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Family travel tips from vacation!
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The Holderness Family
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If you live with boys (or husbands), you are probably dealing with a Pee Thang, amirite? #PeeThang #DrDreParody
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We're at Walt Disney World with the kids. A funky computer glitch lost our tickets (found them after an hour) then a never-before-app glitch lost our ride reservations. It happens.
Do these kids care? Nope. They are having the best. Day. Ever.
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Kim suffers from the winter blues... So maybe this light can help her?
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Did Penn paint the BEST picture of Kim, or what? LIVE
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We accepted the challenge from the Eh Bee Family to do the Exact Instructions Challenge! How do you think we did?
Valentine's Day isn't complete unless there's a surprise... and a recorder we stole from our 4th grader.
Happy Valentine's Day to you!
We love you as much as Penn loves the 80s movie "Say Anything"
We promised Lola when she was 4 that she could get her ears pierced when she turned 10... We didn't realize that day would come this soon!
Lazy Sunday. #puppylove #porchswingpuppy
What is Valentine's Day like in our house?
Champagne? Chocolate? More like screaming kids and a barking dog. Happy Valentine's Day, you crazy couples out there. #ValentinesDay #Justgetmeacard
Have thoughtful, meaningful gifts planned for you Valentine?
Neither do we.
Happy Valentine's Day, baby. Here's something I just bought at the gas station. #TrueLove

Baby, Here's a Toaster | Closer PARODY

This look familiar? We Love each other but Time + Valentines = Bad Gifts, right?

We invited our pastor over to give us insights and advice for having a successful marriage. What advice would you give?
10 things we've learned in 10 years of parenting!
Time for romantic Valentine's Gifts! Or not....
#ValentinesDay #JustGetMeACard #TrueRomance
We borrowed a baby for a shoot. May not return him. #loanerbaby #babyfever
Who needs a hug? Ruby is offering free ones.