The Florida Aquarium
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Are you a young professional who wants to make a positive impact in the community and network with others in Tampa while supporting the Aquarium? Join Making Waves Society! Learn more:
The Florida Aquarium
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Interested in wildlife cinematography and photography? Join us for this free event!*

*RSVP required.

Evening Tide Talk with Cristian Dimitrius

The Florida Aquarium
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The Florida Aquarium
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Life below the surface is nothing short of amazing. Happy World Water Day! (: @dana0402)
The Florida Aquarium
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Take a digital dive into our 500,000 gallon flagship Coral Reef exhibit!
Spring has sprung! Sea flowers are in full bloom. (: @eaanselmo)
“It requires constant vigilance. We need to not only appreciate the Bay but also protect it. You should not be afraid to stand up and speak out because the Bay is too important.” ~ Former Hillsborough County Commissioner Jan Platt

[ Link ]

A Well-Articulated “No” Protects Tampa Bay
Oh, winter, we hardly knew you. #LoveFL
'Tis the season for all things green! ☘ Have you met Flip, our rescued resident green sea turtle? (: @ydelise)
Thanks to our fintastic friends at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo for collaborating with us to provide a medical checkup procedure on one of our loggerhead sea turtles being rehabilitated at the Aquarium! Our teams worked side by side to provide crucial care that will help us come closer to releasing this turt-ley terrific tenant back out to the big blue.
We do weddings. #WeddingWednesday
Happy Birthday to our lovable leapin' lemurs Remy, Annie and Lulu who all have birthday's this month! Naturally, we threw a party for our magnificent Madagascans.
The beauty of radial symmetry. Happy Pi Day!
When you need a nap. ????

A brilliant by Instagrammer @nanasparrots of our resident burrowing owl Cocoa Puff.
A shark's eye view.
A Restored Tampa Bay—The Positive Side of the Regulatory Equation: [ Link ]
Happy Dolphin Awareness month from some diving dolphins in the Bay!

: Instagrammer @bubblygirl710 aboard our Wild Dolphin Cruise's Bay Spirit II catamaran.
"...The Florida Aquarium, in telling the Florida water story, illustrates how intrinsically tied those coastal species are to swamps and wetlands far removed from the shore.

The water story’s lessons were underscored to my wife and me recently during an anniversary visit to Myakka River State Park." [ Link ]
"No water, no life. No blue, no green." ~ Sylvia A. Earle. #InternationalWomensDay