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Baron The German Shepherd
Poor guy!

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This puppy was scared and crying after surgery but this vet knew just what to do.❤

Puppy is scared and crying after his surgery, so vet cradles him like a baby
Your daily dose of puppy therapy❤ quietly.
Thanks to this photographer, these 'unadoptable' dogs found homes instantly. The German Shepherd is absolutely gorgeous!❤

Photographer only takes photos of 'unadoptable' animals, helps them get adopted quickly
Every time!
This is way better than anything else in my newsfeed right now!????
Nothing quite like an afternoon nap.
Patrick's transformation is unbelievable...he is now so happy and beautiful! Angels on earth made that possible!❤

Owner throws dying dog down a garbage chute. Then maintenance worker saves his life
This is so sweet.
Have your pets ever helped each other?

Sibling Dogs Act As Eyes For Their Blind Sister, Helping Her Live
Can you relate?