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"It’s not a film that should win best picture as a response to #OscarsSoWhite, it should win because it’s a landmark film about the power of empathy and the importance of being loved. It’s also not a film that was made to impress or even be seen by Academy voters, it was made for something bigger than that and so, with or without the award, its legacy will live on, showing black gay kids that...
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Why Moonlight should win the best picture Oscar
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SS-GB, the BBC’s new alternative history miniseries, has become the corporation’s latest prime time costume drama to be marred by complaints about mumbling.

'I will mumble this only once': BBC's new Nazi drama SS-GB hit by dialogue complaints
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"Come the spring, thousands of migrants and refugees fleeing poverty and violence will die in Libya, but I doubt you’ll hear much about it." - Ross Kemp

The migrant slave trade is booming in Libya. Why is the world ignoring it?
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Adama Traoré est décédé en garde à vue l'année dernière. La lutte de sa famille pour la justice a mis la brutalité policière sous les feux de la rampe en France et sa sœur aînée Assa mène la bataille pour la vérité autour de la mort de son frère. Iman Amrani suit comment cette affaire a ouvert la voie aux émeutes récentes en France, suite au viol présumé d'un jeune homme appelé Theo par un...
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John Oliver: "Sifting through Trump’s brain to see why he said something is now like examining a shark’s stomach to see what it ate."

John Oliver on Trump: 'He dominates the news like a fart dominates a car'
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"This is our philosophy: cure the pain and you’ll fight better in battle."

Healthier teeth, stronger fighters: meet Ukraine's frontline dentists
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"Poverty and inequality is something he wants to bring an answer to but not necessarily the traditional answer of the French left. I think he’s convinced that you fight poverty by giving opportunities rather than in giving money. Equal opportunities matter."

Emmanuel Macron: the French outsider who would be president
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"Remember, that's the only party leader we mention on the door, okay?"

Ben Jennings on the Stoke byelection – cartoon
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On One Day Without Us: UK National Protest, Owen Jones gives his view on immigrants being used as scapegoats for the ills of society. Leave your questions below
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"Populist correctness is the smearing and silencing of points of view by labelling them 'elitist' – and therefore at odds with the will of the people and the good of the country. "

Populist correctness: the new PC culture of Trump's America and Brexit Britain| Arwa Mahdawi
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The Guardian examines Donald Trump's most egregious falsehoods in his first month as president.
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Tens of thousands of migrants and their supporters are staging their first day of action on Monday to highlight their contribution to the UK economy, alongside a thousand EU citizens demanding the right to remain in Britain after Brexit.

Thousands of migrant workers to take part in UK's first day of action
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It means the savings gap between the richest and poorest has grown by 25% over the past year.

One in four UK families have less than £95 in savings, report finds
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A gaming company in New Zealand is luring employees from around the world by offering unlimited paid annual leave, a share in the company’s profits and no set work hours.

New Zealand startup offers unlimited holiday and profit share to attract workers
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A Japanese broadcaster has released what appears to be CCTV footage of a deadly poison attack on the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un by two women at a Malaysian airport last week.

North Korea killing: video appears to show attack on Kim Jong-nam
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While the Swedes are still scratching their heads over the US president's comments, some Trump supporters believe the media is “intent on covering up what migrants have done to Sweden.

'JeSuisIkea': Trump's comments confuse Swedes as president's supporters cry cover-up
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British attempts to “blackmail and divide” EU countries in the run-up to Brexit negotiations will lead to a disastrous “crash-landing” out of the bloc, European politicians have told the Guardian.

Divide and rule tactics could leave UK without deal, say EU politicians
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The White House has said Donald Trump was speaking about general “rising crime” when he seemed to describe a non-existent terror attack in Sweden on Saturday night, as the president defended his ideas about banning refugees and travel from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Trump's Sweden comment referred to 'rising crime', White House says
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"If you’re standing in a queue and you’re number seven and it’s moving slowly, you might leave. But if, suddenly, a group of people arrive behind you, then you’re in the middle of the queue and you think: ‘Oh well, at least I’m halfway through.'"

There is no ‘rule of six’ – the truth about the science of queueing
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Jeremy Zimmer: "Don’t get me wrong, I like lobster rolls and handfuls of lamb chops as much as anyone, and more than most. However, this seems like a moment for us, at UTA, to speak up and put our money where our mouth is."

Hollywood chooses protests over parties as the stars get ready for Oscars activism