Tonight at midnight Pacific is your LAST CHANCE to register for the #10KandSPEW! Don't miss the race Dobby calls "The most magical race of the year, except for any race the great Harry Potter runs!"
Last year we raised 100,000 books in our Accio Books campaign. Our ultimate goal - 1 million dollars bawahahahaha...wait, no that’s not right. 1 million books. Yes, that’s better. We want to raise 1 million book! Help make it happen when you donate to your Hogwarts house, a friend’s team, or even the Whomping Willow at
Don't throw away your sock! Today is the LAST DAY to register for the 10K & SPEW. Don't miss your chance to grab your exclusive race medal and shirt, all while making sure the Granger Leadership Academy can help training wizard activists to save the world!
Fans of Welcome to Night Vale know the power of librarians... donate $35+ and become an Apparating Librarian for life
Quidditch pitch or common room? Hagrid's Hut or the Hogwarts Library? Which magical part of Hogwarts would you most like to visit?
Time is running out to run like You-Know-Who is chasing you! With only 1 day left to register for the #10kandSPEW, don't throw away your sock: register today!

10k & S.P.E.W.
Ravenclaw & Hufflepuff are neck & neck in the House Cup! Will kindness overtake wit? Will love beat books? Will Gryffindor & Slytherin rise up from behind? Why can't we all just get along?? Help your house win the House Cup at

Friends of the Apparating Library 2017 | HP ALLIANCE INC's Fundraiser
Today just keeps getting better: our Pokemon Fandom Forward toolkit has arrived! Learn how you can take action for mental health, the environment & more! This toolkit has tips to help you be the very best (even how to deal with Impostor Syndrome)
“As long as there is an America — and I think we’re going to be around for a while — this museum will tell the story and the struggle and the history of a people who never gave up and never gave in; they kept dreaming."

John Lewis Chair for Civil Rights and Social Justice achieves full funding
The Hogwarts library was a special place for students like Hermione. Help us give that same magic to the students and children of today. Become a Friend of the Apparating Library. Every dollar provides a book to a community in need.

Click here to support Friends of the Apparating Library 2017 by HP ALLIANCE INC
The perfect case for when people pretend that using a smart phone means you don't love books and libraries
It looks like Madame Pince heard about our fundraiser for Accio Books & decided to start a team. Shout out time: who is your favorite minor character from the wizarding world?

Click here to support Friends of the Apparating Library 2017 by Madame Pince
"Actions often ripple far beyond their immediate objective, and remembering this is reason to live by principle and act in hope that what you do matters, even when results are unlikely to be immediate or obvious."

A long read, but well worth it. An inspiring reminder that the progress we see today exists because of the protests and persistence of the generations that came before us. Don't...
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Protest and persist: why giving up hope is not an option
Hogwarts has announced their new Defense Against the Bark Arts professor, just in time for #NationalPuppyDay! What's his name? Find out at the library:
Today we are kicking off Friends of the Apparating Library 2017 (, a fundraiser in support of Accio Books! Accio Books has raised over 315,000 books and supported or started libraries and literacy programs around the world. This year, we aim to raise thousands of books for Words Alive, an organization that provides literacy and education services to over 5,000...
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Want to see more stories about black students at Hogwarts? Are you a black wizard who wants to write (or draw) their own? #HogwartsBSU is full of magic and waiting for you to join! [ Link ]
Like Hermione, many of us grew up going to the library. What are your favorite memories (or favorite things to do now) at the library?
Do you have a head for numbers and a heart for social justice? You could be our new volunteer Social Media Analyst!
Today is #WorldWaterDay & there are many places that need an augamenti spell. What are the water issues where you live and how can people help? Here are just a few of the movements for clean water around the globe:

Flint residents still do not have clean water, and you can help by donating *and* urging lawmakers to act:

In Canada, First Nations communities are pushing...
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