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The #HairyRock Show on Planet Rock at 10am… we'll be playing music from Bob Seger, Led Zeppelin and Slade and sharing our recipe for Jam Roly Poly. Rock.. and roll!

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The Hairy Bikers
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The Hairy Bikers
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Tackling dishes you never dreamed you could make yourself… proving that homemade can beat shop bought in today’s Comfort Food… gravlax, jam doughnuts, our own corned beef and an Indian favourite, paneer. Earlier time of 2:30pm on BBC One
The Hairy Bikers
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The Hairy Bikers
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Cooking up feel good meals in today’s Comfort Food… warming soup, a chic healthy pudding and a low-fat version of a family favourite, burger and fries! 3:45pm on BBC One
The Hairy Bikers
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In today’s Comfort Foods, it’s a taste of Northumberland with local seafood, a traditional lamb recipe and a new way of serving my favourite ice cream! 3:45pm on BBC One. Si x
The Hairy Bikers
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A twist on the classic pudding, a perfect teatime treat, and combining two breakfast favourites to make one lip-smacking new dish! Comfort Food at 3:45pm on BBC One
The Hairy Bikers
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Brrr..! In today’s show, we whip up dishes for when the temperature drops and the weather calls for good hearty cooking! Oxtail soup, herby dumplings, chestnut and mushroom pie and a new take on an old favourite, treacle sponge. Comfort Food at 3:45pm on BBC One
Coming up on this morning’s Hairy Rock show on Planet Rock… we’ve got songs from Aerosmith, Metallica and John Mellencamp, our recipe for Bacon Jam and we answer one of your emails on the best filling for a sandwich... What’s yours? 10am on

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Home cured ham... not shabby at all! Good wishes to all.. Dave x
Taking everyday ingredients and transforming them into dishes that are satisfying and surprising… Bananas transformed into a sophisticated tarte tatin and simple ricotta is the basis for gnudi… join us at 3:45pm on BBC One
The Hairy Bikers’ slow-cooked classic Lancashire hot pot is perfect for a hearty, family meal.

Lancashire hot pot
Today’s episode celebrates nostalgic comfort food - dishes to conjure up childhood memories, holiday favourites and tastes of days gone by! 3:45pm on BBC One
Recipe for our pork tenderloin stuffed with apricots, apples and ginger, from yesterday's episode of #ComfortFood

Pork tenderloin stuffed with apricots, apples and ginger
Dishes that’ll always hit the spot and guaranteed to bring smiles to the table… our ultimate biker burger, a showstopping meringue and a modern take on a classic banana split…. it’s ‘the Classics’ in today’s Comfort Food… 3:45pm on BBC One
It's 4.30pm on a wet Thursday in London, and Si King is on his second glass of whisky. "Magic stuff, this," he says of a 14-year-old Tomatin, splashing in a little water. "Great botanicals, lovely...

Cocktail hour: the Hairy Bikers
Venison cobbler, fish cakes with dill tartar, our chicken parmo and citrus meringue... recipes from today's #ComfortFood

BBC - Food - Recipes from Programmes : 5. Pub Grub
Who doesn’t love a bit of pub grub!? In today’s Comfort Food, we polish up some pub classics with a new take on the traditional pudding, our favourite chicken parmo and the ultimate fishcake… 3:45pm on BBC One — eating pub food.
In today’s Comfort Food, dishes to share with the people we love… indulgent treats like our a baked cheesecake, a crowd pleasing terrine and the ultimate beef sandwich. Come on over! 3:45pm on BBC One
Here's the recipes from today's A Taste of Cumbria #ComfortFood episode... [ Link ]

BBC - Food - Recipes from Programmes : 3. A Taste of Cumbria