The Incredibles
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The Incredibles
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The Incredibles
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Is Disney Pixar trivia your strong suit? Challenge yourself to recall these lines.

Quiz: Guess the Pixar Movie From the Last Line of Dialogue
The Incredibles
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"Different is great!"
Are your memory skills easy-freezy? Earn your license to chill:

Quiz: Can You Name the Disney or Disney•Pixar Movie From the License Plate?
Supers in. Capes out.
Adorn your outfit with these incredible pins, dahling.
You may think they're virtually indestructible, but even super designers have headaches.

18 Style Problems Only Disney Characters Understand
All is fair in love and dinnertime wars.
Think you know The Incredibles down to the extreme close-up? Unleash those super skills:

Quiz: Can You Name the Pixar Character From the Extreme Close-Up?
The things that make you different make you incredible.
Would you rather live in the Parr house or Ken's dream house? Choose wisely, darling.

12 Mind-Bending Disney•Pixar Would You Rather Scenarios
Pint-sized Parr-fection.
See if this quiz tells you to name your next pet after Mr. Incredible:

Quiz: Which Pixar Character Should You Name Your Next Pet After?
See if you can determine which of these wishes belongs to Violet Parr:

Quiz: Match the Wish to the Pixar Character
This is a hobo phrase, dahling. You can't be seen using it.
Mondays aren't always all that incredible.

A Case of the Mondays, as Told by Disney Characters