Time is running out to help protect African Leopards! With the U.S. being the largest importer of leopard trophies and we need to strengthen their Endangered Species List protections. Take action now: [ Humanesociety.org Link ]

Act now to save African leopards - The Humane Society of the United States

BREAKING NEWS: In a major victory for farm animals, the U.S. Department of Agriculture issues new rule that sets extensive new standards for farm animal welfare!

More info: [ Humanesociety.org Link ]
VICTORY! The Horse Protection Act was just finalized, which is a rule that addresses abusive practices including the use of painful devices to achieve that "high-step" you see Tennessee walking horses do. Thank you to everyone who spoke out for horses!

More info: [ Humanesociety.org Link ]
We love this... the dogs Humane Society International rescued from a South Korean dog meat farm earlier this week have arrived safely and are ready to start their new lives <3
This weekend Humane Society International helped shut down a South Korean dog meat farm and rescued 200 dogs from their cruel fate. Check it out!
The acclaimed and heartwarming film Harry & Snowman is now available on Blu-Ray and DVD. This Cinderella love story about the friendship between a Dutch Immigrant and a slaughter bound horse that becomes a world champion jumper will melt your heart. Buy it here [ Amzn.to Link ]
Rolling Stone Magazine’s investigation into the horrendous puppy mill industry is the biggest and most important exposure since Oprah hit the topic nearly a decade ago on her show. Our CEO Wayne Pacelle explains why it’s been so difficult to crack the problem, even though there’s so much top-of-mind awareness of the appalling treatment of American’s dogs by this industry: [ Humanesociety.org...
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Rolling Stone crushes puppy mill trade · A Humane Nation

You know they are bad. But how much do you know about the cruel and disgusting puppy mill industry? Rolling Stone Magazine investigates how the industry started, what it entails, what's being done... and how you can help put an end to puppy mills for good.

The Dog Factory: Inside the Sickening World of Puppy Mills

Wishing all of our supporters a happy & humane New Year! Thanks to all of you, significant changes have been made to make the world a more humane place for animals! Here's to making 2017 even better!
Hurry! You're running out of time to end 2016 on a high note by helping animals! Give now, and your tax-deductible gift will be put to work to make sure no animal is subjected to cruelty: [ Humanesociety.org Link ]
Without our Animal Rescue Team, many animals would never escape their cruel fate and find the loving forever homes they always deserved.

Give now, and your tax-deductible gift will be put to work to create happy endings for all animals. Text LOVE to 20222 to donate $10* or give on our website at [ Humanesociety.org Link ]
No dog should have to fight for their life. Give now, and your tax-deductible gift will be put to work to end dog fighting for good: [ Humanesociety.org Link ]
Do you have a new year's resolution that involves animals? [ Humanesociety.org Link ]
Because of your support this year, 77 localities in 11 states passed ordinances restricting the sale of puppies in pet stores! There is still more work to do. Give now, and your tax-deductible gift will be put to work to shut down puppy mills for good: [ Humanesociety.org Link ]
Remember when you heard Seaworld was ending orca breeding? Or when Walmart, the nation's largest grocer, announced it was going cage-free?

It's been an amazing year for animals thanks to you! See more moments from 2016, including footage of our Animal Rescue Team in action
Today is the first day of Winter and temperatures have already been very cold. Check out our tips to keep animals safe this season!