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What to do with my six yr old

Hey IMs I am at breaking point with my six year old son. I find I am unable to play much with him anymore and all he talks about and does is super heros of any kind. I try to get him out and about to shoe him other things exist and it's a fight to get out the door he yells at me throws things and kicks whatever is in front of him. He has a two year old sister and...
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Question: What to do with my six yr old
The Imperfect Mum
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To swing or not to swing?

* Remember this is a public page, answer anon using link below

My partner and I are looking at joining a swingers club. Can anyone provide their advice on how it has affected your relationship, good/bad? I (we) want to be more adventurous in the bedroom and I think swinging could be an option (amongst our own personal bedroom fantasies which we already do). Did you...
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Question: To swing or not to swing?
The Imperfect Mum
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Mobile phone insecurities

Just wanting some advice on how to let go of my insecurities about mobile phones.

Sounds silly but was cheated on by an ex and found the messages by text message. However its something i cant seem to kick this insecurity with and now my new relationship is being affected by this. He feels as though i dont trust him and we are always fighting about the...
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Question: Mobile phone insecurities
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Room sharing and toy room, or seperate rooms?
Hi IM's,

I'm curious as to the opinions on others when it comes to room sharing.
Would you or do you have your children share a room so that you can have a seperate toy room?
If you do room share, do you have any problems?

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Question: Room sharing and toy room, or seperate rooms?
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Pregnant while having the implanon

hi a question about the implanon rod ive had it in for around 4 months now and I've had pregnancy symptoms and I've just put them as a side effect of the implanon as that's what they say you can get with it

and I've just taken a pregnancy test and gotten back 2 positive tests yes I'm going to go and get a blood test

but I'm wondering if anyone knows anyone...
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Question: pregnant while having the implanon
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Mother - I'm turning into mine

I have a mother . Not a very good one. From an early age she was dealing with her own issues .. fast forward and I see a mirror image.. a sad middle age wife who is lost bitter and sad. My kids are my life I do not want to be like her I I despise her I hate that I write this but I feel so angry and resentful and I know this is wrong as we all only have 1 but why...
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Question: Mothers
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Two faced

Hellooooo sisterhood! i just need some friendly advice on what to do about so called 'mates' i recently found out two of them have been saying horrible things about me behind my back (only know this cos her brother showed me the msgs via screenshot - and also screen shots she send him that another friend had said about me) i know i may get abit annoying as we all do, but the things...
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Question: Two face
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I'm pregnant! Crap!!

Been with my husband forever and we are happy, very happy. We have 3 beautiful children happy and healthy, both happy in our employment ect - everything just seems to be falling into place, then boom 'your pregnant' crap..
I have had abortions in the past and don't want to go down that path. But I don't want to start again either.
We have got holidays booked and paid for...
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Question: I'm pregnant! Crap!!
The Imperfect Mum
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Accessing court records

An IM's husband here. My wife suggested I ask the question here. Does anyone know if it's possible to access criminal local court records/judgements and how to go about it? Long story short, the criminal was my son's step-father and my son was involved and I'd like to find out more about it. It's not on the case law website. Note I have shared care of my son but...
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Question: Accessing court records
The Imperfect Mum
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Step daughters mum

So my step daughter came over today. She's four and I've been in her life since she was 1.5. She started telling me how her mum has been saying stuff about me like 'don't let .... paint ur nails, that's my job'. And 'ask daddy to do ur hair instead of .....'.

All encounters her mother and I have had, have been very amicable and almost friendly, so I am confused as to why...
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Question: Step daughters mum
The Imperfect Mum
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Breast implants

I'm a recently single mum of two kiddlets, 5 & nearly 2.. I just left my mental/financially abusive partner and have moved in with my parents but my question is about breast implants... Since having my babies my boobs have gone from a comfortable full B cup to a small uncomfortable A cup.. when I wear a bra my boobs are too small to actually fit properly in a B cup (the bra...
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Question: Breast implants
The Imperfect Mum
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Life is tough, isn't it?

I'm not one to share my life with people, not because I'm proud or embarrassed, I just don't feel the need to express that with anybody. Until now, with you, complete strangers, open for honesty and possible judgement. But that's okay.

I've been seeing a Psychologist for going on 4-weeks, it's been such an amazing experience. In this short period. It has given me so...
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Question: Life is tough, isn't it?
The Imperfect Mum
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Career change

I'm having a mmidlife crisis and want a career change but I don't know what I want to do! I've been out of work now for 3 years as I went traveling and then had a baby. But now that she is 15 months im dying to get back to work. Is any one in tourism and can tell me what it involves? Or I'm thinking of staying in the animal work field and doing dog grooming but what does that...
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Question: Career change
The Imperfect Mum
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Children paying board

Just wanting an honest opinion. I have three children my middle child has asd /ADD and I get carers for him. My eldest just finished year 12. For the last two years I have been telling her to get a job as I would not be able to afford all her uni costs, she refused. Before graduating she claimed for youth allowance and ticked the wrong box resulting in me losing my...
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Question: Children paying board
The Imperfect Mum
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3 car seats in ix35

I've just found out I'm pregnant with #3. I have an ix35 special edition. is it possible to fit car seats across the back. Everything I've googled is looking slim chance. Opinions would be greatly appreciated!

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Question: 3 car seats in ix35
The Imperfect Mum
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What would you do?

Hi all, im after advice on how other mums would handle this situation. My son has at times lied to me about serious things and because of this i do question sometimes on whether he has been honest, this is one of those times.
On monday my son ( mr 11) has somehow taken a fall of the second storey veranda at school. Mr 11 is saying that he was playing on top of the port...
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Question: What would you do?
The Imperfect Mum
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Do I give in? Does he have the right?

My husband and I are currently going through a seperation. We had agreed on him having the children 5 nights a fortnight. Now that I have mentioned that I would like a bit more in our property settlement due to me being the primary carer he has suddenly turned around and said he wants 50/50. I know this is purely a financial thing for him. If I gave him...
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Question: Do I give in? Does he have the right?
The Imperfect Mum
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Just sharing
So I posted this on Facebook today. I wanted to share with you.

I'm a single Mum of 3 kids.
I have had serious financial constraints.
I've suffered severe depression and anxiety.
I've been disrespected and taken advantage of and as a result developed massive self doubt.
I've messed up (or let's face it, really fucked up) more than once.
I do all of this (not completely, but...
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Question: Just sharing
HELP! Single mum meal/budget ideas, etc.

I have recently separated from my husband.
As a now single mum of 2 (5yr old & 2yr old), I would love it if you could share with me your budgeting tips, healthy meal options, breaky/lunch/dinner/snacks (websites?? - prefer Australian websites so I don't have to convert measurements or work out substitute ingredients, etc).
I am open to making things...
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Question: HELP! Single mum meal/budget ideas, etc.