“One life, one purpose, one destiny.” #TheHungerGames #HappyValentinesDay
Happiest of Birthdays to our Effie, Elizabeth Banks! #TheHungerGames
Travel back to where it all began in District 12... #HungerGamesExhibition
Let the games begin. #TheHungerGames
Did you know Effie's name comes from the Greek word meaning "well-spoken"? See her dazzling costumes and more at the #HungerGamesExhibition in Sydney!
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At the end of #TheHungerGames series, how many victors came from District 12? We’ll reveal the correct answer later today!
Don’t miss Elizabeth Banks (aka #TheHungerGames’ own Effie Trinket) in the brand NEW Power Rangers Movie trailer as #RitaRepulsa! In theaters March 24.
Try your hand at some of the moves taught to actors on set by Hollywood stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave - only at #HungerGamesExhibition, now open in Sydney!
“Fire is catching.” #TheHungerGames
Wish a very Happy Birthday to Liam Hemsworth! #TheHungerGames wouldn’t be the same without you or Gale.
Experience the extravagance of the Capitol firsthand at the #HungerGamesExhibition in Sydney!
See the dress that helped kick off the revolution at the #HungerGamesExhibition.
Together, they made their own rules. #TheHungerGames
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This #Christmas, give thanks for your loved ones. #TheHungerGames
Haymitch has the right idea on #NationalEggNogDay. #TheHungerGames #ChristmasEve
So wonderful to have Aussie actress Stef Dawson return home to Australia to attend the grand opening of the #HungerGamesExhibition at the new International Convention Center Sydney – Darling Harbour! Don’t miss your chance to visit Panem - now through Feb 5. More info and tickets: [ Bit.ly Link ]
It’s the smallest gestures that mean the most. #TheHungerGames