An estimated 250,000 people in Canada have the disease, which can lead to severe liver cirrhosis, liver cancer and death.

Deal reduces price of life-saving hepatitis C drugs for Canadians
The B.C. government billed its fifth consecutive balanced budget as a chance to spread the wealth, but critics say that generosity failed to stretch to those living on social assistance. From Globe British Columbia

Critics upset B.C. government didn’t raise welfare rate in budget
The deal gives a Beijing-based insurance titan with a murky ownership structure a foothold in Canada’s health-care sector.

Ottawa approves sale of B.C. retirement-home chain to Chinese group with murky ownership
The sky-high cost of housing is expected to be a central theme in the provincial election, but the provincial budget provided almost nothing new to make homes more affordable. From Globe British Columbia

New budget does little to help B.C. home buyers
An act of kindness can strike when you least expect it, Patrick O'Neill​ writes.

‘What’s the right thing to do?’: Don’t judge a neighbour by their hood
According to new research, eating a gluten-free diet that’s based on rice products could be exposing you to higher levels of arsenic, a compound linked to adverse health effects.

Beck: Off gluten? Be careful of becoming a glutton for rice
Notes with anti-Semitic messages that were left on doors at a north Toronto condominium are being investigated as a hate crime, police said Tuesday.

Anti-Semitic notes left on doors of Toronto condo treated as 'hate/bias' crime
Yasir Naqvi is calling on Ottawa to scrap the preliminary inquiry in all but the most serious crimes. He says it adds “many months” to legal proceedings, and is no longer useful.

Ontario Attorney-General urges federal government to speed up justice system
Despite the move, the federal government has yet to announce a formal plan to deal with the rush of people arriving on foot from the U.S. seeking refugee status.

Canada’s border agencies shift staff to deal with illegal crossings
They were buried under a heavy mountain of snow after their fort collapsed on top of them. Then Zoose, the five-year-old golden retriever, came to the rescue.

Nova Scotia man, boys trapped by collapsed snow fort get saved by family dog
Soldiers of Suicide candlelight ceremony at Beechwood Cemetery in Ottawa was one of eight held across Canada. Started in 2013 by a small group called Honour our Canadian Soldiers, the Feb. 21 memorials have grown each year. [ Link ]
Timothy Sullivan is on trial for telling students they could die if they got vaccinate and also for suggesting public health nurses were withholding information from teenagers about the side effects.

Ontario high-school science teacher faces charges of professional misconduct for anti-vaccine rhetoric
Here is what you need to know about what’s in B.C.'s latest budget and what it says about the province’s economy.

What you need to know about B.C.’s latest budget
The first National Day of Action to draw attention to the opioid overdose epidemic in Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, B.C.
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He was by turns apologetic for his controversial comments and adamant that he had been the subject of “a cynical media witch hunt” as he spoke after resigning as an editor at Breitbart News.

Milo Yiannopoulos resigns as editor of Breitbart Tech
“Perhaps it’s time someone started pointing out the price they will pay – that small-town America will pay – if barriers are erected at our border," B.C. Finance Minister Mike de Jong said. From Globe British Columbia

In its latest budget, B.C. issues warning on U.S. protectionism
Christy Clark is betting this budget, and the four that preceded it, make the case that her party has the best plan to lead the province's economy. From Globe British Columbia

Mason: B.C. Liberals make re-election pitch with fifth straight balanced budget
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"The dramatic jump in the number of people illegally entering Canada from the United States in order to claim refugee status is worrisome on a number of fronts."

Editorial: Is Canada ready for Donald Trump’s refugee crisis?
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After leading the country in economic growth for two years, the B.C. Liberal government has promised to use this budget to “pay back” British Columbians.

B.C. promises to cut health premiums in half with pre-election budget
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"If your organization is just chasing numbers, you will never build the type of passion and commitment that you are looking for." From Report on Business

WestJet's Pam August: ‘To be successful you have to be able to form strong relationships’