Tyler Perry says thank you to all his #HAHN fans for such a fantastic season. The drama continues with If Loving You is Wrong season premiere TONIGHT 9/8c.
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Cynthia Wells
Sheila Jones
Saturday night turn up time just got a whole lot funnier. Tyler Perry's Love Thy Neighbor is BACK. All-new tonight, 9/8c.
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Sherry Browne
Last night's "OMG Moment of the Night" - Queen Cryer has spoken. After last night's episode, nothing will be the same.
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Tammie Voncannon
Hanna doesn’t know what she’s gotten herself into. Midseason finale of #HAHN airs tomorrow, 9/8c!
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OhellNo Nonya
Has Candace taken this one step too far?
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Need a good laugh before the dramatic finale of #HAHN? Tyler Perry's Love Thy Neighbor is back on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network! Saturday night, 9/8c.
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Naughty girl Veronica! Benny's just looking for a little advice...how far will he go to protect himself?
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The final moments will change everything. #HAHN midseason finale airs Tuesday, 9/8c. Are you ready?
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Last night’s "OMG Moment of the Night" – Melissa pouring her heart out while Jeffrey sittin in his own guilt.
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Irish Marion
Veronica that’s savage.
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LaShaun Bradford Crook
Power, money, fame. Candace may be all about that life but is Charles?
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Hanna what’re you getting messed up in? Walk. Away.
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Last night’s “OMG Moment of the Night” the mother and boyfriend finally meet & Veronica’s calling his bluff…
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Let the games begin…new episode tonight, 9/8c.
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How’s it feel being on the other side now Jim?
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Erica, you are exactly that kinda girl.
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The games..the schemes..who will come out the winner? All-new #HAHN Tuesday, 9/8c.
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Precious Grace
Last night’s “OMG Moment of the Night” jealousy got the best of Justin – but at what cost?
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Hanna watch yourself. Getting mixed up in things you don’t even know. All new #HAHN tonight, 9/8c.
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Katheryn, dropping the truth bombs left and right.
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