Lee Christmas, trained killer, knife combat specialist and 2nd in command. #Expendables
The Expendables 3 04/17/2017
Carol Manthorp
Fish Menzi Mxolmaan
Nazar Semkiv
Everyone needs a bodyguard. Even a hitman. Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson join forces in The Hitman's Bodyguard – In theaters August 18. Watch the RESTRICTED teaser trailer now!
Thomas Jones
Matthew Hunter
John Bryant
Barney Ross, tactically trained and incredibly deadly. #Expendables
The Expendables 3 04/10/2017
Ron Mcmillan
Glen Joseph
Ran Kumar
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The Expendables 3 04/01/2017
Eddie Hedegaard
Kai Villalobos
Ekin Ünal
Happy Birthday Bruce Willis! The #Expendables always get it done. ????????
The Expendables 3 03/19/2017
Dave Babcock
Dorita Mangaring Olympia
Shelley O'Neill
Tag your best bro in the comments! #Expendables
The Expendables 3 03/12/2017
Homer Sadiarin
Jörg Lepping
Luke Balderson
Johnny Horne
Fernando Guadalupe Vasquez I
Delilah Hoops
Live Q & A with James Cameron for the Berlin Film Festival premiere of T2:3D! Look for T2:3D in theaters - coming soon.
Bedirhan Canpolat
Hilario Guerrero Acevedo
Mana Kealoha
Andres Such Garcia
Patrick Weiss
Gill Flisher
Yoshi Bear
Janet Woods
Andrea Gillich
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Maik Mugato
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Your family is irreplaceable. See Arnold Schwarzenegger in #Aftermath in theaters and on demand April 7th!
Michele Speller
Karen Sutton
Ro Hammack
???????????? #Expendables
The Expendables 3 02/01/2017
Rayson Choo
Lawrence Mark
Eric Jackson
Tara Gilbar
Kai Villalobos
Scott A Zalewski
Angela Guarino
Sharo Reina
Maxime Duret
Who would you go to battle with? Choose wisely! #Expendables
The Expendables 3 01/04/2017
Judy Vandale
Rafael David Martinez Otero
Naomi Kpolugbo
“We keep it light until it's time to get dark. And then we get pitch black.” #Expendables
The Expendables 3 12/29/2016
Nicolai Molin
Phillip Bugh
Jean-Mathieu Boulay
Jamie Shields
Jamie Shields
Fely Mercado
Christmas came early. On February 10… Wick. Goes. Off. Feast your eyes on the NEW trailer for John Wick 2!
Kendel J. Surette
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Sean Reynolds
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