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Join us for an Evening Tide Talk with our Director of Animal Health, Dr. Kathy Heym, while enjoying complimentary food, beer and wine!

Evening Tide Talk with Dr. Kathy Heym

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We ❤ porcupinefish. What's your favorite fish under the sea?

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Conservation knows no boundaries. We're working with our friends on the Island Country to construct coral arks in Cuba! [ Link ]

Tampa and Havana aquariums begin designing a coral greenhouse to be built in Cuba
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A spectacular sunny sight of a structure to save sea turtles! This is our new sea turtle care building expected to be completed at the end of 2017. The 16,000+ square foot hospital will house dozens of rescued sea turtles in our care. Thanks to our amazing supporters and guests, particularly Tampa Electric, who have made our new Center for Conservation become a reality!
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Thanks for taking the plunge to swim with our sand tiger sharks New York Yankees Nick Swisher. Let the new adventures begin!
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Sharks keep our oceans and our world healthy and balanced. It's crucial to eliminate shark fin trade in Florida. Story via 10News WTSP: [ Link ]

Proposed law would outlaw shark fin trade in Florida
Happy Birthday to The Kraken (aka T.K.) who turns three-years-old today, and a Happy Hatch Day to Cliff who turns 10!
Happy Valentine's Day! It was a fintastic day at the Aquarium with terrific treats and decor. Love was in the air and water!
Do you cherish Tampa Bay's blue backyard and the Aquarium? Read up on our brand new blog featuring stories by former Opinion Editor with the Tampa Tribune Joe Guidry! [ Link ]

Water Stories
❤ is finding your happy place in the .

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Our people really do amazing things (we're bragging, just a little ). This is Rosemary, a rescued loggerhead sea turtle. The top photo was taken shortly after she arrived last June and the bottom photo was taken just a few weeks ago. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we agree. Happy Turtle Tuesday!
Happy World Wetlands Day!

More than one-third of the United States' endangered and threatened animal species live only in wetlands habitats. Brown pelicans, like our girl Bridgette here, also call wetlands habitat home. Let's work to protect and restore these natural treasures today and every day! #WorldWetlandsDay

Learn more about these essential environments: [ Link ]
Standing in at approximately nine inches tall... Meet Cocoa Puff, a Florida burrowing owl! Get a bird's eye view of our newest Aquarium resident living life in harmony with our gopher tortoises under our shimmering sunlit wetlands dome!
Spectacular sea dragons swim serenely in sight, often perceived as seaweed!
Oh what big beautiful eyes you have! A comical, colorful chameleon pic by Aquarium Veterinarian Dr. Ari Fustukjian.
Today we hosted our annual Regional Ocean Conference for Students (ROCS)! And, can we just say these youths rocked the day with artfully crafted expressions of trash in the ocean that showcased the plight our oceans and natural environment face from plastics and other pollutants.
Peanut. Perfectly pensively poised.

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Sharks be in the waters here.