The Golden Girls
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Are you the ultimate Golden Girls fan?

Quiz: What % Golden Girl Are You?
The Golden Girls
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Showing off your new outfit like:
True love is gold!
The Golden Girls is now streaming on Hulu! Which episode should you watch right now?

9 Episodes of The Golden Girls That You Need to Watch Right Now on Hulu
Celebrate Galentine’s Day in the most golden way!

Quiz: Which Golden Girl Are You?
The perfect gift for the perfect friend.

Disney Valentine's Day Gifts for Your BFF
Option 1: Go out.
Option 2: Cheesecake.

Decisions, decisions...
Grab a friend! Big things are happening this month in the world of Disney.

Everything Disney That's Happening in February
Always waiting on that one friend who's always late!
Find out just how much you're like the one and only Sophia:

Quiz: Are You the Sophia of Your Friend Group?
Wishing the amazing Betty White a very happy 95th birthday! Or, as they say in St. Olaf, "Helgenbargenflergenflurfennerfen!"
"Ma'am, we've been off the air for two minutes!"
It's always a great day to be a Golden Girls fan, but are you the ultimate? Find out:

Quiz: Get 15/20 on This Golden Girls Quiz to Prove You're the Ultimate Fan
Grab your pals and confidants and start planning your Golden Girls marathons now:

We Will Soon Be Able to Watch Every Season of The Golden Girls on Hulu!
A greeting from your friends!
Wishing for snow in Miami this year... ❄
The beginning of something great...
Each one of the Golden Girls is special in their own way—especially Rose. Are you just like her? Find out:

Quiz: Are You the Rose of Your Friend Group?