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"Let’s see the fat cats give up their private planes and Rolls-Royces first. Inequality kills in many ways – but losing the moral authority to urge restraint may fry the planet."

Climate change will affect all of us. So why the lack of urgency? | Polly Toynbee
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"It’s taken me three days and three trips to three different Sainsbury's"

How Guardian readers are coping with the courgette crisis
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“The boys were told they would just be in the centres for two or three days. This is the shameful, revolting part of it. When they saw the Home Office officials on the buses they thought the buses were going directly to the UK."

Samir, 17, thought he was finally about to reach the UK. Now he's dead
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‘I hope you don’t send me and my family away before my birthday,’

What do schoolkids make of a Donald Trump presidency?

Schoolchildren from Brooklyn, New York, read letters they wrote to Donald Trump ahead of his inauguration. The kids, many from immigrant families, express fear and trepidation about the incoming president.
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From cutting down on meat, to contacting your local representatives and investing in clean energy, here are 15 ways to help reduce global carbon emissions.

How to reduce your carbon footprint #GlobalWarning
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The 10 species most endangered by climate change.

The 10 species most at risk from climate change
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"I think it’s horrible when the president-elect says something that’s offensive about women. But then I look at things like the possibility for healthcare reform, and I’m super excited about that. For tax reform. Tax reform and the problems with starting businesses and job creation, that’s a huge women’s issue."

The women who won't march: 'silenced' conservatives vow to stay home
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Retired "Lord of the Dance" is set to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration festivities in Washington DC, according to reports.

'Lord of the Dance' Michael Flatley to perform at Trump inauguration ball
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Naveen Rabelli wanted to show the power and potential of clean energy, so he designed and built a solar powered tuk-tuk and drove it 9,000 miles from India to the UK. His journey shows there is a sustainable alternative for the millions of auto rickshaws around the world
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Natalie Portman: "I would hope that Melania Trump would take Jackie Kennedy's example in being a proponent for a cause that she cares about – whether it’s women’s rights or immigrants’ rights, as a female immigrant herself."

Natalie Portman: ‘JFK was a great proponent of civil rights. Trump is taking us backwards’
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"We have no evidence that a 1.9C rise is something we can easily cope with, and 2.1 is a disaster."

‘A cat in hell’s chance’ – why we’re losing the battle to keep global warming below 2C
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"We live in a time where people choose to wallow endlessly in an alternative era. Rather than marshalling resources against Donald Trump, we scroll through 75 snaps of Barack Obama giggling with toddlers."

Choose life? Trainspotting’s realism hit a nerve, but we want escapism now
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Do you understand global warming?

Try our climate change quiz
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Gambia’s longtime president was holding out in the capital, Banjul, on Thursday after last-ditch diplomatic efforts to persuade him to stand down appear to have failed.

Gambia crisis: Senegal troops poised at border as Jammeh mandate ends
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James Lavelle of UNKLE gives Kate Hutchinson a preview tour of his new show at Lazarides. Got a question for James? Leave a comment below
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"The traditional pecking order of England’s secondary schools has been upended by the government’s new school performance measure, knocking grammar schools out of the top spots and boosting schools that dramatically improved results among their pupils."

Grammar schools lose top spots after league table shakeup
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"Statistics no longer reflect the world we live in. Instead, a new age of big data controlled by private companies is taking over – and putting democracy in peril."

How statistics lost their power – and why we should fear what comes next
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In the months leading up to his presidency Donald Trump has made numerous pledges about what he will do on his first day in office. From repealing Obamacare to building a wall to withdrawing from TPP, here are some of the promises he has made.
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If you're a tourist coming to the UK this could be the perfect time to snap up a £28,000 alligator trench coat

Burberry sales leap 40% as weak pound draws overseas shoppers