Lightweight, multipurpose and rock solid! #HartShotShootingSticks These things are awesome!!!!!
Hey everyone the new shipment of hats just came in this weekend. I will be getting them out to the ones who did not get them at the 2nd round. Be on the look out. A big shout out to Elite Sign and Graphics for getting these done for us!
Keith Kowalski tied for first this past weekend. He is one heck of an Extreme Predator Hunter! Great Job Man----Looking good in the sweatshirt to!)
Our Website is now updated will a full list of results and we have added some photos. Please visit We cant thank everyone enough for participating in Michigan's Premier Predator Hunting Competitions.
Here is the weight in of the 2nd round of The Extreme Predator Hunt. It is on Predator Hunter Outdoors TV. Check it!

Predator Hunter Outdoors
Prym1 Camo
Hartshot Shooting Sticks

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Predator Hunter Outdoors TV Episode 8

This week on Predator Hunter Outdoors TV we are heading to the check in a The Extreme Predator Hunt and we are going to see who is going to be crowned Michig...

Congratulations to team .204 as they finished 2nd in the overall championship with 6 coyotes killed in 48 hours. Steve Hubert, Chris Chabot and Aj Lytle did a great job in each round and took home some great prizes.
Congratulations to our 3rd place team for the overall championship,
Shane Hentkowski
Nathan Lenard
Travis Sharp
Total of 500 points
Your 2017 Michigan Top Extreme Predator Hunting Team! 6 Coyotes and 1 Red Fox totaling 665 points between both round. Joe Godzik, Mic Godzik and Tony Cancilla are your champions. Impressive Round fellas!
Here at the Extreme Predator Hunt we love to share the passion of the great outdoors with little youngsters and this weekend I had the privilege to have my picture take with this feature pro staffer of The Extreme Predator Hunt. He has a great family and we look forward to seeing him out there chasing coyotes.
2nd Round of The Extreme Predator Hunt
What a night last night, The Extreme Predator Pole is going to be full again. We have a new leader in the Overall Championship! Keep it up teams and good luck through out the day today.
We are almost ready to release
The day is here everyone, the start of the second round of Michigans Premier Predator Hunting Competition. We are excited to see everyone Saturday as we are going to have a great meal, give some awesome prizes away and we have some great raffle items as well. You wont leave empty handed that is for sure! Here is our current standing for the overall but keep in mind we also will have a winner...
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Look at what we have here. Some rocking looking cups from our friends at Creative HydroGraphics. These will be giveaways and available to purchase. Can you say WOW!
We are close to the second round
Alrighty everyone registration is closed now and it is the final count down to see who is going to take the 2nd round as well as the Overall championship!

Here is a classic.... Its the Final Count Down!

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Europe - The Final Countdown (Official Video)

Europe's official music video for 'The Final Countdown'. Click to listen to Europe on Spotify: As featured on 19...