The Holderness Family
The Holderness Family
yesterday at 12:15. Facebook
Beth Wood Shelton
Danette Connolly Theriault
Misti Rambo
The Holderness Family
The Holderness Family
04/28/2017 at 11:22. Facebook
Kathy Usher Morris
Monica Bender
Marjorie Randall
The Holderness Family
The Holderness Family
04/27/2017 at 16:00. Facebook
Messiest car ever? Penn empties his car LIVE ... what treasures will we find?
Aimee Nicole Wilson
CVX Live
Jennifer Quarberg
The Holderness Family
The Holderness Family
04/26/2017 at 23:26. Facebook
April Kennedy Fetting
Jane Savage
Becca Schmeltzer
The Holderness Family
The Holderness Family
04/25/2017 at 16:01. Facebook
How to make a NATURAL Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino!!!
(Recipe in the first comment)
Tina Wagner
Jenn Larsen
Alicia Alshehabi
The Holderness Family
The Holderness Family
04/24/2017 at 11:00. Facebook
New Parody: A sibling anthem. #MeghanTrainor "NO!" Parody.
#MyroomisNO #MyphoneisNO #NoNoNo
Kyla Andrus
Becca Schmeltzer
Rachel Dillon
Being interviewed by some besties.
Paging Fun Mums
Michi Butler
Mieke Patrick
Our Earth Day tribute: Slobs to save the earth? #EarthDay #Flushthetoiletoccasionally #Changeyourunderwear #conservationkids
Jessica James Aberdeen
Kerry Anne Icsel
Rachel Dillon
We've got summer on the mind. What's on your summer #bucketlist? What should be on ours? A quick chat with the kids has come up with: swim in a lake, swim in an ocean, row a boat, make ice cream, catch fireflies... what else should we do? Where else should we go? #roadtrip #summerlovin
Weve got summer on the mind Whats on your summer bucketlist What
Ann Marie
Doug DeMoss
Lisa Conran DeRosa
Have you ever been caught cheating?!
This is based on real events. #Scandal #AlwaysScandal
The Holderness Family
Lynn Goodin Watters
Amy Diggs
Kim's "feel better challenge" is she sticking to it?
The Holderness Family
Horizon Organic
CVX Live
Caroline Melland Salgado
Jenn Ruggiero
Sharon Weatherly Anderson
Happy Easter from our little family to yours. We don't say it enough, but we are incredibly grateful for each and every one of you. We feel so lucky to have you as part of this crazy family. #Easter #gratitude #family
Happy Easter from our little family to yours We dont say it
Chris Becker
Melissa Ausburn-Ramos
Audrey Anderson
Children will love this. Men will get a chuckle. Ladies, I'm sorry.
But this is an honest look at road trips in our family.
#SomebodyFarted #BackstreetBoys #IWantItThatWay #Parody
Deanne Schroeder Gentry
Colleen Tiemens
Hazel Znidarcic
No live post today. We're spending the day with the kiddos (without devices). New music video out tomorrow morning. Xoxo, Kim
Laura Moffitt
Angie Stringer
Carol 'Barbera' Rachal
Kim here. Are you guys feeling like this? I'm making some changes and I'm putting it on the internet so you know I'm serious. #feelbetterchallenge #dailysweat #shesamaniac #keepyourbiscuits
Kim here Are you guys feeling like this Im making some changes

Will she stick to it? Kim's "Feel Better" Challenge || The Holderness Family

Leave a comment if you are interested in updates or joining the challenge. New videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7am EST. Join the family by subsc...

Judy Baer Owens
KimandJake Gregory
Molly Pattison
Connie M Teamplin
Ray Nuckoles III
Meryn Rachel
Keep it or toss it? Cleaning out Penn's closet! What will we find?
Angie Lewis Hargrave
Randi Banning
CVX Live
Do you think kids these days could survive the 1980s?
We tried to teach our kids about the glory days. What did we forget? #BigHairDontCare #MixTapesForever
Becky Kaiser Gordon
April Nichols Moore
Cindy Jean Phillips
Michelle Dachille Harris
Kessler Hardman
Maryam Ahmadi Khan