We've got your wardrobe for the next #womensmarch sorted. Pre-order at DFTBA.com/HPA It's time for a witch in the White House.
We're loving seeing all of your signs for the #womensmarch today. Keep 'em coming!
#alamw17, you can pre-order this t-shirt in person at Booth 2002 all weekend! (and everyone can pre-order it at [ Dftba.com Link ]
Hey #alamw17 - come say hi at Booth 2002 and stock up on your wizard activist gear! ⚡
It's time to keep hoping and keep doing good. We'll meet you in St. Louis: grangerleadershipacademy.com
Back by popular demand. Hermione and Luna officially announce their second run for office. Pre-order your campaign shirt today: [ Dftba.com Link ]
Wands at the ready⚡ The resistance starts NOW. Here's our plan for the resistance, including seven primary objectives for action and advocacy.
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Our Plan For Resistance

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It's Buffy's birthday: have you defended Sunnydale today? Find your reps' numbers & defend public education: bit.ly/BuffyFightsBack
Are you going to the Women's March this weekend? Make sure you know your rights with help from ACLU Nationwide! [ Aclu.org Link ]

What To Do If Your Rights Are Violated at a Demonstration or Protest

Happy Birthday, Buffy Summers! It's Buffy's birthday, and you know what that means - Sunnydale High is in trouble. After the recent Secretary of Education nominee hearing, it's clear that public schools like Sunnydale are facing a major threat. Celebrate the slayer's birthday as Buffy would: grab your friends, some cute boots, and defend our schools. Get the script at bit.ly/BuffyFightsBack...
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Sometimes there's injuries even chocolate frogs can't fix. For those times, you need good healthcare. Here's some tips and scripts to call your lawmakers in support of the Affordable Care Act! #NevilleFightsBack thehpalliance.org/nevillefightsback
Planning a trip? Before you hop in the Ford Anglia, grab some tunes for the road: thehpalliance.bandcamp.com
Quidditch, friends, and raising money for a good cause: Our Diagon Valley chapter knows what makes a great weekend! They had a blast hanging out with US Quidditch - we can't wait to join them at the 10th Quidditch World Cup in April in Kissimee, FL! [ Eventbrite.com Link ]

US Quidditch Cup 10

Is your Weasley sweater not quite as snuggly as you hoped? Try adding one of our cozy hoodies!

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Hold on to your hippogriff! We are less than 2 months away from the Granger Leadership Academy. Register today to start your adventure in St. Louis. [ Grangerleadershipacademy.com Link ]
The more W’s you have the more good you can spread, the HPA chapter SPEWWW hosted a bake sale with a variety of magical treats for Great Chapters Bake Off. They passed $2,180 in donations! You can still donate to our virtual bake off here:

Great Chapters Bake Off

Summoning water was an easy spell for the Harry Potter crew. However, a flick and “Aguamenti” does not work for everyone. Flint, Michigan is still in need of clean drinking water and could use your wizarding skills. Donate, volunteer, or learn how to help at [ Thehpalliance.org Link ] #NevilleFightsBack

Flint Kids

Fawkes isn’t the only creature with healing powers. According to NPR, pets of all kinds can play an essential role in reducing feelings of isolation and managing emotional pain for people with severe mental illness. Magical? We sure think so.

Pets Help People Manage The Pain Of Serious Mental Illness

What we wouldn’t give to see Eleven join the fight! #Nevillefightsback
"Neville Longbottom And Eleven From “Stranger Things” Is The Fandom Crossover We Never Knew We Needed"

Neville Longbottom And Eleven From "Stranger Things" Is The Fandom Crossover We Never Knew We Needed