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Is it a struggle to motivate your team to care about your business' results as much as you do?

Team culture and team performance are two of the biggest challenges experienced by leaders and both are barriers to business growth.

Join entrepreneur, author and investor, Jack Delosa, for a live webinar next Tuesday 24th Jan at 7.30PM AEDT.

You'll learn how to build a high performance team, who...
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Free Webinar: How To Build a High Performance Team
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Business owners, if you’re looking to raise capital in 2017 then tune in to Jack Delosa’s lunch time capital raising master class now.
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Generating leads can be hard, especially in startup days. Give yourself the best chance of success by creating a fail proof landing page.

8 steps to creating a landing page that will generate leads
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Great to see our Founder & CEO Jack Delosa in Van Heusen's Mentors campaign alongside world champion surfer Mick Fanning, GQ Australia online Editor Jack Phillips, co-founder of Canva Cameron Adams, pioneering bionic fusion Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Munjed Al Muderis, Head Coach of Melbourne Victory football team Kevin Muscat, Australian Artist Mitch Revs, Award-winning Esquire Director and Chef...
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Jack Delosa - The Mentors | Van Heusen |
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Business owners, if you’re looking to raise capital in 2017 then keep 12.30pm tomorrow free.

Jack Delosa will be hosting a masterclass on how to raise money from investors and avoid the mistakes so many business owners make in this process.

In the 60 minute session, we’ll cover:
- 10 steps to raising money from investors
- The three questions on every investor’s mind
- How to value your...
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01/17/2017 at 07:45. Facebook
Would you rather: spend money on PR or social media? Jack Delosa answers this question today.

We're interested to hear your thoughts on this too... which do you think is more effective?
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Use this simple strategy to think of a business idea customers are happy to pay for.

How to think of a good business idea
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Business growing faster than the bank allows? Try these 5 strategies to keep on top of your cash flow.

5 tips for stress-free cash flow
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Strategies you can implement immediately to get more sales next week...
Don’t miss tonight’s episode of AskJackD! Jack will be talking about how to quickly increase revenue in 2017 and accelerate your business growth.
Tune in now.
This five step process will enable you to create an effective content strategy for your business.

10 x Your Marketing Impact By Using This Little Known Yet Highly Effective Technique
If you’re an early stage business owner the most important ingredient for you right now is cash. You need to ensure there’s cash in the bank and cash coming in at all times - without it your days are numbered.

So tomorrow night on #AskJackD, Jack Delosa will be going through strategies to help you increase your revenue as quickly as possible in 2017.

Tune in at 7.30PM AEDT here:...
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How to overcome your fear of public speaking...
There are three things you need to consider in this situation...

How can I cope with manage underperforming employees?
Jacky Peile, owner of Early Links has experienced tremendous personal and business growth since coming on board with The Entourage. In just 5 months of implementing our growth strategies, Jacky saw a 400% increase in revenue, which has enabled her to bring on 3 extra team members. Jacky's journey with us started back in 2010 so we've had the pleasure of seeing her go from strength to strength...
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Journaling can be an powerful tool for those pursuing the challenging path of entrepreneurship...

Dear diary: how to journal your way out of a problem
Not seeing a return on your Facebook advertising? Use this 4 step guide to optimise your ads.

How to Create an Effective Facebook Ad
We're back for the first #AskJackD of 2017. Tune in now to get your business questions answered by Jack Delosa.
Jack Delosa is back for the first #AskJackD LIVE of 2017. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. We're looking forward to taking your business questions tonight.