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“This is just the beginning for us. After everybody goes home, we still have to deal with the aftermath all over again.”

Feds ignored warnings of suicide pact fear before girls' deaths: Wapekeka First Nation
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Longtime dictator Yahya Jammeh has refused to accept his December election loss and make way for newly elected Gambian president Adama Barrow.

Gambia in tense military showdown as new president inaugurated in Senegal
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As Mr. Trump prepares to take office on Jan. 20, we speak to four of his biographers to find out how he'll handle the job.

The Trump Show: What makes the man who will become president tick?
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When Tim Raines's plaque is unveiled next summer, he will be wearing an Expos cap, giving fans of the long-departed team a chance to celebrate.

Part of Montreal Expos will ‘live forever’ with Tim Raines in Hall of Fame
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"Turning headlines into investing strategies is for suckers." From Rob Carrick

Carrick: Hang on tight - your finances will face dramatic Trump-led uncertainty
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“Since I was first nominated to serve as Treasury Secretary, I have been maligned as taking advantage of others’ hardships in order to earn a buck. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Trump Treasury pick Mnuchin denies exploiting homeowners after crash
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The Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages is launching an investigation into the complaints.

Complaints filed over Justin Trudeau’s French answers to English questions
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An association of Canada’s advertising agencies is calling for the sector to boycott the Toronto Zoo’s search for a firm to work on its 2017 marketing campaign.

Gorilla marketing: ad agencies take on the zoo
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The request submitted for a new liquor licence would allow for more than 15,000 patrons:

Plan for massive nightclub on Toronto’s waterfront alarms residents
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While the majority of kids with ADHD are receiving stimulants as a first-line treatment, the study shows that more than one in 10 are also being prescribed antipsychotics.

Antipsychotics prescribed at ‘high’ rate to youth with ADHD, study shows
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Footage apparently shot near Winnipeg shows the filmmakers forcing the dog into turbulent water, Animal Justice says.

Footage of dog forced into water on A Dog’s Purpose film set sparks outcry
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“We looked at the view and at the seething monster behind us and just tried to take it all in about being astronauts and going to punch a hole in the sky."

Roberta Bondar marks 25 years since becoming Canada’s first woman in space
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The rush for renewable energy is happening – and it will continue with or without us. In the long term, failure to embrace this transition really would be economic suicide. From Report on Business

Numbers don’t lie: We’ve reached a tipping point for renewable energy
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On Jan. 22, 2016 a mass shooting in a remote Dene community claimed the lives of four people, wounded seven others and left many struggling in the aftermath.

‘Get out of here!’ The story from inside the La Loche school shooting
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Initially, the server thought it was a mistake but when the customer reassured her that it was done intentionally, it brought her to tears.

Winnipeg server grateful after woman gives her a $1,000 tip on $87 bill
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Flashback: Eight years ago Barack Obama was inaugurated as U.S. President. Take a look back at the moment he took the oath of office.
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Samantha Bee gives a voice to those who sit at home, appalled by the rise and triumph of Trump. It’s a lot of weight for the lone female voice in a very male arena, writes John Doyle Critic Writer Soccer.

Doyle: Why so much depends on Samantha Bee
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Historic Tehran building collapses in seconds killing 30 firefighters.

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"The structure has collapsed. It’s more like a pile of rubble than a hotel.”

Avalanche in Italy: A visual guide to how the disaster and rescue unfolded
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U.S. Treasury Secretary contender Steven Mnuchin is expected to face tough questions over the role his bank played in foreclosing on Americans’ homes during his confirmation hearing on Thursday.

The Senate Finance Committee vetting will help shed light on the former hedge fund manager’s plans to steer the U.S. economy, deregulate Wall Street, revamp the U.S. tax code and oversee the...
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