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From Juicing Vegetables: One teaspoon of turmeric keeps the doctor away… Is this true? Science seems to think so. Turmeric is arguably one of the most powerful superfoods in existence and it's readily available for you to use in just about any way you want. Check out more about this incredible spice here and see how it could improve and ensure your health, starting today…

What Happens When You Take Turmeric Every Day
This gluten-free lemon poppy seed zucchini loaf is scrumptious & simple! If you want a healthy, sweet 'n' zesty snack, this is the one. (Hint: try it with Coconut Butter)

Gluten-free zucchini loaf bread with Himalayan salt, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar
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From Healthy Holistic Living: So many people swear by this little trick! Amazing!

She Puts a Bar of Soap Under Her Sheet. The Reason Why is Genius!
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Ginger, raw or cooked, can give you some amazing health benefits and act as a medicine in some cases. But NOT if you're one of these 4 types of people. See why you should be mindful and aware of your body!

4 types of people who should never use ginger - it can cause serious health problems!
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Shareably: The unfortunate rise of child bullying in and out of school is a disturbing, yet a necessary issue to address. And one Wisconsin town has, but not without controversy between the parent population. Should parents have to take responsibility for their children's actions?

Wisconsin town passed law that forces parents to pay large fine if their child is a bully
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Mothers are placed under ridiculous scrutiny- even starting from the moment they give birth! Whether it's planned, or unplanned, having a c-section still carries a lot of negative stigmas that leaves many women feeling ashamed of their birthing experience. That's why every mom who had a C-section needs to read these reassuring truths.

Here are 3 truths about C-section mothers everyone should know
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From Healthy Holistic Living: Dr. Hyman was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. His conventional medical practitioners couldn't help him. His solution is unbelievable.
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Don’t take our word for it! Put this superfood to the test yourself!
Learn more: [ Link ]
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From The Hearty Soul: Don't blame your metabolism for trouble losing weight. Most people make many of these fat-burning mistakes in a single day, and these surprising bad habits add up! Share this list with your loved ones.

13 mistakes you made in the past 24 hours that force your body to store belly fat
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From Juicing Vegetables: The liver is the most important detoxifying organ in the body, so it only makes sense to drink fruits and vegetables to help it function at its best. Here is a list of detox drink recipes that can be incorporated into any detox program you’re following, or just enjoyed for their health benefits.

30 Detox Drinks For Cleansing and Weight Loss
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Take good care of your soul. Find your daily source of inspiration at The Hearty Soul.
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Want more excuses to travel? It turns out spending your money on traveling is better for your happiness than simply buying things. Learn more about how traveling is the greatest way to invest in your happiness.

Science confirms that travelling makes us happier than material wealth ever will
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The health benefits of turmeric can't be denied. But you still have to be careful with certain brands that contain the powerful spice. Here are 6 turmeric brands that also unfortunately contain lead! You'll want to know which ones to avoid.

6 lead-filled turmeric brands that you should NEVER buy
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Johnny Depp plans to reconcile an event that happened in 1890. The politics behind are no doubt complicating the process, but the actor makes his case as to why it's the right thing to do.

Johnny Depp intends to buy site of Wounded Knee Massacre and gift it back to the Native American people
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Every little thing counts. Improve your health with new tips every day at The Hearty Soul.
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Shareably: You should really talk to yourself more! Studies reveal that doing so can learn faster, think more efficiently, and improve long-term memory. (Oh, did we say that out loud?) Try to make a habit of it.

It turns out - people who talk to themselves aren't crazy, they're geniuses
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From Juicing Vegetables: Kickstart your day with these five energizing and nourishing foods. Try adding them to your breakfast routine for a delicious and healthy boost to your day. Have you been eating these already!?

Eat THESE Foods For Breakfast To Start Your Day MAGICALLY
Have you ever used ice to cure an ailment? This ancient Chinese Medicine practice can help in over 10 ways. Learn how to find your Feng Fu Point and get back to feeling yourself!

Magic ice: the ancient Chinese technique that can help with almost any disease
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From Collective Evolution: Baby carrots aren't just small and cute. They are toxic! Ah, yet another reason to try and buy organic. Read on to see why.

The Toxic Truth About Baby Carrots & Why You Should Stop Eating Them