The Holderness Family
The Holderness Family
06/21/2017 at 11:00. Facebook
FIRST DAY OF SUMMER! Wait, 8 weeks of no school?! It’s going to take some serious TEAmwork to keep these kids entertained all break. #Summer #TEAmTraining #FreeTeaDay2017
The Holderness Family
Phoebe Kay Macintosh
Jennifer Medeiros
The Holderness Family
The Holderness Family
06/20/2017 at 11:00. Facebook
Meet my new life coach! My 7-year-old has it all figured out. (Now, if he would just flush the toilet occasionally) #WatchOutTonyRobbins
Tina DiNitto Caro
Jennifer Giddens McLeod
Kim Pisani
The Holderness Family
The Holderness Family
06/16/2017 at 11:00. Facebook
The Beach pre-kids VS post-kids. #somuchstuff #sandinweirdplaces
Yvonne Garza
Renea Casey Britt
Julia Emery
We celebrate all things DAD with Fathers from across the world!
You have to check out the viewer submissions in this video. Classic Fathering. #FathersDay2017 #HAPPYParody
Jaime Allen
Jill Simonian: The FAB Mom Lifestyle & Parenting
Brandy Keyes Gabel
We did a silly video -- but here is why we take it so seriously.
We did a silly video but here is why we take it so seriously

How to apply sunscreen // The #MimicMommy Dance - The Holderness Family
Shannon Murphy Carroll
Linda Bone
Tracy Humphries
We've teamed up with @Neutrogena because this one is personal. Too many people we love have been touched by skin cancer.
Neutrogena gave us the idea to make up a sunscreen dance for our kids to make it fun and a lifelong habit that they stick with because they’re watching us – which I think is so important. The best part? They are making a $10,000 donation to the Children's Melanoma...
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Lisa McKenzie
Jennifer Wiley
Angie Beliveau
DADS! Be in our Father's Day video! Watch below for instructions (and to see Penn the MerMAN). SEND IN VIDEOS BY MONDAY JUNE 12th at NOON.
(Remember to hold your phone horizontal for video)
Dana Joanne
Jamie BrulΓ©
Amanda Kamin
Oops!.. He did it again. Penn lost another wedding ring. Yes, another.
He must make up for by creating a #BritneySpears Parody in two minutes.
(link in first comment for the full story)
Naomi Goeller
Bridget Lovejoy
Jennifer Parker Graul
The Holderness Family
Jon Braden Sweet
Natalie Scott
Penn tried the new male romper trend, here's what happened. #RompHIM
If you want to see how he got into this baby, check out video in the first comment. #SorryHoney
Amy Harris
Kim Pickett
April Watson
The #RompHIM is here. And it's glorious. Make sure you check back here tomorrow for the video evidence.
The RompHIM is here And its glorious Make sure you check back
Machelle Arrison
Michael Farrington Richards
Tonya Lail Baldwin
Cortni McNamara
Megan Clark
Kimberly Venables Williams
To celebrate National Doughnut Day we launched perfectly good doughnuts in the air and tried to catch them WITH OUR FACES... because.. of course that's what we did.
**If you need a laugh, check out link in the first comment to hear the funny song Penn wrote for the "training" portion of this.
Sue Mihatov
Morgan Buchanan
Cindy Young Walker
Penn is just teensy obsessed with Crossfit. It's changed his life and his body. Now... if I can only get him to take those boxes to the attic without him complaining about his sore quads.
#OriginalMUsic #Crossfit #CrossfitBRO
Penn is just teensy obsessed with Crossfit Its changed his life and

I'm a CrossFit Bro! Penn is obsessed, are you? | The Holderness Family

Hello, my name is Penn, and I am a Crossfit Bro. Not really... but I am an addict. It's the longest I've ever spent on one fitness discipline, and I'll do it...

Kandace Tabor Laschinski
Jennifer Anthony
Sarah Peters
It's one of the biggest obstacles we've faced... literally. Tell me we aren't alone in this.
Zielke Hewgill
Erin Gaglione
Cristina Robson
Which SLIME recipe sticks to carpet and guarantees glitter stuck in crevasses of your floors for decades (and which one doesn't)? Here's your tutorial
[ Link ]
Which SLIME recipe sticks to carpet and guarantees glitter stuck in crevasses

SLIME WARS CHALLENGE // Boys VS Girls // Who won?

SLIME has taken over our house.. so it was time for a SLIME WAR CHALLENGE! What's your favorite? Who won? New videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7a...

Rachel Jordan Ogier
Julie McElhinney
Rosa Perrupato
Mid-Life Crisis Alert : Penn wants a Keytar. Not a Corvette, a Keytar. And he wants to tell life stories with it. You've been warned. More of these to come, unless this instrument breaks "accidentally".
Becca Schmeltzer
Peggyanne Brecker-Moran
Erica Hunn Gibbs
Julia Lynn Nielsen
Colleen Hebert
Jon Braden Sweet
To those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us -
we are beyond grateful. We will forever remind our children this holiday isn't just a pool party. #MemorialDay
To those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us

Explaining Memorial Day to our Kids | HolderMess | The Holderness Family

Thank you for your stories. I really think it helped our kids understand the meaning of Memorial Day. New videos every weekday at 7am EST. Subscribe? Maybe? ...

Bernice Wittwer
Lori Marlee
Rachel Hale
Lori Gleason Rountree
Lori Scarcella Sherman
Gail Wells