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Everything is easier with a little support
Happy Tuesday, here's to a good one
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Make someones heart skip a BEET with a spot on our upcoming Happy Heart course - Starts February 6th! Sign up here.. here's what some of our January Hearts have to say!

"Super course, highly recommend it. I'm loving it. Course content is easy to understand although a lot of science to back it up. Fantastic support and loads of videos to talk you through each step" - Andrea Rowsome

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Happy Heart Online Course
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NEWS JUST IN: We're doing a LIVE Q&A on how to implement the healthiest habits for 2017!
Join us on #FacebookLive at 9pm, we'll A any Q's you have!
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The Irish Times Restaurant Awards are coming up and we're going for the WIN!! If you can spare 30 seconds, we'd really appreciate a nomination for the category you think we deserve most... Thanks guys, it would mean the world!

Vote for US! | The Happy Pear
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Monday we're ready for you!
Workout done, smoothie with the kids and swim in sea. Epic start
Sending great vibes your way ✨
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When the weather outside is frightful, all we want is a big bowl of something delightful - Who agrees??
3 winter soups that are sure to warm you up from the inside out:
[ Link ]
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Another magical morning out there - fly high today! happy sunday!
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Here's a fun vegetarian-friendly snack for a Saturday evening with friends: Cauliflower Buffalo Wings!
[ Link ]
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-1 out and 15 brave penguins in for #swimrise this morning. What a fun way to start the day ✨
Beautiful day out there, happy Saturday ????‍♂
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#flashbackfriday to when our diet consisted of nothing but milk & spuds, and we thought we had what it took to become 90's boyband superstars!..
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Nothing says "Happy Friyay!" quite like impromptu Cookie Dough Balls for lunch!

Recipe here: [ Link ]
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Soulful Friday morning #swimrise ✨
Feel so alive after it Happy Friday
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Super chuffed to have Feargal Quinn shout out The Happy Pear as one of the Irish businesses he admires. Huge respect

[ Link ]
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Breakfast of champions - note to self: porridge always tastes better when eaten from a trophy!
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There's few things as pleasing to the nostrils as the smell of freshly baked bread.
How about challenging yourself and a pal to make some from scratch?!
We've got a step-by-step guide right here: [ Link ]

p.s. If anyone is looking for a mother (sourdough mother, not an actual mother!!) we can organise to leave you some in the shop for collection
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Post swim tea and smiles! Happy Thursday
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The almighty BUDDHA BOWL!! This is 100% our favourite thing to eat right now. Whether it be lunch, or dinner... or breakfast.... or late night snack... a mid-morning snack... Ok basically we eat it at every possible opportunity!

Here's how to make your own Buddha Bowl: [ Link ]
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Continuing on our quest to make healthy meals easier to access, here's a cheap & easy Veggie Korma!
Optimal deliciousness, minimal hassle
[ Link ]
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Another day, another opportunity to eat more hummus Tag someone who loves hummus as much as we do!

(Don't forget our hummus is now available in Centra Ireland & SuperValu Ireland stores nationwide!)