The Good Wife
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Two lawyers. One epic showdown. Elsbeth Tascioni vs. Mike Kresteva. Who will win?
The Good Wife
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The Good Wife
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Fun fact: Julianna Margulies may play a hotshot lawyer on TV but in real life she's married to one!
The Good Wife
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Diane takes the stand to defend her firm.

Episode 7 Is Now Streaming On CBS All Access
The Good Wife
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The Good Wife
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Carrie Preston shares what drove her to reprise her role as the eccentric and quirky Elsbeth Tascioni.

The Good Fight is now streaming: [ Link ]
The Good Wife
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The Good Wife: The Complete Series - seven riveting seasons in one must-have set!

Good Wife: Complete Series
The Good Wife
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Queen Baranski at her finest.
The Good Wife spinoff is tackling censorship on both sides of the political divide. Its co-creators, Robert and Michelle King, talk to BuzzFeed News about racing to keep up with the news for their ...

"The Good Fight" Is Taking On Free Speech In Donald Trump's America
On Tuesday, March 21 at 11am PT / 2pm ET, join Sarah Steele for a Facebook Live! We'll be discussing some of the biggest moments from the past few episodes, so make sure you're caught up beforehand:
Find out which of Diane's polished work outfits is an all-time favorite!

The Good Fight's Costume Designer Breaks Down Best Episode 6 Looks
Diane gets trolled by her newest client.

Episode 6 Is Now Streaming On CBS All Access
"Because The Good Fight is the very first CBS All Access original series, it has the freedom and the budget to go places The Good Wife could not." --Decider

‘The Good Fight’ Is Not Afraid To Go After Juicy Targets That Most Scripted Shows Dodge
It really does take a village!
Carrie Preston isn't the only guest star appearing in The Good Fight!