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A minute's silence was held at the start of the pro-EU rally in Parliament Square to remember the victims of Wednesday's terror attack

Brexit protesters bring flowers in tribute to terror attack victims
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It’s Mother’s Day again, and, while I have never produced a human from the miraculous workings of my own fair body, I believe I deserve a stake in Hallmark’s profitable day of appreciation.

My son has two mums and a dad
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In your twenties? You're unlikely to retire before the age of 70

Retirement at 70 on the way for people in their twenties
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Think you know all there is to know about Midsomer Murders? Test yourself with our quiz

Quiz: 20 tough questions on Midsomer Murders
The school, which has since been judged to be “inadequate” by Ofsted, is now due to close in August due to financial concerns.

The Bolton Wanderers Free School opened in September 2014 but due to low pupil numbers, it was deemed to be “financially unviable” and is now in the process of closing.

Bolton Wanderers FC charged free school £600k in rent and bills
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The lesbian disappearing act is a regular routine these days.

Why isn’t anyone a lesbian anymore?
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The Labour MP for Tottenham accused organisers of pushing a narrative of African people as pitiful figures instead of people who should be respected.

David Lammy: Comic Relief perpetuates patronising images of poor people in Africa
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Scotland has introduced a “gold standard” of three NHS funded cycles of IVF treatment. People from the rest of the UK, where IVF access has been steadily reduced in recent years, could not go there for further cycles if they have already had treatment – as the Scottish system is based on new referrals only.

NHS funded IVF treatment: how Scotland compares to rest of UK
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Despite six decades of peace and prosperity, the EU is creaking. Buffeted by Brexit, nursing an enduring economic hangover, and mired in malaise, the EU is hoping the summit could be the moment it reboots itself. But the mood is so jittery that the leaders have struggled to even agree a new mission statement.

A subdued summit in Rome to celebrate the EU's 60 years
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Sticky carpets, queues at the phone bank and £1 pints – cast your mind back to the Sheffield nightclubs that may be gone but are definitely not forgotten.

The Sheffield nightclubs we loved and lost
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“For too long, we’ve had terrorist and extremists in all communities, in Muslim and non-Muslim, who try to define us.

“The figures of far-right extremists do not define the British values that we hold.

“Those people who are Daesh and Isis do not define the values that Muslims would hold.

“We refuse now to allow them to misrepresent us, and refuse now to allow them to define us....
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Muslim faith leaders hold unity rally in Birmingham
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When the Royal Albert Hall was invited to screen a film by Yoko Ono, featuring 80 minutes of naked buttocks, the buttoned-up venue slapped a ban on her “way-out” work.

But 50 years later, the Japanese artist will finally be allowed to fill the royal hall with nudity after the venue announced a special screening of her controversial film, Bottoms.

Royal Albert Hall lifts 1967 ban on Yoko Ono's naked Bottoms movie
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Tens of thousands of anti-Brexit protesters marched through central London to Parliament on Saturday

The best banners from London's anti-Brexit march
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A US and UK ban on laptops on some flights from the Middle East has come into effect today

Laptop and electronics ban: what am I allowed to take on a plane?
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“Ukip might not have managed to win many seats in Parliament, but in a way we are the most successful political party in Britain ever.”

Ukip loses its only MP as Douglas Carswell quits party - statement in full
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The Labour deputy leader said the SNP was “willingly” passing on austerity from Westminster that had resulted in cutbacks in Glasgow, which Ms Sturgeon has represented since 2007.

Tom Watson: Nicola Sturgeon 'willingly' passed austerity onto Glasgow
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The unique Sheffield restaurant has already been awarded two AA rosettes.

Why we launched a fine dining restaurant in a shipping container
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You're almost guaranteed to find some new favourites on this list.

10 new Manchester bars and restaurants to try this spring