Love is... a freshly baked cake from your favourite bakery. Pre-order your Valentine's Day cakes now: [ Link ]
So many desserts, so little time... Oh no wait, it's the weekend! In that case, allll the desserts allll the time!
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It's not just Christian Grey that's into something lightly whipped this Valentine's Day... It's how we like our frostings too: [ Link ]

Valentine’s Day 2017
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If your January resolutions were to save a few pennies AND eat more cake with friends, Treat a Friend Friday is for you! Buy a cupcake and get another free when you say "Treat a Friend" in-store today. t&cs:
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Give a piece of your heart! Pre-ordering is now available for our 6" heart-shaped cakes for Valentine's Day: [ Link ]
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The answer is "both". Like sleeves, biscuits and puppies, two cupcakes are always better than one. And when deliciously different Salted Caramel and Cookies and Cream bring gooey golden caramel and crunchy cream-filled Oreo pieces to the table it's a complete waste of time trying to pick just one to take home. Available in store, online and via Deliveroo.

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Is it time for a Brownie Cheesecake break yet? Because it's a crumb past dessert o'clock! Wrap up the day with smooth and creamy cheesecake, a golden baked biscuit layer and crumbled Hummingbird brownies baked through.

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Oops! Excuse us... these naked cupcakes are just getting dressed to impress. While our Red Velvets love looking the part, they never put style over substance when it comes to taste.
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01/17/2017 at 16:29. Facebook
You stole my heart... It's not too early to drop hints regarding what you realllly want for Valentine's Day. Starting with six darling hand-decorated cupcakes baked fresh on-site at our London bakeries! Available to preorder online at and arriving in-store soon.
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Just because! Available all year round, the I Love You selection box makes a thoughtful surprise for your sweetie pie:

To shop our Valentine's Day range, visit

I Love You Selection Box
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On this, the most unfortunate day of the year, it's only right that something a little Lemony comes your way. At selected Hummingbird Bakeries today (Soho, Spitalfields, Islington) we have some unexpectedly pleasant surprises in-store thanks to Netflix. Just ask at our cupcakeries before your good fortune runs out...
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If only cake lasted forever *sigh*. Here are a few helpful tips for keeping your home bakes fresher for longer: [ Link ]
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Get your cake fix on Deliveroo. Fresh baking, like our killer Frosted Brownies, delivered quicker than you can say 'I walnut believe it!'.
Gooey S'more Brownies have their own delicious snowfall of melty marshmallow. A must-try recipe for indoor days: [ Link ]
Fork or shovel for these snowy Mini Lemon Meringue Pies? Sharp fresh lemon custard topped with mounds of luscious Italian meringue!
Could a snowbow be a thing? It might be frosty outside, but nowhere is more frosty than our bakeries where we are whisk-deep in fluffy buttercream frostings. And if you're partial to our bold and beautiful Rainbow Cake you'll be pleased to hear we have lots of new frosting colours available online at
We can't fast forward to your Friday evening fun, but we can bring the cake! Buy a cupcake and get another free today when you say TREAT A FRIEND. For t&cs visit
Made Without Cupcakes have all the fun without the gluten ingredients. Get Red Velvet or vanilla flavours online: [ Link ]
A survival kit for the urban explorer: coffee, cake and more cake for later! Always be prepared for those sweet cravings in the London jungle with our bakeries across the city. Come and find us baking fresh in Soho, Spitalfields, Notting Hill, Islington, Richmond and South Kensington:
The missing piece of your Wednesday is right here! Solve the puzzle of "what's for dessert?" with some real American baking, Red Velvet-style. Although we can't promise you won't be left asking what makes it taste so darn good...