The Expendables
The Expendables
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Booker’s got your back in the #Expendables
Drew Taylor
Jon Alamar
Shawn Southard
ĂĦmed Fãķŕý
Igor Vorobioff
Nenad Naumovski
Franco Leuband
Robert Carlos Palma
Jahanzeb Mazumdar
His family might be in danger. See #NicolasCage, Nicky Whelan and #GinaGershon in #InconceivableMovie - in theaters and on demand June 30th!
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Words of wisdom. #Expendables #ThursdayThoughts
Words of wisdom Expendables ThursdayThoughts
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Happy Birthday to action star Jet Li! #Expendables
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Ancient forces are making themselves known. Prepare for American Gods by downloading the STARZ app before the series premiere on April 30.
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Lee Christmas, trained killer, knife combat specialist and 2nd in command. #Expendables
Lee Christmas trained killer knife combat specialist and 2nd in command Expendables
Kevin J Innes
Ilona Leavalone Varga
John Crowley
Everyone needs a bodyguard. Even a hitman. Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson join forces in The Hitman's Bodyguard – In theaters August 18. Watch the RESTRICTED teaser trailer now!
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Jefferson Valladares
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Barney Ross, tactically trained and incredibly deadly. #Expendables
Barney Ross tactically trained and incredibly deadly Expendables
Deepak Raj Khurana
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Robert Lee
He will do whatever it takes to make sure someone pays. See Arnold Schwarzenegger in #Aftermath NOW in theaters and on demand!
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Squires Lair-Movie News, Reviews & More
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Which #Expendables movie is your favorite? Hit those reaction buttons and let us know!
Which Expendables movie is your favorite Hit those reaction buttons and let us know
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Just some friendly advice from Lee. #TheExpendables
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Expendables fans, IT’S MORPHIN TIME! Buy 1 Power Rangers Movie ticket using Atom Tickets, get 1 ticket FREE for a friend! Use code RANGERSBOGO at: and see the Power Rangers and Zords take on Rita Repulsa in theaters this Thursday!
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Happy Birthday Bruce Willis! The #Expendables always get it done.
Happy Birthday Bruce Willis The Expendables always get it done
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#SIX Season One is now on Blu-ray & DVD!
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Tag your best bro in the comments! #Expendables
Tag your best bro in the comments Expendables
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Vote for your favorite #Expendables fight scene using the reaction tabs!
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