Five thousand years of sublime art. The Magic of Bronze, our latest podcast [ Link ]

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Does Beethoven’s music encourage you to be brave or subversive? [ Link ]
Does one of Beethoven’s late string quartets hold the key to the composer’s innermost secrets? [ Link ]
The yellow scourge of the tropics returns: will knowing the history of controlling yellow fever help us deal better with current outbreaks? [ Link ]
Taming the ‘yellow jack’: a century of efforts to understand and prevent yellow fever. Our latest podcast [ Link ]

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The remarkable bravery of doctors, nuns and priests who looked after thousands of Memphis citizens stricken by the yellow fever epidemic of 1878 and often paid the ultimate price. [ Link ]
Courage, self-sacrifice and compassion: the martyrs who cared for the victims of the 1878 Memphis yellow fever epidemic [ Link ]

Tales of extreme courage, self-sacrifice and compassion, Yellow Fever:...
Were the 1980s the golden age of hip hop? Find out from the people who were at the heart of New York rap scene: [ Link ]

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It’s easy to recognise hip hop when you hear or see it but where did it come from? We explore the musical and social roots of early rap and breakdancing in this week’s programme [ Link ]

The Birth of Hip Hop, The Forum - BBC World Service
How a poor kid who stood outside New York clubs listening to the music seeping out turned into a star DJ: the story of hip hop pioneer Grandmaster Caz [ Link ]

Hip hop star Grandmaster Caz: how I became a DJ, The Birth of Hip Hop,...
Like 'the streak of kingfisher's eye': a poet waxing lyrical? Actually, it's a definition of a particular shade of blue from an influential 18th- century colour manual. You can find out what it was used for in our latest podcast. [ Link ]

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Does yellow make you feel mellow? If you want to experience the full effect of this hue look at winter landscapes through yellow glass, suggests the great polymath JW Goethe [ Link ]

Goethe: the Story of Colour, The Forum - BBC World Service
Love Van Gogh' colours? Find out why the vibrancy of his paintings owes a debt to short bits of coloured wool. [ Link ]

The surprising source of Van Gogh’s vibrant colours: muddy tapestries,...
Can you imagine life without your radio, TV or mobile phone? The world would be a much quieter place without silicon chips. [ Link ]

The Silicon Chip: A Tech Revolution, The Forum - BBC World Service
The silicon chip has unleashed change which has been compared to the Industrial Revolution, allowing the creation of the modern computer and making the digital age possible. Find out in our latest podcast: [ Link ]

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Transistors have revolutionised the world of technology, but did you know they were originally made by blue-collar workers on factory production lines? [ Link ]

Hand-Cut Chips!, The Silicon Chip: A Tech Revolution, The Forum - BBC...