The Incredibles
The Incredibles
06/24/2017 at 01:00. Facebook
Jennifer Adams
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Jillian Moroney
The Incredibles
The Incredibles
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"No capes!"
No capes
Robert Jindra
Ashley Martinson
David Mauz
Brian Shirley
Edward William Johnson
Bill Harrison
Dear dads, thanks for being super! Happy Father’s Day!
Scott Tierney
Samantha Duncan
Imam Marco
Only fans with super sight can spot these all. Are you one of them?
Only fans with super sight can spot these all Are you one of them

6 Disney•Pixar References That Went Over Our Heads As Kids
Shawn Magargee
Nick Anderson
Caleb Ritenour
Matthew Smith
Naeem Jack
Ronald Shiflet
Grace Shisler
PG Giuliana
Cynthia Fuentes Sánchez
Austin Michalski
Keith Parsons
Victor Martin
Your past life better not have included capes!
Your past life better not have included capes

Quiz: Which Disney•Pixar Character Were You in a Past Life?
Nick Lopez
Steve Lovell
Chad Thomas Stevenson
Thomas Whalen
Karissa Box
William Riley
Sam Jones
Naeem Jack
Calum Morrison
It’s you vs. these Disney Pixar trivia questions from Cars 3’s Cristela Alonzo. Go! Confront the problem! Fight! Win!
Jeremy Fuller
Hazel Hsieh
Calum Morrison
On November 22, you’re invited on a journey of a lifetime. The new trailer for Disney Pixar’s Coco is here
Nova Nebula
Bethany Marriott
Eric Kowal
Do you have an incredible memory? Put your knowledge to the test.
Do you have an incredible memory Put your knowledge to the test

Guess the Disney•Pixar Movie By the Obscure Character
Phteven Smith
Andrew M. Pennock
Jai Savage
Lewynd Nishel
Sabrina Winkel
Ðąnieʟ Ƀądąss-Kʉn
"He looked at me!"
He looked at me
Bear Hamilton
Irina Ratcu
Mike Palmer Csc
Never spoil movies, dahling. It distracts from the experience.
Elijah Pierson
Jessica Copeland
Rafaela Procópio
Go super or go home!
Go super or go home
Vincenzo Valentino
Tammie Jean Puopolo
Pauljr Gonzales
Ami Young
Vinny Padhi
Chloë Povey
Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.
Editha Morales
Michael Copping
Austin Michalski