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Brilliant news! Give your weekend some signature style with The Incredibles on Freeform today at 6:45|5:45c.
The Incredibles
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Celebrate National Popcorn Day with Disney Family's popcorn recipe inspired by The Incredibles:

Celebrate National Popcorn Day
The Incredibles
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Want to make your art bold, dramatic, heroic... incredible?
Check out #ColorByDisney today: [ Link ]
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Did you notice these incredible Disney Pixar easter eggs:

This Video Reveals the Easter Eggs in Every Disney•Pixar Movie
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Freeze! Tune in for key intel on secret Disney Pixar movie moments.
The Incredibles
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Pro Tip: Never leave home without your super suit.
"I like movies. I'll buy the popcorn, okay?"
Save the day with these incredible recipes!

17 Recipes to Pair with Your Favorite Pixar Movies
With this tip in mind, 2017 is sure to be your boldest year yet.
: Disney Style
Out with the old, in with the super!
Here's to a new year with a new incredible you!

10 New Year's Resolutions Inspired By Disney•Pixar Characters
Are Bob and Helen your Disney Pixar parental unit? Find out:

Quiz: Who Are Your Disney•Pixar Parents?
Are you destined to become an incredible parent? Find out:

Quiz: Which Disney•Pixar Parent Are You Destined to Become?