The Elf on the Shelf
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Make everyday an adventure! #ElfWisdomWednesday
The Elf on the Shelf
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The Scout Elves are having fun making new hats for Hat Day! Create your own noggin' topper with this fun printable craft: [ Link ]
The Elf on the Shelf
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#FlashbackFriday to this elf's Rubber Ducky Day fun last year! Happy Rubber Ducky Day!
If you’re missing your Scout Elf, read this list of tips to help shake the elf-goodbye blues! [ Link ]
It’s a snowy yet sunny day here at the North Pole! What’s the weather like in your area of the world?
Happy Birthday to our friends born in January! January babies are known to be adventurous and playful, like Scout Elves. Tag or comment below with a January baby's name!
Welcome, 2017! Print this calendar to celebrate all the things January has to offer!
Happy New Year, friends!
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
Oh dear, looks like this Scout Elf is taking a cat nap! We'll leave the team now so they can finish up their work! Have a great night, friends!
We just found out that the North Pole has had a record-breaking Nice List this year due to the good deeds you've been doing! Great job everyone!
Time for a late night pick-me-up at the North Pole Command Center; donuts and cocoa for everyone!
According to our Christmas Cookie Tracker, it looks like lots of families are leaving out sugar cookies for Santa! What kind of cookies did you prepare for Santa?
This elf is using high tech equipment to help Santa calibrate his sleigh speed in accordance with global weather patterns! Where do you think Santa will head next?
Just got a text from Santa - looks like he's enjoying the cookies families have left for him!
What do Scout Elves talk about at the watercooler? Christmas, of course!
The Scout Elves are checking in with NORAD Tracks Santa to make sure things are tracking smoothly - looks like all systems are go! Stay with us for continued updates through the night!
Welcome to the Scout Elf Command Center! Stick around while we show you around!
It's almost time! The doors to the Command Center will be opening soon… stay tuned to see what's inside!
Make a Cookie for Santa in this game and one will be made at the North Pole for him once he completes his trip around the world! [ Link ]