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“As a proud Democrat, I want President-elect Trump to see me front and center as he’s sworn in. I want him to see exactly what his opposition looks like. When he sees me, I want him to see The Resistance.”

Dem lawmaker: I'm going to the inauguration so Trump can see what 'The Resistance' looks like
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"You’re not supposed to be sycophants, you’re supposed to be skeptics," President Barack Obama told White House reporters. "You’re supposed to ask me tough questions. You're not supposed to be complimentary. You are supposed to cast a critical eye on folks who hold enormous power and make sure we are accountable to the people who sent us here."

Obama to journalists: 'America needs you'
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“This is a swamp Cabinet full of bankers and billionaires,” Senator Chuck Schumer said.

Schumer: Trump filling his 'swamp Cabinet' with bankers and billionaires
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President Obama opened his final press conference by sending his prayers to the Bush family following the hospitalization of George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara.

Obama sends prayers and love to the Bush family
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President Obama tells the White House press corps: "America needs you. Our democracy needs you."
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When asked if there could ever be justification for a registry of Muslim Americans, Nikki Haley responded: "No, there is not."

Nikki Haley vows: There will be no Muslim registry under Trump
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WATCH LIVE: Barack Obama holds his final press conference as president.
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"Put simply, Scott Pruitt is a piece of sh-t. If you care about the outdoors, stop him," Jimmy Kimmel said.

Jimmy Kimmel: Trump’s EPA pick is ‘a piece of sh-t’
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After Trump posted a photo of himself allegedly writing his own inauguration speech, social media users flooded Twitter with guesses about what was really on the paper in his hand.

Social media users troll Trump over photo of him writing his own inauguration speech
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"This idea of humiliating and trying to embarrass qualified men and women who just wish to serve this nation is reprehensible," Kellyanne Conway said.

Conway: Why are Dems trying to humiliate Trump's Cabinet picks?
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Hillary Clinton would beat Bill de Blasio by nearly 20 points if she ran against him for mayor of NYC, according to a new poll.

Poll: Hillary Clinton would crush de Blasio in race for NYC mayor
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“You are going to be the head of the agency to protect the environment, and your personal feelings about whether climate change is caused by human activity and carbon emissions is immaterial?” a stunned Bernie Sanders asked.

Sanders rips Trump's EPA pick for saying his personal opinion on climate change is not important
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Sixty nine percent of Americans say Trump's tweeting habits are bad for the country and could have "unintended major implications without careful review."

Poll: Vast majority don’t approve of Trump’s Twitter use
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Trump transition officials confirmed that Trump wrote the inauguration address himself as he promised to do during a party at his private resort.

Trump wrote the inauguration speech himself
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In a new tweet, President-elect Trump referred to his private Florida resort Mar-a-Lago as "the Winter White House."

Trump refers to his private resort as the 'Winter White House'
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Shepard Fairey, the street artist who designed Barack Obama's iconic "Hope" poster is back with a Trump poster -- that will be handed out to people protesting the inauguration.

'Hope' artist designs anti-Trump poster for inauguration protesters
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Trump's pick for Commerce secretary admitted during his confirmation hearing that one of his 12 housekeepers, who he hired in 2009, was an undocumented immigrant, and that he only found out while preparing to appear before Congress.

Trump's Commerce secretary admits he hired undocumented housekeeper
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"I want you to know that I wish you the very best as you begin this incredible journey of leading our great country," George H.W. Bush wrote Donald J. Trump. "If I can ever be of help, please let me know."

George H.W. Bush writes kind letter to Trump after being forced to skip inauguration
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WATCH LIVE: Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders grill Trump's controversial Health secretary nominee Tom Price at his confirmation hearing.
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“Those are the same Republicans on Capitol Hill who endorsed a man for president who praised WikiLeaks [and] defended the integrity of Julian Assange even as he was trashing the patriotic men and women who work in the United States intelligence community."

Obama spokesman: Republicans showing 'astonishing intellectual dishonesty' on Manning clemency