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The first in our "Vegan One Pot Wonder" series: Creamy Mushroom Pasta!! Mmmmmmmmmm
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Just made a playlist of Happy Pear-style brunch recipes, give it a share if you like what you see!!

Veggie Brunch!! - YouTube
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Spread your wings and fly!
Another nice spring morn out there - adventures to be had! Happy Saturday
Snap from yesterday as too cloudy
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Orna met Eoin 4.5 years ago while working here in the happy pear, serving soup . Today they returned on their wedding day! Orna worked with us for 8 years and is one of the most genuine magical people we know, we're so happy she met Eoin the man of her dreams - You never know where you'll met that special person! We wish her and Eoin all the very best and happiness in their new life together ❤
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02/24/2017 at 16:10. Facebook
Today we reached for the stars & created...
✨Vegan Milky Way Bars✨
Let us know if you're as excited to make little beauts as we were!!
Vid coming soon on our YouTube channel: [ Link ]
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02/24/2017 at 11:18. Facebook
You might have heard the news already, but.... WE'RE OPENING A NEW CAFE!!!! We really couldn't be more excited to finally bring our veggie-fuelled circus (aka. our cafe) to Dublin, so who's going to be first in line when we open?!!
[ Link ]

Our First Dublin Cafe Location Revealed!!… | The Happy Pear
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Have a love-ly Friday! ❤ amazing day out there to go chase your dreams!
Big shoutout to Dave O Riordan who joined us for a swim on his wedding day!
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02/23/2017 at 18:36. Facebook
Romantic dinner for 2 anyone?? Just to remind you that our cafe opens late on Fri & Sat, we're giving away a free dinner & dessert for two for one lucky winner! Tag who you'd bring on your romantic rendez-vous to be in with a chance of winning
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02/23/2017 at 16:07. Facebook
It's Thursday... Which means it's Friday-Eve... Which means we definitely have a reason to celebrate with cookies.

Let the celebrations commence.

3-IN-1 VEGAN COOKIES | The Happy Pear
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02/23/2017 at 12:26. Facebook
Woooo check out the Mighty Juan - our head chef who lost a WHOPPING 12kg on our 4week Online Happy Heart Course!!!!! It's amazing to see how he's embraced a totally new healthy eating lifestyle after doing the course, and we really admire him for it.

If this sounds like something you'd like to do too then sign up to our March course and enjoy 4 weeks of healthy recipes, meal plans, an online...
View details ⇨
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02/23/2017 at 08:13. Facebook
It's a wild one out there but we showed up and embraced the wind and the cold, invigorating to say the least! ❄☃
Happy Thursday

p.s. Don't worry, whilst the weather was wild, the sea was surprisingly calm - there's no way we'd be mad enough to brace a stormy sea
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02/22/2017 at 12:06. Facebook
Having a bit of fun experimenting with new flavours to join our Happy Pear BAR family! Which would you prefer?
Chocolate Biscuit Cake
Chilli Choc Caramel Bar
Salted Pistachio Caramel Bar
Let us know, we want to hear what you think!
(p.s. ALL #vegan )
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Find someone who's going to help you fly high today!!
Great morning playing acrobatics with these dudes followed by the morning bath
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02/21/2017 at 17:00. Facebook
Here's a dish that we've been eating since we were kids, but it's only recently that we finally PERFECTED it!...
"5 Minute Tikka Masala" - give it a try, dudes
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02/21/2017 at 13:49. Facebook
Perfect #fuelfood for our outdoor meeting (discussing how we can get healthy eating as part of the Irish school curriculum!... Exciting stuff!)
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02/21/2017 at 12:10. Facebook
If you cook one thing this week, make it our GLUTEN-FREE, DAIRY-FREE LASAGNA! Easily the tastiest thing we've made in a long time, even our most enthusiastic meat-head friends can't deny its deliciousness!!
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This mornings glory!
Magic spring morning day out there, no need for a coat today Happy Tuesday
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Seeing as we had such a good time doing the last Facebook Live Q&A, we're going to do another tonight!! Tune in HERE at 8pm and we'll "A" your "Qs" on all things health, wellbeing, food & fitness related!
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02/20/2017 at 15:21. Facebook
These Singapore Noodles will definitely make all your Monday night dinner dreams come true! Whip 'em up in 5mins flat, they really are as simple as that.
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