JPS Editor, Rashid Khalidi: "The entire Palestinian political and economic structure set up since the 1993 Oslo Accords was predicated on the idea that it would evolve into a genuine, viable, and contiguous Palestinian state. That illusion, held by many Palestinians, has by now been dispelled. This flawed structure was also based on the premise, a naïve one at best, that the United States had...
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Palestine in the Age of Trump
"Israel’s housing policy and zoning laws are designed to discriminate against its Palestinian citizens. By contrast, Palestinians in the occupied territories (including Gazans) are under military rule, where brutal and direct violence is routine."

Israel Is Demolishing Palestinian Homes, Inside and Outside Israel Proper
Truly “a constructed crisis for political ends.” I was reminded of the “Strategy of Tension,“ the covert psychological warfare utilized by agents-provocateurs during the cold war.

‘Constructed crisis for political ends’: anti-Semitism claims are prime weapon for UK Israel lobby, Al Jazeera shows
The OIC rejects any actions that could undermine the ability of Palestinians to claim part of Jerusalem in a future state.

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It's 2017. Israeli occupation forces erase Palestinian village from the map.
Police shoot MK Ayman Odeh in the head with sponge-tipped bullet. Conflicting versions emerge of ‘car ramming’ and shooting that left one officer and a village resident dead. By Yael Marom and Keren Manor Two…

Two killed in Bedouin village slated to be demolished, replaced with Jewish town | +972 Magazine
IPS Senior Fellow Mouin Rabbani: "A conference that does not put the Israeli occupation and mechanisms for ending it front and centre of its deliberations does not really qualify as an international conference on promoting a two-state settlement."

Paris peace conference: A damp squib
Moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem could ignite a spark that would set the entire region aflame. It’s just not worth it.

Dear Trump administration: Don’t mess with Jerusalem | +972 Magazine
"In this Congress, anything proceeding with equal consideration for Israelis and Palestinians remains unlikely." #PalestineSquare

The 115th Congress Opens Sessions with Batch of Pro-Israel Bills
“Oh my beloved son! They tortured you and dragged you. They have destroyed me. May God bring them to justice,”

'They have destroyed me:' Mother grieves as slain Palestinian teen laid to rest
"Nowhere has the UN's failure been more consistent and more outrageous than in its bias against our close ally Israel," Republican South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley said in the opening remarks for her appearance on Wednesday before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Trump's designated UN ambassador to slam organization over Israel
The main Palestinian parties on Tuesday announced a deal to form a national unity government prior to the holding of elections, after three days of reconciliation talks in Moscow.

Palestinian parties agree to form unity government
“You can find trees that are 1,000 years old,” says Ali, looking out over olive grove. “It's a holy thing. Even if you manage a bank, you take time off to harvest olives.”

Ali takes me to an old stone house where he slept with his family during the olive harvest when he was a kid. He points behind us to tin shacks that make up an Israeli settlement. So close, they are basically on the olive...
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Serene and surreal: West Bank olive harvest comes with tradition, tension
“In singling out a group dedicated to Palestinian rights for censorship, Fordham makes a mockery of its supposed commitment to freedom of inquiry and critical thinking.”

Fordham bans Students for Justice in Palestine
Germany’s Bank for Social Economy shut down an account belonging to a Jewish peace group, but continues to handle an account belonging to the Jewish National Fund.

German bank fights BDS while financing dispossession | +972 Magazine
European Union foreign ministers on Monday opposed any plan by President-elect Donald Trump to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and warned that it could ratchet up tensions with the Arab world.

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Palestine in the Transition, a special virtual issue providing you with insight into U.S. policy and positions pertinent to Palestine and Israel, including Trump's support for illegal settlements and the relocation of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.