Support from people like you has helped brighten the world of a young girl from #Vietnam.

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The Fred Hollows Foundation
"The work that was begun in the 1970s goes on as it must until the first of our aims is achieved – the elimination of trachomatous blindness from Australia," Fred wrote in his 1991 autobiography.

It’s a reminder that we still have trachoma in Australia and need to keep alive his vision of ending avoidable #blindness.

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Did you know restoring people’s sight can improve their #mentalhealth too?

A study in Vietnam found people with restored sight had a greater sense of their abilities, which helped improve their sense of #wellbeing and meant they could find more work.

It was cited in a recent journal article published by BMJ Global Health.

Pic: 81-year-old Sùng Y Cha from Hoa Binh Province after cataract surgery
Meet Cam from #Vietnam.

She dreamed of being a teacher but when she started losing her sight, she dropped out of school.

Now, a whole new world has opened up for her and she can #dream again. SEE how:
“The basic attribute of mankind is to look after each other,” Fred always said.

If you agree, let the Government know we can do more to end avoidable blindness and #endpoverty through #AustralianAid.

Just click [ Link ] and take the 60-second survey there to have your voice heard.

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Today is World Day of #socialjustice.

It’s a good time to proudly say we work to restore sight to millions of people around the world regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender or sexuality.

We work to keep Fred’s vision alive around the world and use his egalitarian perspective on #eyehealth to do it.

Pic: The Fred Hollows Foundation Bangladesh arranged an Orientation on Basic Eye...
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Cam dreamt of becoming a teacher but losing her vision meant her dreams were far away. People like you brought them closer. See how: [ Link ]
Do you think all Australians should have equal access to eye care?

Answer three quick questions to test your knowledge.

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Should all Australians should have equal access to eye care?
Training one doctor can change thousands of lives.

Dr Tun Tun from Myanmar is one of those doctors. He’s taking on the training fellowship we fund at the Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology in Nepal.

“I feel very grateful… I can now use my skills to help my people,” he said.

It’s training made possible with the support we get from people like you. #Thankyou
"It’s good honest work,” Fred commented in 1990.

“When you walk into a ward where people have had good eye surgery, you can see them looking at you and their whole face lights up… your smiles are returned or even anticipated.”

We carry on Fred’s work of restoring smiles, thanks to the support of people like you.

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Pic: Sahlan Hayes, Newspix
What role do you think Australia should have in the world?

Should we do more to help #endpoverty?

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“Coastrek is a life-changing #adventure,” Olympian Susie O’Neill has told journalists at Maroochydore Beach.

That’s because the Wild Women On Top #Coastrek will be held on the #SunshineCoast for the first time.

“Tens of thousands of women have enjoyed the benefits of taking part in Coastrek and hundreds of thousands more have benefitted by having their sight restored thanks to the funds...
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“It’s a second love for us, we can fall in love all over again,” said Mai One.

Cataract dimmed their sight but not their 60-year-long #love.

This #ValentinesDay, read an amazing story of love at second sight: [ Link ]
It was love at first sight.

Mai One and Yom did everything together for more than 60 years... including losing their sight.

But now it's #love at second sight. SEE how...

After 50 years working as a stockman, 83-year-old Les came to Katherine hospital with dense cataracts in both eyes.

“You don’t have to be blind,” he said excitedly. “The next day I could see better!”

This is the work you help to make happen, right here in #Australia.
In places like Vietnam, children are blind because there simply aren't enough eye surgeons.

That's where people like you come in.

Give $25 a month for a year and you could help us train a doctor. Join us at [ Link ]

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Donate online now and restore sight - Fred Hollows
“Where would we be without Fred?” Ray Martin has asked.

“It’s been 25 years since Fred, Gabi and a group of their friends – including me - started The Fred Hollows Foundation. Fred asked me to be The Foundation’s first Chairman and it’s a role I took with great pride.”

On the anniversary of Fred’s passing, see more of Ray’s thoughts on the man. And read more at: [ Link ]
We lost Fred on this day in 1993.

But we promised him we'd continue the work he started.

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“Caring about other people is what being a human is all about.

“And I have great faith in the humanitarian nature of the average Australian.”

Fred’s optimism still gives us great heart.

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We need help to fund hundreds of eye surgeries in #Nepal this September.

If you haven’t already joined us as a donor, this is something you could help make happen, and for less than $1 a day.

Join us at: [ Link ] #Thankyou

The Fred Hollows Foundation