We’re just 2 days away from our very first Dermatology clinic opening at Harley Street, London. Book your consultation today.

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The beautiful Talia is looking after Breast Augmentation last January. Thanks for sharing your #HarleyAndMe!
The first 50 people who book a consultation at our Dermatology clinic at Harley Street, London will receive a pocket size DermaQuest B5 Serum worth £30!

We're launching our first Dermatology clinic - book now!

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Make-up enthusiasts, we want to hear from you! Which makeup trend are you completely obsessed with at the moment?
On 20th February we’re launching our very first Dermatology clinic at Harley Street, London. If you’re hoping to improve your skins appearance, you won’t want to miss this one!

Announcing Our New Dermatology Clinic | The Harley Medical Group

When you have lips like this, it’s hard not to love every selfie! Who else thinks Elsie looks stunning? #HarleyAndMe
Thanks to these stats, we’re even more likely to stick to our new year’s resolution! Someone pass the gym kit

A Little Exercise Goes a Long Way

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Who’s been lucky enough to see our new posters around the London Underground? Let us know which station you’ve spotted it at.
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20% off Botox & Lip Fillers this February!

Introducing our brand new C-Infusion Peel, rich in Orange Stem Cells to promote the production of collagen increase skin firmness. Explore all the benefits of this amazing treatment.

Rejuvenate your skin with our new C-Infusion Peel

7 completely common and normal reasons you could be getting acne.

Adult Acne - Causes & Treatments

Some incredibly kind words from Natasha after she visited the Liverpool clinic #HarleyAndMe
Did you know Oxford Street is the most polluted street in the world? Our very own Dr. Justine Hextall reveals the importance of introducing Antipollution Skincare into your routine.

6 Reasons You Should Add Antipollution Skincare to Your Routine

Congratulations to Jorgia on your incredible Rhinoplasty, the results looks amazing! If you have any Before & After photos, share them with #HarleyAndMe
Bring some life back to your skin! We offer a number of non-invasive treatments specifically designed to perk up tired looking skin. Explore our range today.

Line & Wrinkles Removal - Skin Treatments | The Harley Medical Group

This morning, we’re catching up on some important reading. Who’s spotted our new campaign in this month’s GLAMOUR UK?