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Due to the uncertainty surrounding restrictions at the border, Canada's largest school board says it will stop booking trips to the United States indefinitely.

Toronto school board suspending U.S. travel over border issues
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Opinion: "Mr. Morneau may have grabbed some of the low-hanging fruit, but he left a lot of fruit farther up the tree untouched."

Why Morneau got cold feet over ridding Canada of tax credits
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“He doesn’t seem to know where to draw the line. It’s arrogance. The Prime Minister doesn’t want to answer questions in the House.”

Trudeau skips budget debate to campaign as opposition decries ‘arrogant’ rule changes
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Monday is end of the 60-day timeline that Donald J. Trump ordered in January when he issued an executive order for the construction of Keystone and the Dakota Access pipelines.

U.S. to approve Keystone XL permit by Monday: report
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Londoners were still trying to process the attack and how one man with a car and a knife could do such damage

London picks up the pieces after shock terror attack: ‘We’re not afraid’
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The decision is more complicated than outraged commuters might think:

Did Trudeau’s budget just sock it to transit riders?
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The Globe in London: Even as the city is getting back to life, Britain has been shaken
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At least 27 people are injured in the London attack - several remain in hospital:

London attack: What we know so far about the attack at U.K. Parliament
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Chen Jian’gang says the announced visit is a clear effort to intimidate him after he transcribed an interview with imprisoned lawyer Xie Yang, who claims he was beaten by Chinese interrogators.

China to ‘inspect’ lawyer after torture allegations
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The Globe and Mail is doing in-depth research into private-pay health care across the country. Our first priority is to connect directly with Canadians who have opted to pay doctors or clinics directly, for medically-required tests, procedures or services (in Canada).
We would love to hear from patients or families who want to share their experience or help with our research in any other...
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In the original article, Dr. Potter had argued that a massive traffic gridlock that left 300 cars stranded overnight on a Quebec highway last week revealed an “essential malaise eating away at the foundations of Quebec society.”

Andrew Potter resigns from McGill position after Quebec column flap
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Opinion: The attacker circumvented multiple layers of extremely well-tested and expensive security by employing a new, extremely low-technology form of terrorism that has flourished in Britain since 2013.

Saunders: The new wave of terrorism in Britain
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The Supreme Court of Canada sent a strong signal that improper evidence about a woman’s sexual behaviour can corrupt the fairness of a sexual-assault trial.

Improper evidence may have swayed jury, court rules in ordering new sex-assault trial
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“I’m not going to respond to a tweet from Donald Trump Jr. I’ve been doing far more important things over the past 24 hours,” said the London mayor when asked about criticism.

Trump Jr. called a ‘disgrace’ for criticizing London mayor
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Opinion: With so little ground covered in this stand-pat budget, the Finance Minister hardly needed new shoes, writes Konrad Yakabuski.

Yakabuski: Bill Morneau’s stand-pat federal budget an exercise in anxiety
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Trump has been billed by some lawmakers as “the closer” to seal the deal on the replacement healthcare plan, but it is unclear whether he has convinced enough Republicans to back the bill.

High stakes for Trump in vote on U.S. health-care plan
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'Britain’s sorrow' Today's editorial cartoon by Brian Gable. More cartoons: [ Link ]
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The Liberal government is scaling back its federal funding commitment to municipal projects in an effort to encourage more provincial involvement.

Ottawa eyes more private cash in infrastructure push
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