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(This is what happens when Kim leaves town).
#PizzaSolvesProblems #MorePizza
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PC had his first basketball game - which he was very very very excited about.
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It's a Family Showdown YOUTUBE channel! It's brand new. Will you be one of our first subscribers?
This channel will be all about games and challenges for the entire family. Subscribe? Maybe?
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Family Showdown
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"Horizontal stripes, mom? Really"
Yep. We are those people who spend money on clothes for the dog. #PoorRuby #PuppyLove
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After taking 3,700 of YOUR suggestions and ideas, this is how we made a music video in 3 hours! Thanks to everyone who commented and helped!
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Anyone else feel this way trying to get your kids to bed? This was an INSTANT PARODY, written, shot, and edited in 3 hours with your help and suggestions! Enjoy!
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01/17/2017 at 17:00. Facebook
LIVE! Instant Parody! Give us your songs, buzzwords, and topic ideas!
We took a trip to NYC last week! While it was fun... getting back home became super stressful. What crazy travel stories do you have?
We've had our dog for one month now - and we wanted to share the top 5 things we've learned about Ruby. What were the biggest things you learned with your pets?
Live from Central Park in NYC and the spot where Penn proposed. Want to hear the story?
We're live! Talking snow day survival.... and puppies!
Internet friends: solve this 1st grade math homework. #showyourwork #mybrainhurts
We'll be on Facebook LIVE tomorrow (Tuesday) at 12pm EST. Join us!
This is a war we wage with our kids. Every. Single. Winter. Thanks to everyone who submitted videos!!
#Parody #EminemParody
How our mom really feels about snow day (she's from Florida). What about you guys? #snOMG #snomaggeddon #SNOpocalypse
Big news about our day jobs! We started our company at a dining room table and now we are excited today to announce Greenroom merging with Walk West. Penn and I will act as Creative Consultants (so fancy) with a super smart team of creative ninjas offering full-service digital marketing. This is YUGE for us. Look Ma, we're grown ups now!

Breaking News... But The Good Kind. Really.
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