Veronica is playing right into Katheryn’s lies. #HAHN
Who will go down first? All-new #HAHN Tuesday, 9/8c.
Last night’s OMG Moment of the Night - the Ice Queen isn’t going down without a fight.
Candace playing matchmaker while her house is crawling with cops #HAHN
Wyatt what’re you thinking? Doctor’s orders! New #HAHN Tuesday, 9p/8c.
Keep spinnin’ those lies, Katheryn. Who will David believe? #HAHN
#HAHN is cranking up the crazy. All-new episode Tuesday, 9/8c.
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What game is Erica playing, bringing up Veronica like that? New #HAHN Tonight, 9/8c.
We hope Wyatt gets it too, Jeffrey. All new #HAHN Tuesday 9/8c.
The wildest season yet, has just begun. #HAHN is back with all-new episodes airing Tuesday nights at 9/8c.
Last night's #HAHN OMG Moment of The Night.
Before the new season premieres tonight at 9/8c, Tyler Perry wants to say "Thank You" to all his fans.
"You think Veronica is a devil? Just wait until you see what devil is released to take care of her..." Tyler Perry looks back at last season before the new season of #HAHN premieres, TOMORROW 9/8c!
One. More. Day. #HAHN premiere's TOMORROW 9/8c.
2 more days...#HAHN premiere January 3rd, 9/8c.
Only 3 more days until the premiere of #HAHN. The wait is almost over...
When casting new characters, Tyler Perry knows if an actor is right for the role the second they walk into the room.
Before the new season premieres, Tyler Perry looks back on how Veronica's character has evolved.
Tyler Perry on the #HAHN "There's here's nothing like it on television."