Kalimpong in the remote north eastern part of #India has a spectacular view of the Himalayas.

Fred’s great friend Dr Sanduk Ruit regularly travels for a day and a half from #Nepal to get there to do mass eye surgery camps.

During a recent three-day camp there, Dr Ruit and his team treated almost 180 people.
Fred’s often been the subject of a portrait #painting, and sometimes we get sent them from people like you.

If you’ve got one, we’d love to see it on #socialmedia – just remember to tag @fredhollows.

This effort is from 1992 by painter Vladas Meskenas.

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“I can see my name!” exclaims Jun-fa, pointing at the name tag above his hospital bed.

“I am very touched to see again,” he adds, just days after the 70-year-old from far north-west #China faced a future of blindness. He even walked to buy buns for himself the day after his operation.

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Doctor trained in China | Saving sight

The tiny Himalayan Kingdom of #Bhutan is known for its dramatic landscapes, beautiful monasteries and as one of the happiest places on earth.

We recently travelled to the capital Thimphu to a mass eye surgery conducted by Fred Hollows’ old mate Dr Sanduk Ruit.

Once their sight is restored, the Bhutanese patients will have the chance to see the amazing views of their beautiful country, like...
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Detective fiction fans will know the name Peter Corris and so will anyone who has read Fred’s autobiography – it was written with Peter.

Sadly, though, Peter has had to stop writing due to diabetic retinopathy.

“Now I'm legally blind and have all sorts of difficulties,” he told The Sydney Morning Herald. “I still get around and manage most things, but not the intricacies of writing.”

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Peter Corris calls time on the iconic fictional detective Cliff Hardy

It’s Friday the 13th today – unlucky for some. But it’s not luck that saves the sight of hundreds of thousands of people each year

Take the case of Mitchell, who could be thought to have had some hard luck – his family were moved to a mission after the Maralinga nuclear tests, he suffered a heart attack as an adult, and has diabetic retinopathy.

The support of people like you helped him get...
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"I've seen so much goodness in people (and) so many things you couldn't imagine people doing just out of basic concern for their fellows,” Fred said in 1992.

His love of people was so obvious, whether it was sitting down with elders in a remote community or mixing with children in the hills of Nepal.

Read more about him at [ Hollows.org Link ]

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“I just want to thank the people of Australia for being so kind to us and believing in our work,” said Fred’s great mate Dr Sanduk Ruit from a recent eye camp in Kalimpong, far north east #India.

Over a few days, Dr Ruit and his team restored sight to 238 people and trained local #eyehealth staff.

“I won’t let each of you down,” Dr Ruit promised.
“Teach the teachers first, then the teachers can teach others,” Fred said.

He knew the way to make the world better for millions of people living with avoidable #blindness was to train local doctors to help their communities.

In places like #Vietnam, children are going blind because there simply aren't enough eye surgeons to perform cataract removal but 150 regular donors giving $25 for 12...
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Help us train a surgeon now

World on Wheels Tours are organising a fundraising motorbike ride to Bourke in far north-west NSW on the Australia Day weekend.
Bourke is Fred's resting place and will be where riders will meet for a Friday night dinner.
Register as a rider (or you can join in by car, truck, tractor...) or lend your backing to the event at World on Wheels' My Cause page: [ Mycause.com.au Link ]

Fundraising motorbike ride to Bourke with World on Wheels

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Khoa was diagnosed with astigmatism during a school screening program in Da Nang, Vietnam.

The 12-year-old likes his new glasses and looks forward to being able to see better with them.

We’re hoping to help put in place a nation-wide child eye care project in #Vietnam so millions of schoolchildren across the country can get better eye care education and eye health just like Khoa. It’s the...
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“It was so painful I sometimes cried in class. It was so difficult to read,” says 16-year-old Assegedech from #Ethiopia. Trachoma turned her eyelashes in on her eyes at the age of 13.

The support of people like you has “taken my pains away,” she says. “Now my hope is back, and I will read my books without pain. Thank you for this gift, #thankyou!”

However, there are still countless people...
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“Life has been tough,” says Madam May.

The 87-year-old has lived through three wars, been accused of spying and, more recently, lived with #blindness.

Thanks to people like you, her cataract has been removed and she can see some of her great grandchildren for the first time. READ her full story at [ Bit.ly Link ]

“What did he say?”

Professor Fred Hollows and Dr Sanduk Ruit created history together.

As a new year starts, it’s worth recommitting ourselves to keeping these #FredMoments happening.

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Two days on a bus travelling 600 kilometres over mountains – that’s how far Lhendup went to get an eye operation.

The 76-year-old from #Bhutan had his first #cataract removed in 2015, which meant he no longer needed a walking stick.

The prospect of having his other cataract removed fills Lhendup with joy. Your support helps create these joyous #FredMoments


Help create more #FredMoments

"If the operation is successful, I will be the happiest person," said Purnahang from Kalimpong in #India.

That’s because his 11-year-old daughter Amisha was finding school difficult thanks to the #cataract in her left eye.

Sight-saving surgery will keep her on track to fulfil her ambition of being a doctor.

This is the work people like you help make happen. #Thankyou
“Every eye is an eye,” Fred reminded us.

It’s one of the central truths that drives our work.

We look forward to sharing the coming year’s work with you here on #Facebook.

Happy New Year! How about a quick quiz?

Millionaire Hot Seat on Channel 9 recently asked this question for $300: “Australian of the Year in 1990, which of these is a famous ophthalmologist?
A. Fred Hollows
B. Willy Seymour
C. I.C. Well
D. Hugh C. Clearly

Hopefully the rest of your year goes that easily.

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"One little life like mine is not going to do much about world inequity but the work that I am doing is addressing that," Fred Hollows said.

His resolution lasted more than just through a new year, it lasted his whole life, and is one we carry on now.

Thanks for being part of that in 2016, and a #happynewyear to you and yours.
“I got my first pair of glasses from Fred as a 13-year-old in Bourke (far North West #NSW),” Leah recalled.

“I joked I probably wouldn't wear them, and he said he would call Grandma. I wore them!”

Share your story of meeting Fred as a comment here or by using the #MyFredMoments hashtag.

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Photo: Fred at Bourke hospital