Have you reached out to a school leader about protecting trans students? If yes, what happened when you did? If not, grab some ideas from #NevilleFightsBack and reach out to them today. Friday's feel pretty good - tell schools you want trans students feel good, too! thehpalliance.org/nevillefightsback

Neville Fights Back

No brooms, floo powder, or apparition license needed: Travel Around the World in 80 Books with our buds Book Riot! [ Bookriot.com Link ]

Around the World in 80 Books: A Global Reading List

Have you used Refuge Restrooms? It's an app that helps build a Marauders' Map of safe, trans-friendly restrooms. Help #ProtectTransKids in your community by downloading in the app and adding to the map today. Get tips at bit.ly/RestroomRevelio
In every part of the world, fans reimagine, reinvent, and reinvigorate our favorite fandoms! Celebrate #FairUseWeek and learn more myth-busting facts at [ Fairuseweek.org Link ]
Your handy guide to finding ways to resist in your area #NevilleFightsBack

The Resistance Calendar

When Death Eaters' restrictive and hateful policies threatened the students of Hogwarts, Dumbledore's Army refused to back down. Together, they fought for a future they couldn't yet see. Today, transgender students are facing new and old threats as their safety gets rolled back. You can help make sure that your community is the Dumbledore's Army that trans students need.

Today: Take it to...
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You won't stop fighting for trans rights, and neither. will. we. There are LOTS of things that students, teachers, parents, and administrators can do to support trans youth and let them know that they are loved and valued. Grab some ideas for action in our Protego toolkit and #ProtectTransKids: bit.ly/Protego_Toolkit

Protego: Protect Trans Rights

The Apparating Library is returning to #GLA17, and we're excited to see the favorite stories that people will donate! What are your favorite books?
#NevilleFightsBack means speaking truth to power - like our Queen City HPA chapter did when they sent owls to Washington! Have you sent an owl (or fellytone call) to your lawmakers? What are the issues you're fighting for?
Dumbledore's Army is still recruiting! The HPA has open volunteer positions and we need passionate wizard activists who want to help us bring a little more magic into the world. We're looking for Arabic and Hindi Resource Translators, a Donor Management Team Leader, Campaigns Researchers, a Street Team Project Leader, and Social Media Copywriters. Visit our website to learn more about these...
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She may have graduated from Hogwarts, but *of course* Hermione still has an awesome (and long) reading list! Have you read any of the books on Emma's list?

Every Book Emma Watson Has Ever Recommended

12-year-old activist Marley Dias is authoring her first book about pursuing your dreams and how to be an activist.

12-Year-Old Marley Dias Is Publishing An Activism Guide For Children And Teens

It's #FairUseWeek here on the internet, but what does fair use law have to do with you? For fans, a day in the life of a convention means a full day of fair use and awesome fan creativity!
To get a ticket to the Granger Leadership Academy, you'll need a time turner because tickets are sold out! See all of you lucky heroes in St. Louis!
It’s more than just a story. This study found that Harry Potter readers are more open-minded and more likely to be heroes in their own life than non-readers.

This Just In: Reading 'Harry Potter' Makes You a Better Person, According to Science

You don't need a spell to find a new podcast to listen to this week: Jackson Bird talks on Ink and Worm about the HPA, Accio Books, introvert activism, and the wild world of Cursed Child.

Ink and Worm 63: Jackson Bird and Robin Wane

We believe in magic - and we believe in science, too! We find it take all kinds of tools to make the world better, so we love seeing #GLA17 Keynote Emily Graslie & her co-workers at the Field Museum standing up for one of the greatest weapons we have: the truth #DayofFacts
Grab your favorite fanfic and blast the wizard rock, because it's Fair Use Week! This controversial piece of copyright law is the reason our favorite fan works exist. [ Harvard.edu Link ]
Are we there yet? And by that we mean is it 2020 and the time for 2 kick-butt witches to be in charge? No? Okay, then time to get to work (and get in style) [ Dftba.com Link ]
We all need inspiration from time to time. Try out J.K. Rowling's words to help inspire your resistance.

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