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"Trump has frequently vowed to exterminate Isis by all means. It is one of his few clearly stated foreign policy aims. The White House accused Obama of micromanaging operations. Trump, in contrast, appears to have delegated most control to Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis, the former general appointed Pentagon chief."

The west condemned Russia’s bombs, but now coalition attacks on Mosul are killing innocents
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“Lewin was an artist trained in anatomy, with a background in natural history painting, and yet to me the kangaroos are highly anthropomorphised, almost Disney versions, sitting there looking soppily out of the picture. It’s the same with the landscape: it’s almost as if the early artists just could not find a way to convey what they were actually seeing.”

Kangaroo pictures found at RSC may be Australia's earliest oil paintings
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"The wide variety of approaches has left some bemused observers viewing the competition as a lunar Wacky Races."

Hopping rockets and flying washing machines in Google's wacky race to moon
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"The entertainment we choose to watch tells us something about the world in which we live."

What does the fastest-growing sport on Earth tell us about the world we live in?

Ultimate Fighting Championship: the fight of our lives?
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The two frontrunners in the French presidential election are poles apart: one stands for identity and culture; the other for globalism and free movement

Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron face off for the soul of France
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"It looked as though it had been cobbled together by fourth formers as an end-of-term project."

Red Nose Day reprise was no laughing matter | Barbara Ellen
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"Where once her sardonic smirks and sultry looks spoke of old-school movie glamour, Scarlett Johansson is now more likely to grab the limelight by kickboxing than by smouldering."

Scarlett Johansson, charismatic queen of science fiction
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"On Wednesday at 2.40pm, suddenly, horribly, we were no longer set apart, protected in our bubble and safe in our uniquely rarified workplace. Parliament had been violated. Those dreadful moments when everyone inside the palace realised they had become terror targets were, at first, impossible to compute. Politicians never like to look anything but composed. And nor do the police. But in those...
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We used to feel shielded at the Palace of Westminster. Suddenly all that changed
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"Some trends are evident. One is age. Masood, 52, was an outlier. Ten years ago, the average age of attackers in the west was around 29. Now it is nearer 25. In France almost 2,000 teenagers have been radicalised by Islamic State, officials say, with a 121% increase between 2015 and 2016."

The mystery of Khalid Masood’s journey into violence and terror
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“Art was slower then, and better because of it. It wasn’t immediate. You couldn’t ‘yes or no’ something on Instagram. You had to travel to see it, which makes for a more thoughtful response.”

Rachel Whiteread: thinking inside the box
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People expelled from Labour after exhaustive disciplinary inquiries will still be welcome inside the leftwing grassroots organisation Momentum – despite a new constitution designed to pave the way for its formal affiliation with the party.

Momentum welcomes expelled Labour activists, says founder
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"The great romances in the world are often platonic friendships and yet they get a fraction of the recognition of lovers."

Why shouldn’t the modern family be a team effort?
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"This marks a turning point for YouTube. For the first time, it’s dealing not only with reputation damage but revenue damage."

Google's bad week: YouTube loses millions as advertising row reaches US
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'When I first saw my husband in real life, my first thought was: “Bit short.” My second thought was: “I would like to eat your face.” And my third thought was: “What’s the other guy doing here?”'

How I married a world-champion air guitarist who turned up on my doorstep
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"British Airways isn’t where you go for £86 transatlantic flights. It can’t compete with Ryanair, so it should play a different game. Meticulous, reassuring, fully staffed, a bit glossy."

Please bring back my old British Airways | Victoria Coren Mitchell
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As internecine squabbling continued in the Republican party, the president’s targets included conservatives in Congress, Democrats and, possibly, House speaker Paul Ryan.

Trump blames everyone but himself for failure of GOP healthcare legislation
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"I’m stuck in tweed and a tank top. In fact, I’ve never been in anything and not worn a tank top. It’s become my signature garment. Tank tops must be in my contract. I should get that looked at.”

Simon Bird: ‘16 weeks in the West End… I feel absolutely terrified’
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"All this exposes both how the character of ideological violence has degenerated and how rage has become a feature of public life. The social and moral boundaries that act as firewalls against such behaviour have weakened."

How can we distinguish violence driven by ideology from sociopathic rage?
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"The girls are shot up-close and in shallow focus, Betterton’s handheld camera creating an intimacy that feels cinematic rather than anthropological. It won’t be to everyone’s tastes – at times the film leans a little heavily on its Instagram aesthetic – but it captures the way the smallest details swell and become significant when you are 16."

All This Panic: the most relatable film about teenage girlhood ever?
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Keir Starmer is expected to warn against “increasingly powerful moves on the government benches to sever our links with Europe” altogether.

Labour to set out tough new conditions for backing Brexit