up With Waverney" weekend with her family....
Our good mate and ex All Black Isaac Ross met the lovely & talented Reese Witherspoon in Wanaka the other day! We would love to get her on the show!! If you can get her to call us between 6-10am (weekdays), we will pay you $2000.
(0800 THE EDGE that's 0800 843 3343)
We decided to give Randell a Kangaroo Maternity hood to wear now he has another baby. Check out how good Dom and Randell look modelling it with Kanye
Could this phone call to Jemaine Clement's Dad be anymore awkward?

WATCH: Jay-Jay and Dom make 'Suits' star Rick Hoffman's dreams come true... kind of
Look, let's be real... Valentine’s Day, it's either endless amounts of chocolate, flowers and puppies or the biggest flop in existence. If your V-Day was a dud, tell us why and you're in to win a trip to Paris flying Singapore Airlines and thanks to House of Travel!